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I no longer feel stuck

“Today I had my Core Emotion session. I was ready! The way that Eloheim zeroed in on it was very interesting to me. Simple! It did not take long at all!

Once the core emotion was revealed, the tools to help heal the core emotion were presented as easily as the core emotion was discovered.

Although it is disheartening to know that I have been functioning from a habitual place for so much of my life (not speaking my truth and the way I avoid it), it was fun, easy and a real delight to interact and feel the support of Eloheim and Veronica.

The awareness alone has already changed me. I no longer feel stuck. I can observe my habit and say to my myself, using the tools recommended, “self, let’s look at this another way and try something different!” It will take practice for sure, but I feel excited and up for the change and where it will lead me. I know that healing this core emotion will allow more possibilities and change in my life. I feel movement again, not stuck!

I highly recommend it and I’m sure glad that I didn’t wait too long after discovering Eloheim and Veronica to have this session! Very happy!

Many thanks!!!”

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Change Your Life!

My “Core Emotion” reading with Veronica and Eloheim has given me not only a new perspective on life, but has offered me the greatest gift of all – my TRUE self!

Little did I know that my true self was hiding and being camouflaged in everyone else’s truth and reality. I’d forgotten who I authentically was, and to have that given back to me, is a miracle beyond compare.

Eloheim’s questioning and incredible insight allowed the true me to emerge, and brought out things I had long since buried and written over, with all the blur of the outside world. The clarity they offered me, allowed me to discover why my life has been the way it has and why I’ve lived a ‘half-life’ full of subsistence and survival.

Not only that, Eloheim have given me so many tools to reinforce my new realizations and to regain my health and who I once was. It feels like being reborn, and has taken the absolute pressure and anxiety I was feeling, off me, so that I can begin to live a fruitful and enjoyable life once again. For me!!

Infinite gratitude and appreciation Veronica and Eloheim. You have changed my life.

Dianne, Australia

To schedule a private session:

Some devices are having trouble with the booking software. If you have ANY trouble, simply email and I will add you to the calendar manually.


Case Study: Am I Not Good Enough?

Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

I have an issue with not feeling accomplished or successful even though I’ve been blessed with many creative gifts/ talents. I struggle with little money, I live in a not very attractive place, I feel like I have limited myself. I remember when I was young wondering why I had friends who had “successful” parents who had nice homes, were doctors, lawyers, etc. and I wondered, what was wrong with us? My parents struggled to survive and my mom was always stressed because we never had enough money and it made me afraid. Why were we struggling when there were others that seemed prosperous. My question was, were we somehow not worthy? Am I not good enough?

I wanted to add that there may even be a bit of fear of being more successful/powerful.

Thanks for sharing

I really feel the pain that you experienced as a child. It’s so easy to imagine that others have a better life. I can see how confusing that must have been. I feel like it’s best if we focus on the last part of your sharing. The part that the current version of you is dealing with.

Stepping into the BIG version of ourselves is supported by these four things.

1. Willingness
2. Facing uncertainty
3. Letting go of the desire for control
4. Knowing your truth

Let’s take them in order:

When I first started channeling, I was so nervous. “What would people think? What if it doesn’t work? Am I making it all up?” On and on and on it went. I would frequently cry in the car as I was driving to the meeting room. Yet, deep inside me, I knew it was my path. I’m sure I have said, “I am willing” ten thousand times if I’ve said it once. It’s a lifeline to connect my truth to this now and bypass my survival instinct telling me, “NO NO NO NO don’t try anything new, it could be dangerous!!!” I recommend I AM WILLING highly.

I am Willing

“I am willing to step forward and be conscious in this moment. I am willing to tell the truth. I am willing to be vulnerable. I am willing to show up as my complete self. I am willing to access my soul’s perspective.”

It’s not: “I’m willing to experience the pain.” It’s : “I’m willing.” Don’t program yourself to believe that it needs to be painful. It’s: “I’m willing, I’m willing, I’m willing, I’m willing.” This brings your free will into alignment with the energetic that your soul is presenting. It’s simple but powerful. It brings in the essence of you–meaning your integrity, your soul’s energetic–and cuts out all of the mental static. It puts your free will into play with one three-word statement. It’s a power phrase. The most powerful thing you have is free will; bring it to bear on the subject at hand.

Facing Uncertainty

One of Eloheim’s greatest teachings is their teaching on uncertainty. They even told us, “This is the most important thing we have ever told you” when they were focused on uncertainty. Things to know about uncertainty:

1. It’s constant. Do you know how your cell phone works? I don’t! That uncertainty doesn’t stop me from using it. We get really good at ignoring some uncertainties.

