Occasionally, on days when there is no reason to rush out of bed, I have conversations with Eloheim. I document these messages by texting them to a friend who types them up.

These “Morning Messages” are delivered in short bursts whose coherence always surprises me when I read them strung together.

I started sharing them with a small group and they became very popular very quickly. I’ve decided to share them here as well.

Morning Message #2014-08 March 7, 2014

Feel it. Feel the myriad choices available to you in this moment. The opportunities and potentials that extend out from now. It’s more obvious when you are considering whether to turn left or right at an intersection. You know those choices represent vastly different destinations. What about the smaller decisions you make in every moment? Can you see how each decision shifts the field of potential possibilities?

You are always choosing. You make the vast majority of choices habitually. “I always eat breakfast before I get dressed.” It’s not to say that your life would be immediately and radically transformed if you reverse those two acts, it’s to say that unless you make new choices, it’s highly unlikely anything will change. As you shake up your routine you practice being available to new options. This practice prepares you for the moments when everything is brand new and you have no routine to fall back on.

When you feel into the possibilities this moment presents, don’t automatically follow the path you always have followed before. At a minimum say, “I’m choosing to do this in the order I have done it before. I acknowledge there are other options and I pick this one.”

It’s very easy to let duality slip in when following ingrained patterns. It becomes an either/or of my way/not my way.

“Not my way” being a large pool of possibilities.

Be aware of new potentials. Allow for the possibilities of a new thought or action. Remember, you are always choosing.

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