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Thoughts on the most recent Eloheim meeting…..

Eloheim teaches about the levels of growth, the fractal levels that we move through as we grow towards Homo spiritus, and this week they did a review of those levels and brought up some new points.

A state with no opposite is a state outside of duality. This is where we are heading, Eloheim reminded us. The levels teach you how to live outside of duality. To use them, walk a situation up the levels. And be honest, deal with where you are because each level builds on the one before it.

1. Duality

2. Victimhood

3. I create my reality.

4. I take responsibility for my reaction to my creation.

5. This trigger is mine.

6. What trigger?

7. It’s all me. Oneness.

8. Watch it move.

9. Choiceless Choice.

So you can say as you walk up the levels, I know what the victim version of this is. I know what the I-create-my-reality version of this is. I take responsibility for my reactions to my creation. I know this trigger is mine. What trigger? Come closer to me, this is happening for me. It’s here, for me. It’s here for me because I called it to me. I see it. It just is. It is all Me. It’s Me. It’s ALL ME. It merges with me because I wouldn’t see it or recognise it or experience if it wasn’t. It’s in me therefore it’s in my world. Now I am going to look at it from a different place. I see it in me and maybe I don’t love it in me. Maybe I would prefer to keep this part of me hidden. What I don’t love in the world, I don’t love or appreciate seeing in me. It is familiar suffering. Therefore, here it is. I see you. I see Me. Now what? Watch it move. I emerge different from the experience. How do I choose to be with it from this place? Now it becomes a choiceless choice when I allow it to be what it is. I see Me inside showing up outside me and I watch it move, neutral observation.

Prime example of this for me comes from how I and other drivers act on the road. Certainly I am “right” and they are “wrong” in how we drive. I can be annoyed when someone comes up behind me really fast and rides my tailgate, pushing me to get out of the way. I can be stubborn and self-righteous and take my time moving over. They are driving way too fast so they can wait, I think.

Or I can notice that they are doing something that I have done today, only I felt justified when I did it. It was fine when I did it. After all, obviously that person in front me is driving too slow and I have to get where I’m going for my job and I’m already late. They aren’t even driving the speed limit! My time is busy and worth getting to where I need to be, faster. (victim)

Now, for those pushing me, I am annoyed because damn it, I am already going over the speed limit while passing someone else and I am not speeding up to get out of your way just so you can go wa-a-ay over the speed limit! Then as they race past me when I move over, I can think, huh, now go get a speeding ticket buddy! (duality!)

Recently I have begun to see myself in those drivers pushing me. Holy crap, I do that to other drivers! (I created this) That’s me. (responsibility for my reactions) Wow. My first reaction to that thought was to say, I am not proud of that. I don’t like that in me. No wonder it bugs me when someone else does it! (this trigger is mine) The Girls tell us to phrase it differently. So, instead of berating myself or the other drivers in my head, I have started to say, oh, there I am again. Period. (it’s all me) And sometimes, even with humor. There I go again! (what trigger) I see that part of me that I am working on.

I am emerging differently from this experience I have brought closer to me. (watch it move)

This level stuff is fascinating and I love having a guide for how to work with them, how to grow into who we are meant to be.

So, we might ask, and often do, Why are we here??? It’s so hard and so much work and really not fun sometimes.

I love this Eloheim quote explaining to Veronica why we incarnated in the physical:

“Souls have the curiosity of a cat, the resources of a billionaire,

and the fearlessness of a two-year old who’s just learned to walk.”

It’s a choiceless choice for the soul.

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