2. The uncertainties that we can’t ignore tend to freak us out. The Survival Instinct really doesn’t like uncertainty so it gets LOUD when you face uncertainty you can’t ignore. We make the equal sign between uncertainty and danger. That really makes it hard to explore anything new with any sort of comfort.

3. Uncertainty is the place where everything new comes from. It’s the blank canvas. It’s the birthplace of creativity. Healing your relationship to uncertainty gives you access to so much potential and juicy opportunities.

Equal Signs.

When we make an equal sign between uncertainty and mortal peril, we are making an equal sign between the place where we are creative and new and discover the BIG version of ourselves and actual physical danger. No wonder it’s hard to embrace the BIG version of ourselves!

This great video will help you understand how Equal Signs are holding you back.

Letting go of the desire for control

Ah, this one! Everyone I’ve ever met has some desire for control. Sometimes it’s a HUGE desire. Part of the challenge of being our BIG selves is that people will notice. When people notice, we won’t be able to control how they feel about us. The fear that can bring up can be enough to stop us even trying to be our BIG selves.

You can’t control how others react. Say it with me, “I can’t control how others react.”

What you can control is how YOU react, what you choose, and how you proceed. When you do that, you are offering your truth to the world AND you get to discover the BIG version of you.

Knowing Your Truth

Another Case Study includes quite a lot about knowing your truth. You can access that Case Study here.

Past Life Bleed Through

Another challenge along the path of living as our BIG selves is Past Life Bleed Through (Eloheim calls this Alternate Expression Bleed Through)

As we live more consciously and increase our sensitivity to our surroundings, we begin to experience past life bleed through. In many of our other lifetimes, standing out from the crowd got you killed. Past life bleed through can include a lot of messages that reinforce the “danger” of living as the BIG version of you. Thankfully, it’s much safer (in many parts of the world) to stand out in the crowd in this lifetime. You have the ability to heal this fear across your lifetimes. I have an entire talk on this powerful experience. You can learn more about it below.


A few years back, Eloheim asked each member of the community what they most wished Eloheim could teach them. “How can I live as the BIG version of me?” was by far the most common answer. Each of Eloheim’s teachings is supportive of this wish. The movement into Homo spiritus is an evolutionary leap for humanity. That’s BIG!!!

Thanks again for sharing,

Veronica & Eloheim

past life bleed through

According to Eloheim, Past lives are more accurately described as Alternate. As time is not linear, all lifetimes are happening simultaneously. The result of this is that information from other lifetimes can bleed through into this one.

Veronica began the call by explaining what the bleed throughs mean and gave her own personal example of “Boris,” the suicidal cello player. Veronica says that the more spiritual work you do, the more likely it becomes that you will tap into your alternate expressions. She then described ways to recognize and interact with them to get the most out of the experience.

Eloheim joined the conversation at this point, and before taking callers, talked more about AEs, emphasizing we are ascending ALL of our lifetimes, not just this one.

The question and answer session that followed was lively and informative and included revealing Alternate Expressions of the callers.
Among the questions asked were:

Is the loss of a child in another lifetime affecting this one?
Can you speak to the guilt and shame I feel about smoking?
I have left knee issues. Can you help me with the block around healing it?
I have follow up questions about my sound channeling.
I signed up for a class and now I have resistance around being told how to get ready for it.

90 minute audio recording

Price: $24.99

The Uncertainty Series

Over 6 HOURS of Audio


Some uncertainties we can more easily ignore:

How does my computer actually work? How many blades of grass are there in my garden? Is it going to rain today?

Some uncertainties consume us:

When will I find love? How will I pay these bills? Will I ever reach my fullest potential?

How you navigate uncertainty is a choice.

These recordings support you as you heal your relationship to uncertainty leading to a calmer, more centered, more confident approach to life.

Eloheim has stated: “This is the most important information we have ever given you.”

Uncertainty Series

Price: $34.99


The Uncertainty Spectrum

“You’re here to explore uncertainty.”


This amazing call introduces the Uncertainty Spectrum.

Uncertainty is a fact of life, and we spend much of our life being afraid of it — thanks to our preprogrammed Survival Instinct. Using Eloheim’s new skills with the computer and a chart they spent several weeks keeping Veronica up at night devising and refining, Eloheim explored how we can move from fear to fascination while in uncertainty.

Eloheim said, we want to help you understand, once and for all, “How all this works.”

