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October, 2010

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Look for the WINK! 9-29-10

The meeting of September 29, 2010 felt really different to me. Energetically something went much deeper. Each of the Council members felt deeper somehow. Again, this is hard to explain, but it was there.

Eloheim used an experience I recently had to illuminate a new tool: Look for the wink.
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April, 2007

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Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

This amazing clip begins with Eloheim responding to a group member’s question about why she had had such a hard day recently.

Eloheim continues the comments to explain how our childhood experiences become assets for us as adults.

They then expand this idea to talk about how we go about experiencing personal growth or as they call it our “Inner Olympics”.

The old way of doing it (personal growth) was to experience challenges. The new way of doing it is to challenge yourself….to look at your core emotion, to look for the gift, to ask why, why, why…

You are only in comparison with you! Can I handle this situation better than I have handled it in the past? Can I look at this in a new light? Can I find the gift here? Can I trust? As compared to five years ago, or five minutes ago, or five seconds ago.

The Spiritual Journey isn’t a competition with anyone other than who you are now as compared to who you were a moment ago and who you will be a moment from now.

The only person to whom you prove who you are is yourself.

Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

February, 2007

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Eloheim: 02-21-07 Why did I create this?

In this clip, a member of the group brings up sleep apnea and Eloheim uses this as an example of the four levels of creation. I really tried to make this a short clip, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it any shorter than the 12 minutes it ended up being.

The discussion of sleep apnea moves into applying consciousness to determine what it is you actually wish to create, healing the things you have in ‘the closet’, investing consciousness in yourself, what you put out you attract, did I create cancer?, finding the gift, taking responsibility, and more. Here are some quotes from the clip:

Take the four levels of creation: Soul, unconscious, subconscious, conscious – add the free will to choose your reaction to the things that you create. Right now that is the best description of being Human we can give.

As the personality reacts to what is being created, the Soul can then build on the reactions to bring more creation in.

You all have had people say to you, ‘why did you create that?’…. And you can go, ‘Well, you know, I don’t think I would consciously sign up for cancer’….but there is reason why this is happening to me and I take responsibility for the fact that it is happening and I have my big eyes and my bright flashlight out looking for the reasons. Where is the gift? Because my Soul, my unconscious and my subconscious are collaborating to show me something. Something is coming up to be seen and I am going to look for it and tease it out of this so that I can apply consciousness and then BOOM receive gifts.

You receive strength and clarity and that is when you start to make more room for your Soul….you apply consciousness and all of a sudden there is more room for these things to raise up through the levels and your Soul can start making more things available to you to work with to bring more consciousness into your life. As you bring more consciousness into your life you have more of your Soul in your body and as you have more Soul in your body you have the ability to then do things that you never thought were possible before.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Why did I create this?
Please note: Always consult a physician if you need medical care or advice. Eloheim’s comments are not meant to substitute for medical care. Always use your discernment.

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth

Here are a couple of different ways that Eloheim shares their views on how we judge ourselves.

The judgment you inflict on yourself is the number one barrier to the spiritual growth you desire, number one, top of the list, by A LOT.

If you find yourself judging yourself, bring consciousness to that experience because you are on top of the barrier to your Spiritual Growth when you recognize that you are judging yourself.

After Elohiem shared this information about judging ourselves, one of the members of our group shared her experience of leaving her groceries in another town and her comment that she was feeling angry with God for it.

Eloheim takes this situation and builds on it (8 minute clip) sharing so many helpful tools including: creating your reality, taking responsibility for what you create, finding the gift, being in the moment, connecting with your soul, what IS is, Free Will, manifestation, leaving cause and effect behind, the difference between feeling and emotion, reaction rut, habitual response, and more. The questioner continues by asking how the information from the movie “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction can be included.

The clip ends abruptly because someone hit their funny bone and everyone started talking at the same time – about that feeling!

Eloheim: 02-14-07 Judgement is the Barrier to Spiritual Growth

02-14-07 I am feeling fear, what do I do?

Last week I experienced a lot of fear triggered by my Core Emotion. Eloheim teaches to get fear, guilt and lack out of our lives to make more room to En-Soul our bodies. Eloheim also teaches us to trust what our body (feelings) tell us. Hmmmmm. I know I don’t want to have fear in my body yet my body is showing me fear. This was very confusing and I spent a great deal of time in that state. I asked Eloheim to help with this and here is a 9 minute, AMAZING, clip that really clarified it for me.

As far as my own Spiritual Path goes, this clip is the most helpful information that Eloheim has provided recently. THANK YOU Eloheim! If anyone would like to volunteer to type up this clip (or even a part of it), that would be wonderful. Here is a section toward the end of the clip that really stood out for me:

When the fear rises, if the guilt rises, if the lack comes up, keeping it where you find it and then looking for the gift it shows you. And if nothing else, the gift can be ‘I see it instead of emote it, I am dealing with it, I am interacting with it, in the body instead of out in my life where I am going to have to go back and say sorry’ (to a lot of people)…..it may feel like a storm within, but being conscious of the storm within leads to spiritual growth.

02-14-07 I am feeling fear, what do I do?

January, 2007

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Eloheim: 1-17-07 Finding the gift in all situations.

Eloheim has been teaching about finding the gift in all situations. Here is a clip where they talk about being a leader by finding the gift no matter what is going on.


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