stay present to this moment

I’ve been listening to the new Mary Chapin Carpenter song on repeat. I love MCC and have been going to her shows for decades (really!)

Her new album comes out in May and I found myself saying, “I can’t wait for the rest of the songs!” I immediately realized that this is a way of being 1. out of the moment and 2. mean to myself.

Of course I must wait, so saying I can’t wait is just silly, and leaves me unable to accomplish what I just said to myself!

“I’m looking forward to it” is another one I no longer use. I say, “I’m keen to hear it” as for me that’s talking about my current feeling rather than being “out there in the make believe future.”

Language changes like this REALLY help me and have transformed my experience of my everyday life.

Have you made any language changes that help you live a life you love?