It may be silly question, but how do I know what I feel? I sort of assume that what I feel is my feeling; why else I would feel it? I guess that most of the time I am lost in understanding what exactly I feel, have no idea how deep or shallow I should engage in it and what is important about it. My emphatic skills don’t make it any more simple.

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This question really hits close to home. I spent decades completely overwhelmed by the feelings/emotions/energy of others. Some people call it empathic, psychic, or sensitive. Whatever you call it, I can experience the feelings of others and those feelings can mix with and override my awareness of my own truth. I never knew what to do about this, until Eloheim taught me.

I remember:

As a pre-teen, writing in my journal, “When the lead person I’m around is confident, I feel confident.”

As a teen, going to the shopping mall (that was a cool thing to do back then!) and being totally overwhelmed and not knowing why.

As a teen, paying hide-and-go-seek in the dark in the auditorium at church and being so utterly terrified that I couldn’t bear it any longer. Long-standing thanks to the unknown parishioner who seeing my distress, gave us a $20 bill so we could go get ice cream instead of playing hide-and-go-seek. That felt like a TON of money to me at the time and it was a shock that she would just give it to us. I remember looking into her concerned and kind eyes as she said, “Hey kids, how about ice cream!?” Of course this worked perfectly. Once I was away from a room filled with scared kids, I began to feel more normal.

As a young adult, going to a concert. We were having a great time sitting in the front row of the balcony. However, I felt an overwhelming urge to throw myself over the railing. So much so that I had to wind my feet and hands around the seat legs to stop myself.

As an adult, setting boundaries with someone, feeling their upset about my boundary setting so strongly that I backed down to get their upset to go away so I wouldn’t have to feel it anymore.

I could go on and on and on…

Now for the constructive aspects:

As I was so used to having the energy of another in my body/mind, I feel it really created a great path for becoming a channel; it was already familiar territory.

In one-on-one situations, it can bring a whole new level to physical/mental intimacy. Especially when the other person is living consciously.

It makes it possible for me to hear/read a question and feel into the nuances that may not be obvious from the words offered.

When riding around in a car, I can “remember” a place energetically even before I realize where I am.

I was able to alert my friends to an eruption of violence in a crowd before it happened (we were able to get out of the way in time).

Again, I could go on and on…

Sometimes I feel like a superhero and sometimes it feels like I’m holding Kryptonite

I’ve learned how to keep it on the superhero side most of the time. Here’s what I did:

Learn how to tell when you are feeling your own feelings and when you are also picking up on the feelings of others.

I have a lot of Joie de Vivre. My default state is typically upbeat. One of my friends calls me a “minion” because I’m joyful and silly like the characters from the movie. I made this graphic one day and I don’t even remember why. Something about being a minion and hanging out with whales I guess!

A lot of light workers want to “stop the planet and get off” or wonder why they even came here in the first place. That’s not me. Sure, I have problems and challenges like everyone else, even so, I tend to be a glass-mostly-full girl.

So, when I walk into a room feeling normal and suddenly feel depressed or angry or frustrated, chances are IT’S NOT MY FEELING.

That single sentence and all the things that stem from it, took me more than 30 years to sort out. So I’m going to say it again:

When my experience of my internal state shifts radically with no clear reason, it’s because I’m picking up on energy that’s NOT MINE.


Know your base line emotional state. Of course, this will fluctuate given the experiences of any specific day. Still, check in with how you are feeling. ESPECIALLY before entering a room, answering the phone, checking email, speaking to another, and/or looking at social media.

If your feelings change, ask yourself, “Did anything happen that justifies this change?”

Let’s say that you feel “good” and you visit Facebook where you read some “bad” news from a friend. Then you feel “sad.” Ok, there’s a reason that your emotional state changed; you received hard news.

However, let’s say that you feel “good” and you visit Facebook and see some “regular” news. Then you feel nervous, confused, worried, tense, or otherwise off center. That’s what we are talking about here. You likely picked up on the energy behind/under the news.

Let’s say you visit Facebook feeling “good” and reading posts about this, that, and the other thing leaves you feeling drained. In this case, you may actually be processing the stories as if they are happening in YOUR life TO you! (see below for Eloheim’s new energy systems designed to help with this)

No matter how careful I was, Facebook became too much for my system. I installed the FB Purity add on which gave me the option to remove the news feed from my FB account. Now, I only get event and group information. This is much better for me. Sometimes boundaries are what’s needed.

Please note
I put all the emotional words in quotes because YOU need to define those states for yourself. It’s really, really tempting to imagine that “sad” means the same thing to everyone; it doesn’t.

Knowing what you mean by “I feel sad” or “I feel happy” is very important. Having a clear evaluation system for your feelings will support you in realizing when you are picking up on the feelings of another.

Make up your own words for these states if you like!

What to do when you suspect you have picked up the energy of another

We need to get that energy out of your system! Thankfully, we have a tool for that. This tool, The Blue Bubble, isn’t even an Eloheim tool (although E loves it). I received this tool from one of my first spiritual teachers. I went to her after the experience at the concert I mentioned above. She explained it this way:

Many people have been in that stadium and have thought about throwing themselves off the balcony. The space has an energetic imprint and you picked up on it. The same thing happens on Highway 1. So many people have thought about driving off the edge into the ocean that it leaves a strong imprint which sensitive people can feel.

