don't resist moment

Many years ago Eloheim told us that we would leave duality and live in a state of bliss. Bliss being a state with no opposite where you move from aha to aha to aha.

I believe the teachings of the Jan 27th and the Weekend with E have given us the pathway to that state of bliss. Now, it needs to be integrated.

We have the steps and we have the background. WE HAVE IT!

Step 1: Stop telling your physical world ANYthing you don’t want it to act on immediately

Step 2: Catch yourself whenever you find you are off center, running the hamster-wheel mind, feeling unsettled, or acting frantic. Chances are you are allowing the survival instinct to be in charge and to drag you into the past or the future. Return to the moment by connecting with nature, your body, or whatever works for you. Repeat this step as many times as needed to come into balance.

Step 3: Go deeper into the moment (still gathering tips on this one). Use the elevator tool from the weekend event perhaps. Remember, you are not seeking a “solution” or “answer” you are discovering ALL that you are.

Those steps are just the tip of the iceberg from the teachings Eloheim has offered us in the past few months.

Order the Body, Personality Awareness teaching first.

Eloheim’s latest teaching is AMAZING and offering such new ways to navigate and transform life!

I’ve made a special package which includes the three Body, Personality, Awareness sessions. This special package gives you access to the audio and video of three sessions. Watch ON DEMAND or download to your device.

This package includes the session of November 4, 2015 which is the funniest and most actionable channeling I’ve ever done AND you get a preview of the energies of 2016!!


Price: $14.99

Then jump into the Weekend with Eloheim event from January 2016

Here is a quote from an attendee at the weekend event:

For me this weekend was unprecedented in informational download, as well as energetic shift potential. I imagine us all arriving on a train to a launching pad where we load onto a spacecraft that none of us have as of yet ever had the scope of imagination or vision until this very moment to imagine. Whee! I think it might be warp speed from here on out.

A quote from a subscriber who listened to the recordings:

I have listened to all the videos from the weekend…I snaffled them as soon as they were available! They are unprecedented. Expanded my understanding of the teachings so I can fill up more when I use the tools. There is more richness there. I love the way, when you use words, they fill out my experience…of everything, it is very kewl.

I’ve added the session of January 27th to the three sessions from the weekend. You receive all four (approximately seven hours of channeling) for one package price. Audio and Video. Watch here on my site or download to your device.

Price: $24.00