Constant uncertainty is not always danger, Eloheim states. When you don’t let the survival instinct run your life, you get to explore and live life as Homo spiritus.

During this call, Eloheim became extremely emotional with the love they hold for us all and had to pause to collect themselves before they could proceed.

The place where we say I know I created this terrible thing and I don’t know why or how makes us a victim of our own creation, and this is where uncertainty, danger, and the survival instinct lives. You are NOT victims of yourselves, Eloheim declares. You are always exploring uncertainty.

Eloheim explained that when you have uncertainty and fear but ignore it or avoid it, you’re simply coping, pretending, and lying to yourself. When you are in uncertainty and fascinated, you’re in discovery. Their teachings show you how to get from one side of the spectrum to the other.

The Uncertainty Spectrum is divided into:

Fear (experienced as intense through ignore) – which creates judgement, control and rejection.

Fascination (experienced as neutral through exploration) – which creates peace, centeredness, openness, and creativity.

Eloheim asked for caller input and examples for each part of the graph, then they explained what the types of examples lead to and how to get unstuck. They suggested we use this graph to get to the other side of the middle line and to create a larger discovery zone. The center line is movable and we can shrink or expand either side. This is where the levels of creation teachings and tools come in.

According to Eloheim, if you find yourself on the left side of the graph, then the Survival Instinct is in charge. At this point, stop everything, apply tools, and transform your experience. Choose fascination and discovery. Ask, what is the real gift here?

“Every single thing we have taught you has led here.”

90 minute audio/video
Watch on demand or download to your device

Price: $24.99

Case Study: Speaking Up

Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

Still struggling with a feeling of people taking advantage of me or being put upon. I had put a current example but deleted it as its going on the website. I realize that in order to avoid conflict I accept responsibility for failings that are not necessarily mine or do things I don’t really want to in order to keep the peace. In this current situation my time off of work is being ruined because of it and I’ve been wide awake since being rudely awakened at 5am. I decided that this year I was not going to allow myself to be put upon anymore so there’s something in this situation that will aid that change. At the same time I don’t want to be mean or selfish to others, but that doesn’t mean allowing them to walk all over you…where is the third way in all of this? That’s what I’m trying to get to, without the usual outcome of me making myself wrong for the sake of it. I’ve still not stated my truth. This is what I tend to do stew and let it eat me up, but not speak up.

I’m also wondering about energetic leadership in all of this and whether, rather than it being weak not to respond in the heat of the moment (when it’s more likely to be an unconscious ego driven response) it might be better to reflect, process and then deal with the matter. However it’s then more difficult to bring the issue up again when it’s seemingly blown over and it’s easy to then leave it, but you haven’t been heard.

Thanks for sharing. This feels like a long-standing and sticky pattern.

It’s a very deep habit (that is shared by SO many people) to put your feelings last or at least have them really low down on your list of priorities. It’s also super common to swallow your truth rather than “rock the boat” by speaking up. Neither one of these habits leads to INNER peace. They may offer a time of no conflict, however, that’s not the same as true inner peace.

In my experience, in order to get out from under the feeling of people taking advantage of me or being put upon, you must seek for and value your personal truth. The finest support Eloheim has given us for this is the What is True Now tool. I’ve used this tool more than any of the others that Eloheim has taught. It’s extraordinary simply and powerful beyond description when consistently applied.

What Is True Now?

Asking yourself, “What is true now?” is a way of coming into and staying connected to the moment. Answer the question with obvious things: I’m wearing blue pants. It’s Tuesday. I’m sitting down. The sun is shining. Use whatever you find yourself noticing.
This is a powerful way to interrupt habitual patterns and can be used anywhere and at any time. What is true now? I’m lying in bed. I’m driving the car. I’m holding a spoon.

Each time you do this, you bring yourself out of the hamster-wheel mind and into the now.

Additionally, “What is true now?” will also help you connect to your soul’s insight.

Once you are in the moment, further inquiry can lead to answers that are not coming from your mind. What is true now begins to be answered by an “aha” from the soul.

By asking yourself what is true now constantly, you’re creating a very quick way to become present in the moment and you’re developing a strong connection between you and your soul.

If what is true now is answered by a sentence of, say, more than say 10 words, it’s your mind. An “aha” from the soul is going to be shorter than that. It doesn’t need to be lengthy because it’s not processed by the mind. It’s an energetic truth expressed briefly in order to really sink in. If what is true now starts to have a lengthy explanation, suspect that the mind is encroaching on the soul’s turf and ask the mind to shut up.

