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June, 2013

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Have you seen these?

Two very powerful videos explaining KEY Eloheim teachings.

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Are you part of the “sum”? A new beginning 2013-06-12

The session of June 12, 2013 marked a new beginning.

It came on the heels of a big aha.

This work is not for everyone
It’s not even for most
It’s for some.
Do you want to be part of the sum?

Guardians: And so we have begun. A new opportunity begins tonight.

Visionaries: Be in the right trajectory, ready to go. Allow for what is, and allow for revelation. Allow uncovering. Because we are uncovering the place in you that you keep going to (familiar suffering). Ask yourself, what needs to come off? What layer is done? The one that’s extra loud right now, but is done with – we pull that layer back.

Eloheim: We are in a serious mode, an intense place. Continue Reading…

March, 2013

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Use Fascination to MAGNETIZE ~ 2013-03-06

Eloheim told me that the March 6, 2013 session would be different and it was! During this session, Eloheim did mini-sessions for the group members which were incredible!! Here’s a quote from Germany:

“Last night’s meeting gave me deep, deep insights, nearly as deep as my core emotion session.”

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January, 2013

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I Want Clarity! Circle of Possibilities Tool

We returned to Sebastopol on January 7, 2013. Sebastopol sessions are very different from our weekly session in Sonoma. In Sebastopol, Eloheim invites people to sit beside them and ask their questions. There is often hands-on energy work involved in the answers.

I was able to crop out this great explanation of the Circle of possibilities and Step-by-step tools! This meeting also includes a lot of information about the Levels of Creating. Continue Reading…

53 Tools and Their Corresponding Levels!

A grand summary of all the tools that have been included in the 13 Eloheim and The Council books and the levels from which they work. SEE GRAPHIC at the bottom of this page Continue Reading…

October, 2012

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Who Answers The Door? 10-08-2012 ~ Sebastopol Session

We returned to Sebastopol on October 3rd and had another powerful session! Eloheim answered questions and did powerful energy work as well!

Listen to Eloheim use the Who answers the door? tool to help with situations when, “They just don’t get me!” in the video. Continue Reading…

July, 2012

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Quarantine Obsessive Thinking! ~ 7-18-2012

The July 18, 2012 channeling session focused on expanding the Notebook tool. All seven Council members offered their insights. Continue Reading…

The NOTEBOOK TOOL and How to Create Power Phrases ~ 7-11-2012

Our July 11, 2012 session was so powerful. Eloheim spent a large portion of the session following up on the “Notebook Tool” that was introduced on June 30, 2012. Eloheim crafted the Notebook Tool for Randy to help her with long-standing challenges around money. Randy had LIFE CHANGING experiences as a result of using this tool. I have received more emails about this tool than any other. People all over the world are reporting HUGE HUGE HUGE changes after using this tool for only a few days. Personally, it changed my life.

However, Randy’s journey with this tool didn’t end during this session. Hear what happened next and how it created even deeper transformation by listening to this YouTube video. I put the initial description of the tool, Randy’s first report, and her follow up to the experiences that happened after the 7-11 session, in one video.

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Money Issues? Lingering problems? Try this tool! ~ 6-27-2012

Wow, this session knocked my socks off! The unfolding transformation generated by this discussion is SO powerful!

Profound session which shed light on living from the expanded sense of Self in a way that is high vibrationally consistent in our everyday/moment experience. Continue Reading…

June, 2012

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The Warrior’s Take on “First Choice” Tool ~ 6-20-2012

The channeling session of June 20, 2012 continued the exploration of the new tool: “This is my first choice.” This session was PACKED with great examples and energetically was WOW! It took 24 hours for me to come all the way back to myself.

I decided that the Warrior was due for a YouTube video and selected his section this week. I could have picked nearly any 10 minutes section; the whole meeting was a highlight reel.


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