Eloheim and I respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

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Good morning!

You asked me 8 days ago to provide a brief blurb for a case study. Honored, in fact thrilled to have that invitation for greater connection, I agreed, and said I would send that to you by about a week ago.

I have been meaning to get to it every day. Of course I’m busy…in fact, in a way, that’s part of the issue I want to address, right? I know I could have chosen time to complete it regardless, but instead I just toyed mentally with different approaches to the paragraph, and procrastinated. Then got into one of those little vortices of resistance, feeling badly that I was not following through as promised, thinking about e-mailing to let you know, then: “Well if I’m going to do that, I might as well just hammer out that little paragraph first,” yet feeling like I wanted a relaxed, focused space to do that, which didn’t seem to be showing up.

Sorry not to have kept my word– not that you’re likely to mind terribly, but I do! And I will get to that few sentences, um… any day now!

Thanks so much for so generously sharing so much stellar material.



I replied

🙂 I think I should use just what you wrote here! It’s perfect.

It reminds me of way back when I had a business helping small business owners organize their offices. One of the most common comments was, “I will call you as soon as I clean up!” I said, “It’s better if I see it just as it is now so I can really see what’s going on!”

Susan replied:

Really? Wow, then I feel let off the hook! Almost too easy.


I share the entire email exchange because it really shows the challenge

  • Needing to have it be “just right” (that perfectionism thing!)
  • Being mean to self
  • and perhaps the biggest challenge:

  • Not really knowing what the actual problem is
  • Let’s begin with the last one:

    When there are lots of simultaneous issues, it can be really hard to find the place to focus. Eloheim refers to this as “concurrent fears.” As a reminder, the word fear in the following passage can be replaced by the word habit.

    In the case of concurrent fears, the trigger is followed by a train of fears on completely different subjects, each of the fears pertaining to your current experiences rather than going into past experiences.

    This pattern is typically used when you are dealing with the top triggers: money, sex, job, housing, relationships and health. You find yourself triggered by one of these and rather than becoming conscious of the trigger and using it for your growth, you jump to the next subject. You take the triggered state with you and find something to be triggered about with the next subject.

    This jumping from subject to subject and trigger to trigger is full of suffering. It makes it very difficult to actually transform any one situation. You never stay with it long enough to change it. Concurrent fears can leave you feeling like your life is full of problems and you are unable to cope with any of them.

    As an example of concurrent fears


    , let’s say you’re worried about your marriage. Thinking about your marriage is too triggering, so you jump to thinking about your job. You think about your job until that is too triggering, then you jump to worrying about your health, and on it goes. Nothing ever changes. Even the thoughts you have about each of these subjects are unchanging. You simply use the hamster-wheel mind to continue to run in circles. Suffering is the result.

    The key is to pick one subject and stick with it long enough to bring consciousness to it. The pattern will try to draw you away from that one subject, but choose and choose again to stick with it, past the discomfort you are feeling.

    You are looking for new information, but new information doesn’t come from rehashing old thoughts; it comes from insight. When you apply consciousness to one subject you can actually be in the moment with it long enough to get to the “aha.”

    An amazing thing

    There’s a wonderful aspect to focusing on one issue long enough to transform it, it actually helps transform the other issues. Clarity on one issue generates clarity in other areas of the circle of possibilities.

    Here are two fun talks about the circle of possibilities:

    So you pick, and then you focus

    Don’t allow the habit of being mean to yourself to dictate your experience!

    When you find yourself being hard on yourself, simply ask, “Would I say this to a pre-schooler?”

    No, you would not.

    It’s OK to have a new plan or to desire something different for the future or to reevaluate how you handled a situation; that’s all growth. But beating yourself up is so contrary to everything we teach that we have made it our only rule: You don’t get to be mean to yourself.

    Oh, and be aware that someday soon we are going to evolve this tool. Someday soon, we are going to lower the age. It will be, “You can’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a toddler or an infant.”

    On procrastination

    This is a great video about procrastination. Eloheim ties it to the teachings on Step by Step and sorting out what step you are on.

    On perfectionism

    I really struggled with perfectionism for a LONG time. For me, if I was perfect then I was in control, safe, secure, and imagined it would all be ok. Of course, striving for the unattainable perfection led me to be tense, worried, afraid and to be SO mean to myself constantly.

    It was horrible; I was in a prison of my own making and I couldn’t even see the bars of my cage.

    The path out was to realize two very important things:

    These tools were the amazing support I needed.

