Occasionally, on days when there is no reason to rush out of bed, I have conversations with Eloheim. I document these messages by texting them to a friend who types them up.

These “Morning Messages” are delivered in short bursts whose coherence always surprises me when I read them strung together.

I started sharing them with a small group and they became very popular very quickly. I’ve decided to share them here as well.

Morning Message #2014-09 March 8, 2014

There are all sorts of little ways you seek certainty. “If I go to the bed now I will be rested in morning” is just one common example. When you seek certainty, you cut yourself off from what’s actually true right now. You want the certainty of a specific outcome rather than exploring the opportunity for clarity. Clarity lives in this moment. As does uncertainty. If you perceive uncertainty as danger, you will jump away from the only place where you can access clarity.

It comes down to a choice. Is uncertainty going to be experienced as danger or opportunity? If danger, then you will continue to find small and large ways to chase certainty – and you will never catch it for it’s a fallacy.

If opportunity, then you must choose and choose again to not let the habit of chasing certainty to resurface. It’s not, “if I go to bed now I will be rested,” it’s, “I am choosing to go to bed now.” Don’t attach an outcome to this act. You know your typical sleep patterns, so they inform your decision. However, you also know that feeling rested in the morning is subject to more than just what time you lie down.

There’s no need to attach a desire for certainty to this act. Help yourself break the habit by catching the small and the big places you do this.

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