When used with consistency and consciousness, what is true now can be used to uncover unconscious coping mechanisms and lies that you tell yourself.

The temptation is often quite strong to do what Eloheim calls 50th step. The 50th step is so far from the moment. It’s not even a real place! It’s an imagined future. In your case, perhaps it’s an imagined future where work or home life is changed by you speaking up. Your fear of what the 50th step might be like keeps you from acting in the now, on the step you are actually on.

Change doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, small changes consistently sought add up to powerful transformation that doesn’t fling you out to the 50th step or overwhelm your survival instinct (and your body).

My experience has been that constantly accessing my personal truth, speaking up early and often, and setting needed boundaries as soon as I notice they are called for, leads to balanced relationships.

You mentioned

I don’t want to be mean or selfish to others. This characterization of “speaking up” is common and so unkind to self. Speaking up is not selfish; it is self-centering. It is allowing people to see who you really are. You are not being mean, you are actually being tenderly vulnerable and it’s an incredible place of strength and a GIFT you give others.

When you stand up for your truth and share it, your relationships will start to change. They must change as you are different. YOU WANT THEM TO CHANGE so this is GOOD NEWS! However, this means that other people will have to adapt to this change. You can’t control how they adapt. You CAN consistently continue to access your truth and share it. If you are trying to control the outcome of sharing your truth, you will find a great challenge. If you commit to being in relationships where your truth is honored and sought out, then your current relationships will change as they respond to that commitment. Some relationships may end. That’s a fact of growth and evolution. Some relationships may not be a match for the you that accesses her current truth.

An Eloheim idea that helps me with this challenge

You said I tend to do stew and let it eat me up, but not speak up.

What would you tell your daughter to do in this situation? Or the child of a close friend? Would you say, “Keep quiet, keep letting it eat you up, keep walking on egg shells, don’t risk anything changing.”?

You said That’s what I’m trying to get to, without the usual outcome of me making myself wrong for the sake of it. I’ve still not stated my truth.

How can anyone know what you need or how to help with this challenge if you don’t share your truth?

I’ve read your submission over and over again.

What I read and see is someone who is really really trying to have better connections with others. Someone who really wants to honor herself as well. The missing link is letting people truly see you. I know that you edited your post for privacy. I totally get that. However, it also feels like part of the problem. You didn’t share the full story. You gave me an contorted version. I suspect that this is a common energetic in your relationships. You contort your truth to fit rather than speaking it clearly and letting the chips fall where they may.

An easy tool that can help when you speak up is Feet Under Shoulders

Feet Under Shoulders

This is a quick way to ask yourself if you are coming from a balanced and centered place. “Are my feet under my shoulders?” It’s a very important tool for those that are working to heal service mentality.

This is also a powerful tool when you find yourself trying to convince someone you are right. Are you leaning forward to make your point or are you centered within yourself?

The best tool for changing a situation. You can be SO creative with this one. At home, you can rearrange things. Move the glasses to the cupboard where you keep the pots and pans. Put the silver wear under the sink. At work, park in a different place, walk to your desk via a different path, drink your coffee with the other hand. Do anything, just do new things. Let it be entertaining!

Mad Scientist

Before you leave a situation that you are unhappy with, consider experimenting within the situation.

Let’s say you are in a job you do not like. Rather than find a new job, try staying in the present situation awhile longer, but approach it in a brand new way.

Become the mad scientist and start experimenting, and by experimenting we mean changing what you think the outcome of you being in your integrity is. You think you can’t be in your integrity because you’ll get fired or because they won’t like you or because, because, because. You have all these projections, all these fears about what being in your integrity means. Change your energetic and see how it plays out. You don’t like where you are now, so it’s worth taking a chance that it could get better, and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. Make what you are not happy with your little factory for experimentation.

Show up at work, sit down, and instead of saying, “God, look at all this work, look at all these voicemails, and oh, the boss is already yelling at me,” try this, “OK, I’m a mad scientist today and this is my factory. What do I want to create? How do I want to be in this space? I don’t mind the work. I mind the attitudes. So, how are those attitudes resonating with some part of me? How is my angry boss just a voice in my head that’s really loud when it comes out of somebody else’s mouth?”

You are able to look at things in a new way because you are not requiring the situation to stay the same in order for you to feel safe. You use the process of experimentation to create a reality with less suffering and more self-awareness.


I know that it can be a big change to speak your truth in the ways I have described.

