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Birthday Month – Day 23 – FREE Transcript

My Birthday – Your Presents – All Month Long!

Today I have part of the transcript from one of our London sessions from August 2015.


Eloheim: Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions. You have a lot of questions.

Michael: Yeah! It’s great!

Eloheim: If you say so. We’re going to ask you a question about your questions.

Michael: Oh damn. Okay.

Eloheim: Do you think they actually serve you?

Michael: No. I just want to know. I want the big answers to the big questions. I’ve got most of them but I think it’s just become habit now.

Eloheim: Yeah, that’s what we’re thinking.

Michael: And so I want to change direction.

Eloheim: So when you’re a big brain, which we have so many big brains in our community. It’s just like we collect them. We go about the world collecting PhD’s or pseudo-Ph.D.’s or people who know more than PhD’s because they’ve just studied and studied and studied and studied. So we end up collecting a bunch of big brains. So we’re quite good at working with big brains because we know where they go wrong. And that’s what we think we should share with you: where big brains go wrong. And where big brains go wrong is imagining that the brain, the mind, the thinking process, is ever going to give you all the answers. It can’t. It can give you some answers and like you said you’ve got some answers and sometimes it feels like you know stuff but in the end you still yearn.

Michael: Yeah. That’s it.

Eloheim: That’s the right word for you is yearn. You linger in yearn. Continue Reading…

Birthday Month – Day 22 – FREE Transcript

My Birthday – Your Gifts – All Month Long

Today I have a message from the Visionaries that I especially like!

You’re evolving the experience of being human. You’re looking at what limitations you’re currently operating under and you’re opening a door to have a new relationship with those limitations. It’s pretty simple. That’s what it looks like. You identify the limitation and then you transform your relationship to it, identify a limitation, transform your relationship to it. How do you transform your relationship to a limitation? Well first of all you look it straight in the eyes and you say, “I see you. I see you. You came from my childhood, you came from a former partner, you came from a belief that my culture has, you came from whatever, I don’t even have to know where you came from, but you’re in my way. You’re standing in my path and the path I have, the trajectory I’m on, is that direction and I need that sense of limitation to move aside.”

Now Eloheim is especially great at giving you lots and lots and lots of tools to support this behavior, to support this transformation. We’re especially good at sort of talking about it in a way that’s a bit different from what Eloheim talks about and that is sort of the, well they call us the Visionaries for a reason, the bigger picture version of what’s going on. And the bottom line here, as it comes together, as we all support each other, is that you are ready. You are in an opportune moment. It is ripe. It is now. Here we are. It’s happening. Right now. And in that ready, ripe, happening right now, here we go moment, you want to figure out what is holding you back, if anything. Now if nothing is clearly holding you back, then it’s likely the fact that you’re facing uncertainty that is causing the problem or making it difficult. When you face uncertainty you must remember uncertainty is the place of creativity and expansion. It is not a place of automatic danger.

Either you’ve got something holding you back that you process with a new perspective or you recognize that you’re pretty neutrally experiencing uncertainty and you have to watch that you don’t use habitual ways of dealing with uncertainty. Ta-da! That’s the cutting edge. That’s the place you’re at. Catching the issue is 90% of the healing and consistency does the rest. Let’s use new neural pathways. Don’t have habitual responses to previous things that triggered you. And the liberation here is when it doesn’t trigger you. When something you know that would have triggered you doesn’t trigger you anymore, hazzah! Let’s see what’s next. Probably more uncertainty. This is an uncertain planet, an uncertain place. That’s how it works. It’s not wrong for you to feel uncertain. It’s actually you owning the truth of this place to feel uncertain. Uncertainty is not danger; uncertainty is opportunity. Okay? That’s the summary.

There have been three distinct sections of the time that you have spent with Eloheim. There was the “boyfriends and dead relatives” section where all anybody wanted to talk about was the boyfriend or the dead relative. That was a tedious time but Veronica was learning how to do this so it worked. Then there was the tool section where Eloheim was like tool, tool, tool, tool. Veronica publishes over 20 books. It all goes on. Now we’re in the level section where we’re looking at how to authentically create your reality as the saying goes, but what we really like to say is how you are progressing on an evolutionary path. That’s where we’re in now.

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Did you miss any of the other gifts? Check them out using these links:

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Birthday Month – Day 20 – FREE Call on Uncertainty – Don’t Miss This!

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When I sat down to decide which calls I wanted to GIVE to YOU, this one was right at the top of the list! Today is the day!

This amazing call introduces the Uncertainty Spectrum.

Uncertainty is a fact of life, and we spend much of our life being afraid of it — thanks to our preprogrammed Survival Instinct. Using Eloheim’s new skills with the computer and a chart they spent several weeks keeping Veronica up at night devising and refining, Eloheim explored how we can move from fear to fascination while in uncertainty.

Eloheim said, we want to help you understand, once and for all, “How all this works.”

Constant uncertainty is not always danger, Eloheim states. When you don’t let the survival instinct run your life, you get to explore and live life as Homo spiritus.

During this call, Eloheim became extremely emotional with the love they hold for us all and had to pause to collect themselves before they could proceed.

The place where we say, “I know I created this terrible thing and I don’t know why or how” makes us a victim of our own creation, and this is where uncertainty, danger, and the survival instinct lives. You are NOT victims of yourselves, Eloheim declares. You are always exploring uncertainty.

Eloheim explained that when you have uncertainty and fear but ignore it or avoid it, you’re simply coping, pretending, and lying to yourself. When you are in uncertainty and fascinated, you’re in discovery. Their teachings show you how to get from one side of the spectrum to the other.


Eloheim was so ready for this call and was so moved by the experience that they cried TWICE.


All of the slides are also posted at the bottom of this page.

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Birthday Month – Day 19 – Tool of the Day FREE

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