PERFECT example of Highway 1. This one has rocks to help keep cars from going over the edge. Most areas don’t have that support!

My teacher gave me the blue bubble tool. I’ve modified it over the years. Here’s my version:

Imagine a small bubble inside your torso (I imagine the bubble the size of an electron; that’s just how I roll). This bubble is blue – never did find out why it’s blue LOL. Inside this bubble is only YOUR energy. Now, let the bubble get bigger. As it does, it will push any energy that’s not yours out of your system. Let it grow to the size of a golf ball, now a baseball, then a soccer ball….let it keep getting bigger…. know that it’s ONLY your energy inside and always pushing the energy of anyone else out. Keep going until the bubble surrounds your entire body and is about four feet bigger than you in all directions.

After you do the Blue Bubble, check in: How do you feel now?

The great thing about the blue bubble tool is that you can do it really fast as in “shields up!” or more slowly allowing you to feel into the nuances of the change in your energy. Don’t make the mistake of imagining that this cuts you off from loved ones. This allows you to access YOUR clear feelings and YOUR unique truth. It allows you to share even more with your loved ones because you are able to know even more about yourself.

Eloheim’s Tools for energy management

In August of 2016, Eloheim realized that our systems were on overload. They set about giving us a suite of energy systems to change that!

Blue: Nervous system. This includes the spine, brain, and nerves. All your Blues are overworked and overused for too long and in need of a new way to handle stimulation.

Red: Emanational system. This is where you offer your truth, your wisdom, your knowledge, your emanation to the world. In the past, we called this your energetic billboard.

Orange Mist: Perceptive System. This is the allowing of the awareness of your surroundings. The mist fills the air and each droplet contains information about the world and returns it to the overall system.

Sexuality: Eloheim described these as black lines coming up from below the feet, like a reverse waterfall. A new way to engage with sexual energy.

Hamster Ball: Described as a clear ball that surrounds the person. When stimulus comes toward you, it strikes the outside shell and moves along the shell to be observed and interacted with. They have also described this as similar to rain hitting a windshield and sliding along the glass.

Purple System is the new LOVE system. It’s a sphere that encompasses everything between the throat chakra and the second chakra. It’s closest to the Blue and includes your intimates, ie the people, places, and things you love. There has to be a space between your Blue and your Purple to get consistent access to your truth. It won’t change your relationship with others, it’s a gift to yourself.

Pink Joy and fun system. It’s a swirling system coming up from the lower torso. (The Girls brought this up and haven’t explained much about it yet.)

Aha: This yellow hued system process the information before it gets to the Blue. The Aha system exploration generated an entire new section of teachings on “the Gap, ” so powerful! The Aha system aids the Blue and pings the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Read about the sessions of August and September to learn more.

This information REVOLUTIONIZED my experience of my energy.

It was incredibly helpful. I can’t recommend these two months of sessions highly enough. Learn more by clicking here and here.

Another aspect

Eloheim and I have done many private sessions on the topic of feelings. Frequently, folks who have trouble distinguishing between their feelings and the feelings they are picking up from others have one or more of these additional challenges:

Skin issues
Respiratory issues
Digestive issues

Touching, breathing, and eating/drinking are all ways we “take in” the outside world. When the outside world is overwhelming the system, the body can have strong responses. The underlying energetic pattern is that the body is being used to set boundaries (through tension, inflammation, etc.) When you start to use WORDS and ACTIONS to set boundaries, the body can relax this process. I’ve had reports of amazing healing of long-standing physical challenges when people make this change.

Here’s a great Eloheim video about boundaries

And one from the Girls

Thanks again for sharing!

I could say so much more on this topic! It’s been such a huge part of my personal journey.

I’ve included (below) the details of two of Eloheim’s best talks on this subject.

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Many Blessings

Veronica & Eloheim

As we explore a new relationship to uncertainty, the body is likely to give a message of danger, as it continues to process from survival instinct that says- don’t change!

The residual feeling can convince you of danger, even when you know its not. There are also many subtle and less obvious ways in which the body sets energetic boundaries. One example is your body tensing up to make a barrier between yourself and others, acting to defend you in a world that doesn’t feel safe.

In this round table discussion, Eloheim shares new insight about a variety of body reactions, and provides specific tools to set conscious boundaries and make conscious choices for each circumstance. Tools include the Train Tool, the Blue Bubble Tool, and the 25 Pencils Tool.

“Don’t use your body to set energetic boundaries!” ~ Eloheim


Price: $14.99

Channeled Round Table conversation with Eloheim includes tips and tools for managing your sensitivities to energy. Featuring insight on how to deal with what happens when you match energy with others.

Sue says:

Eloheim asked that someone type this up from the Roundtable Discussion. When I heard them say the following statement an electrical current ran through me and my mind went blank for a second, so I know it’s important! Eloheim said they had packed an energetic into the statement and I certainly felt it! “If you think you know it all, the parameters for the knowing that you’re experiencing are bounded by what the survival instinct has allowed you to think. Imagine how limited that is.” It was actually so difficult to remember that I practically had to type a word, pause the recording, type another word, etc. It was very odd.

Kate says:

Regarding the quote above, I had a hit like a “ping” in my brain when I first heard it. Even when I forgot what it was, I knew it was something profound!

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Price: $14.99