Start with small things that don’t feel Earth shattering. Build up to the things that feel more challenging. Create a healthy habit. This will serve you in ALL areas of your life.

Many blessings,
Veronica & Eloheim


Are you looking for consistent support as you follow your desire for change

Private Session Series

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Stop procrastinating!
Move forward!
See things a new way!

Option 1 ~ five sessions:
The first session is 45 minutes total. A 30 minute conversation with Veronica to clarify intention, get back ground information, and set the energy, immediately followed by a 15 minute session with Eloheim.

Then, four additional 15 minute sessions either weekly or bi-monthly (scheduled in advance to facilitate stability in the process and add accountability).

You can bring a topic to the series or ask Eloheim what they feel you should focus on.

We can use the telephone or Skype (audio only). I AM IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (CALIFORNIA). Sessions are held on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Your sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

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The first session is 45 minutes total. A 30 minute conversation with Veronica to clarify intention, get back ground information, and set the energy, immediately followed by a 15 minute session with Eloheim.

Then, twelve additional 15 minute sessions either weekly or bi-monthly (scheduled in advance to facilitate stability in the process and add accountability).

Price: $950.00

Option 3 ~ twenty-six sessions:
The first session is 45 minutes total. A 30 minute conversation with Veronica to clarify intention, get back ground information, and set the energy, immediately followed by a 15 minute session with Eloheim.

Then, twenty-five additional 15 minute sessions either weekly or bi-monthly (scheduled in advance to facilitate stability in the process and add accountability).

Once the dates are set, you may reschedule one of the 15 minute sessions at no cost. Additional rescheduling will incur a $25 charge per change.

Price: $1,550.00

Case Study: Friendships Abruptly Changing

Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

Last year a few of my long term friends have decided to suddenly cut me out of their lives. Although I am able to respect their choice, I have a hard time comprehending their reasons, as I know myself to be a very loyal friend. There was no overt reason that I could see, nothing was communicated. I feel I am in a loop where I try to understand them for being able to simply turn away from a friendship after decades of shared experiences. It triggers a pattern that speaks of being unwanted and my knee jerk reaction is to withdraw into myself.

Ah, I know from personal experience how painful and confusing this one is!

The nature of relationship seems to be changing. I’ve found myself having profoundly short (as in the time it take to pump gas into my car!) relationships that I even grieve a bit for even though they don’t have any of the hallmarks of a traditional relationship. I mean, I didn’t even talk to this person! I just pumped gas near him and I felt like we had an entire relationship during those few minutes. The first time it happened, it really unnerved me. Now, I try to be super present in all of these brief encounters as they are revealing so much more than they used to.

Your description is quite different of course. You had long-standing connections with these folks. The Eloheim teaching that helps me the most in situations like this is: We Are No Longer a Match. Acknowledging that we have become mismatched gives my brain something to do in the absence of knowing the answer to, “Why?!?”

People grow and evolve (or don’t) and can become energetically mismatched.

Here is a page from the booklet of our Levels of Creating deck describing Level 5: This Experience is Mine. In it, Eloheim reminds us that friendships change as we evolve.

You also said:

It triggers a pattern that speaks of being unwanted and my knee jerk reaction is to withdraw into myself.

Try the Look out the Window tool when you get stuck in this pattern of only seeing the rejection. It’s a different way of using this tool; I suspect it will be helpful. It’s so easy to fixate on the confusing parts of our lives. This tool helps you see the more that is also present.

Look out the Window

Many people have said to us, “Nothing changes in my life. I don’t feel abundant and I don’t know how to be in the moment.” This one tool with help with all three issues!

Each day spend some time gazing out the same window. It’s great to try and do this at the same time each day, but it’s not essential that you do. As you gaze out the window, require yourself to notice something that you have never noticed before. It may be something obvious, like a bird on a branch or it may be something more subtle, like the shade of green in the leaves or a shadow on the sidewalk. At first, you may be tempted to say that nothing has changed; however, there IS something different. Look deeper.

This practice will help you recognize the changes that are constantly occurring all around you. Developing these new neural pathways will make it easier for you to recognize the changes that are happening in YOUR life.

Each time you look out the window you will notice more and more aspects of your world. As you start to see your surroundings as “full” you will begin to notice fullness in other parts of your life as well. As you see the abundance in one area of your life, you will learn to see the abundance that surrounds you in all areas of your life.

This practice asks you to hold still and BE. Be sure to notice your body relaxing as you take this time. It’s a lovely way to be self-loving and access the moment.

We suggest teaching this tool to children. They will grasp it immediately.

