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My Favorite Interview Thus Far!!

December 15, 2014.

Margy Henderson asked me great questions and I LOVED our conversation. A wonderful overview of the teachings of Eloheim and my journey with them.

Energy of 2015 and Review of 2014 ~ TWO Full Sessions

The two December channeling sessions focused on a review of the energy of 2014 and a look forward into the energy of 2015.

This is some of the most important channeling I have done to date!

The first session is Eloheim speaking, the second is the rest of the Council offering their insights.

Order the complete sessions (3 hours of channeling) and watch ON DEMAND or download to your device.
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Think and Feel in Balance! A Round Table Conversation with Eloheim

Think Less, Feel More – November 19, 2014

Think Less, Feel More

An amazing session with Eloheim FULL of powerful support for our journey!!!

Watch the entire session ON DEMAND

Price: $12.99

This meeting began with Eloheim focusing on how to integrate the thinking part of ourselves with the feeling part in order to be a whole, balanced person. They described how the Industrial and Technological Revolutions had suppressed our connections to nature, plants, animals, and the seasons and replaced that with scientific methods, which required the need to prove and reproduce results. We elevated thinking over wisdom and insight. Thanks to those revolutions of technology and industry, we have now gone beyond the survival mode and freed up our time, and so we are feeling the desire to get out of hamster wheel thinking and feel more. Thinking so much has not served us. At this point in our evolution, we are able and desiring to reconnect to the heart. We are asking the heart to join the conversation and to be a part of making decisions.

Eloheim suggested we take a hammer and bust up that hamster wheel thinking, lay out the pieces, and deal with them one at a time. Thinking is a tool when it’s applied to the part of life it’s in charge of, ie driving, balancing your checking account, body coordination, cooking. Insights and ahas are the other part of life, and there is no need to prove or justify them as they come. Honor the times when you need to be in your heart and the times when you need to use your brain. It’s a team. Don’t beat yourself up as you learn to use both in balance.

Then Eloheim touched on magnetizing. We magnetize new things from our new emanations and it’s time to find comfort in uncertainty. Our relationship to everyone and everything has changed as we changed. We magnetize new relationships and in the process, set standards for who and what we want in our lives. Not engaging in victim talk is setting standards.

The rest of the meeting was about Duality and the usage of duality terms. Continue Reading…

How I came to understand Choiceless-choice and see Homo spiritus living is a lot like Tetris!

From Guest Author Dennis:

Recently, I had an insight that has helped me have a much clearer, healthier understanding of the “choicelessness” in “choiceless-choice” and how the Homo-spiritus way of living that it leads to is delightfully a lot like Tetris.

I make a living as a Software Engineer as part of a large team. About a week ago, I felt unusually strongly that it was important to update our software to solve a kind of problem that may arise down the road. I felt intuitively compelled strongly enough that I decided I would take a good chunk of my time over the weekend to implement a good solution. At the time, my best answer for why I felt so strongly compelled was that it was right thing to do and not doing it then would open the door to some shitty potentials (“bad code”) in the near future.

The undeniable, strong impulse felt like what I would call a “choiceless-choice”. I invested the time, got the solution done and was quite happy with the result.

A week later, it turned out that the solution I had come up with ended up being the ideal and elegant solution for yet ANOTHER kind of problem that someone else ended up having to solve. A week previously when I had felt the strong impulse, I was completely oblivious and unaware that what I was doing was going to be an ideal solution to this new kind of issue that came up a week later. Had I known a week previously what I knew now, it would have been UTTERLY OBVIOUS to my human brain that choosing to do what I did was absolutely the right and timely thing to do. Shit, I would have even done it sooner!

So it now dawns on me; The “choiceless” bit of “choiceless-choice” is not about denying or sidelining my minds ability to make an informed choice. Rather, it’s simply an acknowledgment that when the information that the brain would need to clearly make that informed choice exists FORWARD IN TIME or is PRESENTLY UNKNOWN, the brain can’t interact with it in the linear choice-making way it’s used to. The brain hasn’t the ability to use knowledge that exists forward in time to make its choices today. “Choiceless-choice” then is simply what this kind of “choosing” seems to feel like from the perspective of a brain that does not have a time machine. It feels like a “I need to do this … now” disconnected from the clarity of informed choice that would seem to need to precede feeling that way. The information that would make it OBVIOUS to my brain that this is the right choice to make is not yet available to it in time.

Therefore, I see now that “choiceless-choice” is simply the result of experiencing within the framework of time the clarity of a choosing that would have had to take into account information and knowledge that exists in the future or is presently not in conscious awareness. The inpulse we call “choiceless-choice” is the “love-child” of the part of me that experiences in linear-time, and the part of me that is not bound to linear-time.

“Choiceless-choice” then is clearly not a shrinking of my capacity to make choices. In fact, it is a grand expansion of my ability to make choices!

And now then I also realize that the Homo-spiritus living that “choiceless-choice” leads to is a lot like playing Tetris. Continue Reading…

Visionaries talk about Ambition – Transcript

We had a tremendous session on October 22nd.

This is the transcript of the Visionaries section. We started off with a bang and built from there!

Watch the entire session on demand!
October 22, 2014

Price: $9.99

Eloheim and The Council meeting 10-22-2014



That’s not a word we talk about very often, is it? Ambition. Ambition! Ambition. When you don’t have to fight through your previous problems all the time, when you’re not constantly waking up in the stance of, “I’ve got issues of various natures,” you can have ambition. You can have dreams, you can have new focuses, and you can have ideas about what more you want in your life.

Now, ambition is one of those words that kind of leaves a bad taste in peoples’ mouths because typically it’s defined as: you step on somebody else to get to where you want to go. That’s not the kind of ambition we’re talking about. The kind of ambition we are talking about is: you want to be bigger. You want to do the thing you came here to do. You want to answer that call within yourself to make a difference. To be all that you can be. That’s ambition.

The thing about ambition is – when it’s not twisted to look like just a weird way of running the survival instinct – it offers you surface area for expression. Continue Reading…

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