    This is Happening FOR Me (not TO me) and This is my First Choice.

    This is Happening For Me

    Victims say, “Why is this happening to me?”

    Creators say, “Why is this happening for me?”

    Everything that is happening is happening for your growth.

    Your world and everything in it—from these walls, to the lamp, to the camera, to this website—are here for you and your play, for your journey as a soul experiencing a physical form. When you shift into, “This is happening for me,” you get to see how important it all is. It’s all happening for you to grow. The fact that this planet is here spinning right now is for you. It’s all here for you.

    It was all created for you to have this experience—the experience of having a car run into you, the experience of meeting a new lover, the experience of feeling like a victim. All of your experiences are happening for you. As you raise your consciousness level, you have the opportunity to start letting all these things that are happening for you collaborate with your intention. When you feel like a victim and it’s happening to you, you’re sort of in a blender, spinning around. When it’s happening for you, you’re running the blender.

    This is My First Choice

    The point of the tool is that it interrupts the habitual patterns in the brain. ‘This is my first choice’ gets you out of habitual responses and into alignment with what is. “I am a creator and I am not hiding from that truth, and all the things that are being created can teach me something.” It’s happening FOR me. Then ask for insight from your soul.

    The “first choice,” the acceptance, puts you on a new stepping stone. “I am brand new here; what is the opportunity?” Being a new person on each step, you re-evaluate based on the place you are in now. With “first choice,” you are clean; you don’t generate static and are aware of your opportunities. You own it and work with it, and this allows things to unfold in a wonderful way. Magic starts to happen. In level 8, your creation perpetuates. And, since it’s always your first choice, you’re not putting any static between you and your creation perpetuating.

    Baggage and static: Your baggage isn’t all bad. Your baggage is you, what you’ve accumulated and accomplished in your life. The point is to not allow baggage to create static in the moment or in new situations. You bring your whole package into the moment, but then the choice is there: static or no static – static or empty space? To choose no-static, be willing to abide in the uncertainly and discomfort in order to see what’s on the other side. Be present. When you accept your creations, you don’t generate static. Looking at it doesn’t create static. Static is created by unconsciousness and resistance to what is.

    This tool is not about victimhood or abuse. “This is my first choice, period.” Or “This is my first choice, I created it – and I’m NOW setting a boundary!” And it’s not about self-victimhood either: “I created this, so I suck.” “I suck” is the largest static generator of all; it creates a literal barrier between you and magnetizing your needs and desires. You are magnetic beings and you will magnetize good things to you if you clear static. So accept the package of you, the baggage of you, and make new choices.

    You are doing one of the bravest things there is to do in the universe right now. This is not for sissies. Earth is not for wimps, by a huge margin.

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    Thanks again for sharing!

    I’ve included (below) the details of one of Eloheim’s best tools for clearing mind clutter and how to sort out where to put your focus.

    Many Blessings,
    Veronica & Eloheim


    Eloheim deftly proves that spiritual evolution and spreadsheets are not incompatible by maneuvering about on a computer spreadsheet for the very first time during this conference call!

    The focus of this call was on how to clear mind clutter. It’s no secret that we humans have busy, busy minds, minds full of thoughts about the things we have to do, want to do, didn’t do, and past memories. These thoughts keep insight from being accessible according to Eloheim, and so they are teaching us to sink into the moment in order to allow insight to show up.

    To that end, Eloheim offers this practical visual to consider: picture trying to sign your name with 25 pencils. It’s highly unlikely it would be easy or readable! Or even doable! But when you choose one pencil, it’s much simpler to write your name.

    Eloheim explains the process of clearing our mind clutter through the unexpected and fun use of a spreadsheet. This new tool will help us break down the thoughts in our minds into smaller, more manageable pieces, thereby making it possible to take actionable steps.

    For those who are unfamiliar with this term, an actionable step can be described as doing anything, from noticeable to something very small like getting out a piece of paper, in order to move forward. It’s important not to think the step has to be something you consider huge or remarkable! The actionable step is simply one that you hold the focus on long enough to change it.

    Eloheim’s spreadsheet tool will help you pick a pencil. In other words, this process walks you through the steps to narrow down and choose which of the hundreds of thoughts spinning around in your mind on which to focus. Then you will find clarity about what actionable step to take in this current moment.

    Ready to pick your pencil?

    Your order includes the audio/video of Eloheim’s presentation, the spreadsheet Eloheim crated, and a blank spreadsheet for your own use.


    Price: $14.99