It’s also super important not to beat yourself up as a result of these changed relationships. Eloheim has only ever given us one rule: Don’t be mean to yourself

Don’t Be Mean to Yourself (Four-Year-Old Child)

If there’s something you genuinely want to change about yourself, you don’t have to be mean to yourself in order to change it. Take a moment and let that sink in. You don’t have to be mean to yourself to change.

You don’t berate a child about learning to walk, or talk, or write. You say, “Hey, it’s OK, let’s try it again.”

Yet, you will be extremely critical of yourself at nearly any opportunity.

How do you know if you are being mean to yourself? If you’re talking to yourself in a voice that you wouldn’t use with a four-year-old child, especially somebody else’s four-year-old child, you’re being mean to yourself.

When you find yourself being hard on yourself, simply ask, “Would I say this to a pre-schooler?”

No, you would not.

It’s OK to have a new plan or to desire something different for the future or to reevaluate how you handled a situation; that’s all growth. But beating yourself up is so contrary to everything we teach that we have made it our only rule: You don’t get to be mean to yourself.

Oh, and be aware that someday soon we are going to evolve this tool. Someday soon, we are going to lower the age. It will be, “You can’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a toddler or an infant.” Since you can be fascinated by EVERYTHING an infant does (Oh look, it’s a poo poo!), you can, eventually, be fascinated by anything YOU do, as well. Imagine that!

In the end, you may never understand why your friends made this decision. I find comfort in this Eloheim idea:

If thinking could have solved it, it would have solved it long ago because you sure have thought about it enough.

Remember: Understanding is overrated

You’ve been taught that “understanding” is a worthy goal. You use your amazing brain to “wrap your mind around” something until you understand it. We say “understanding is overrated” to remind you that understanding something with your mind isn’t the only way you can interact with it. There is a vast amount of insight from your soul that you can access on any subject. Reminding yourself that “understanding is overrated” will help you break the habit of limited thinking and remember to open to your soul’s perspective.

Continue to grow and invest in yourself! As you do this, you will magnetize people who resonate with the current version of you. People who appreciate and desire to connect to your truth. People who value what you value now.

Many Blessings,
Veronica & Eloheim

In 2014, we made the Levels of Creating Deck.


Learn To Create Your Reality

Create the Life of Your Dreams!

The Levels of Creating offer step-by-step instruction

Heal the pain of your past
Improve your relationships
Clarify decision making
Open to abundance
Feel better at work
Truly enjoy your life

IMG_2634I have been channeling Eloheim for twelve years.

For the first nine years, I feel I was getting ready to channel this material.

For the next three years, I channeled this specific material.

For the last six months, I have been birthing this material into the physical.

It’s incredibly powerful and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

~ Veronica

Beautifully designed and offers a clear method for getting away from old habits and repetitive thinking. It’s easy to follow and can lift your mood in no time!

Many people ask, “I know I create my reality, but why did I create this?” Still others are trapped in a cycle of feeling like a victim and beating themselves up for not being able to break out of that pattern.

The Levels of Creating offers step-by-step guidance, helps you change habits, and move into the life you have always dreamed of.

Every experience includes the potential of each Level.
Which Level are you in?

Received by email.

I just got my create reality cards in the mail and I’m playing with them right now! So exciting!

It’s already working.

I’m watching a Level 2 belief, “I’m too fat to teach yoga at Studio X,” change to Level 3 “Because I have created these extra pounds. I have failed myself and I won’t get hired,” change to Level 4 “I’m tempted to be mean to myself about my weight, but I am going to choose differently.” WOW!!

I replied asking if I could quote her and received this response:

Yes absolutely you can quote me and you can even add my progress Level 5 “Look how interesting my creation is – how can I work with this?”

This entire process happened within a matter of minutes!


This guide will show you how to find the Level you are currently in and how to move out of that Level into a fresh experience of this moment.

Level 1: Duality
Level 2: Victimhood
Level 3: I Create My Reality and I Don’t Like What I’ve Created
Level 4: I Choose My Reactions to My Experiences
Level 5: This Experience Is Mine
Level 6: What Trigger?

The Set Includes:
88 Cards
20 Page guide
Bonus:Travel Set


You can order the deck WITH or WITHOUT the cardboard box. As this is a print on demand product, we have a lot of flexibility. The box is one of the more expensive components. If you are happy to find your own box or bag to keep the cards in, you can save $5!

NO BOX – cards and booklet only

Price: $31.99

FULL SET – box, cards and booklet

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