Last week I experienced a lot of fear triggered by my Core Emotion. Eloheim teaches to get fear, guilt and lack out of our lives to make more room to En-Soul our bodies. Eloheim also teaches us to trust what our body (feelings) tell us. Hmmmmm. I know I don’t want to have fear in my body yet my body is showing me fear. This was very confusing and I spent a great deal of time in that state. I asked Eloheim to help with this and here is a 9 minute, AMAZING, clip that really clarified it for me.

As far as my own Spiritual Path goes, this clip is the most helpful information that Eloheim has provided recently. THANK YOU Eloheim! If anyone would like to volunteer to type up this clip (or even a part of it), that would be wonderful. Here is a section toward the end of the clip that really stood out for me:

When the fear rises, if the guilt rises, if the lack comes up, keeping it where you find it and then looking for the gift it shows you. And if nothing else, the gift can be ‘I see it instead of emote it, I am dealing with it, I am interacting with it, in the body instead of out in my life where I am going to have to go back and say sorry’ (to a lot of people)… may feel like a storm within, but being conscious of the storm within leads to spiritual growth.

02-14-07 I am feeling fear, what do I do?