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Channeling: What it is, What it’s like


October 1, 2014 Interview

This was our first Google hangout! It was great!

I’m using this format on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30am Pacific. I will interview various interesting people and channel Eloheim as well.

Our first show was an overview of the history of my own spiritual journey, how I connected with Eloheim, what it’s like to channel, and various stories about my experiences in the last 12 years with Eloheim. Mary George shared how she connected with the group and what is has been like assisting Eloheim and me with all of our projects (webcasts, books, etc.) over the years.

I channel during that last 30 minutes or so giving Eloheim the chance to share THEIR experiences too.

Life with Eloheim ~ 12 Years ~ 2014-14

Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the first public Eloheim channeling session way back in 2002.

I made a (very) rough estimate and figure that I’ve held around 650 public channeling sessions.

It doesn’t feel like it has been that many.

When I first started, I was so insecure about the process. I remember crying on the way to the meetings on many occasions. Back then, I couldn’t channel and process the information that I was channeling at the same time.

I’ve always likened it to those moving billboards in Time’s Square where the message scrolls across a few words at a time. In fact, I would often use that visual. I would pretend I could see a billboard and I would read the words that Eloheim “wrote” on it until I could relax enough (usually a few minutes into the meeting) to drop that tool.

Hearing the message three words at a time with no connection to the previous three words meant I had no idea what Eloheim was saying and spent the entire session wondering if anything made any sense. Folks kept coming back so I figured it must.

In the beginning, we had the “boyfriends and dead relatives” sessions. The questions asked of Eloheim were typically things like, “Is the guy I met in the grocery store yesterday going to become my husband?” and “How is my aunt/uncle/mom/day/brother/sister/friend that died doing?”

At some point, it changed. We started talking about Core Emotions and Eloheim began exploring their overall themes of living consciously, connecting with your soul’s perspective, neutral observation, and much more. Continue Reading…

Sensitive to Energy? Round Table Conversation

Channeled Round Table conversation with Eloheim includes tips and tools for managing your sensitivities to energy. Featuring insight on how to deal with what happens when you match energy with others.

Sue says:

Eloheim asked that someone type this up from the Roundtable Discussion. When I heard them say the following statement an electrical current ran through me and my mind went blank for a second, so I know it’s important! Eloheim said they had packed an energetic into the statement and I certainly felt it! “If you think you know it all, the parameters for the knowing that you’re experiencing are bounded by what the survival instinct has allowed you to think. Imagine how limited that is.” It was actually so difficult to remember that I practically had to type a word, pause the recording, type another word, etc. It was very odd.

Kate says:

Regarding the quote above, I had a hit like a “ping” in my brain when I first heard it. Even when I forgot what it was, I knew it was something profound!

Watch the video and/or download the audio ON DEMAND


Price: $12.99

Survival Instinct – Serving You or Using You? 2014-09-10

Eloheim and The Council channeling of September 10, 2014

The Guardians talked about “the question-less state,” the Visionaries came up with something NEW!, Fred took us on a magic carpet ride meditation (yeah, it was epic!), Eloheim told us about their retreat preparations and how they are weaving your energies together and breaking my neural pathways (LOL), the Warrior was super funny, the Girls were serious, and the Matriarch was lovely.

PLUS: Eloheim explains Fred in a jaw-dropping WOWZA inducing way. Yep, all that and more.

I experienced a LOT of body reactions to this session. I felt a lot of pain in my legs after the session. The following day my arms and chest were very sore and I had a hard time walking or doing anything. I slept most of the day and felt “normal” again on Friday.

We are fully in retreat warm up mode now!!!

Watch the video and/or download the audio.

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Life with Eloheim ~ Jumping In ~ 2014-13

I find myself looking for a project. How about writing a new book? No, been there done that, don’t have any clever ideas anyway.

What if I channeled a special package? Not in the mood to fix my hair!

What about thinning out the clothing supply? Maybe, if I could get motivated to go into the bedroom and give that a whirl.

I realize the project really is me.

It’s looking at the world and my movement through it from the Level 7 perspective. This isn’t all that easy or natural feeling.

It’s like when I stall before starting the channeling. That’s exactly how I feel. I feel like I’m stalling.

Gotta jump in with both feet.

When I access Level 7, everything subtly shifts. My vision actually changes. A sense of quiet falls over me. The unknown unknowable stretches out in front of me. It’s rather surreal.

I have to keep choosing this perspective. It is not a default state by any stretch of the imagination.

When I’m in it, everything that used to matter is less important and what I am experiencing feels so different than anything that has come before.

It requires a type of courage that I’ve not accessed before. Maybe that’s not true. It requires the type of courage I use when I sit down, close my eyes, and invite the Council in.

Level 7 asks me to invite myself in. What will I find when I do?


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