We offer energetic alternatives. You ask questions and we offer energetic alternatives to what you are currently experiencing.

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Let’s call your current experience energetic A.

You express that energetic to us and we formulate an alternative to that (could be called an answer or solution, but truly it’s another of infinite possibilities you might choose).

We have some skill at presenting an energetic alternative that is close enough to A to make the option accessible, yet far enough away that real transformation can be had by exploring it. Let’s refer to it as energetic B.

As you listen to our answer, you are trying out energetic B. Doing this often provides a new perspective on energetic A. This is frequently described as an “aha.”

Aha’s have the power to transform your experience, yet are often fleeting experiences.

You must be willing to surrender energetic A (which often presents as a deep habit) or it is difficult for even the most profound aha to penetrate for long.

At the first retreat, we offered the energetic alternative of a deep exploration of “What is true now?” We held this energetic for the group for the entire event. We stripped out the extraneous and explored what remained. This facilitated a powerful connection with the truth of you.

At the second retreat, we offered the energetic alternative of a “static free zone.” The opportunity was presented to feel and live from a place that facilitated letting go of stories from the past thus removing the energetic disruptions they were bringing to the now.

This year’s teachings will offer the energetic alternative of, “What trigger?”

We will assist you in dropping the remaining temptations for static generation, help you clearly see any lingering victim energy, and support you as you take the firm stance of, “I create my reality through choosing my reactions to each and every one of my experiences.”

We are currently broadcasting this energetic alternative.

You can connect to this energetic at any time.

If you find that you want connection with a community of others who are exploring this energetic alternative, you can join us at one of our in-person group events, sign up for our online Q&A, attend our European retreats, or come to Sonoma for our third annual gathering.

Veronica keeps the Facebook page and website updated with new material (typically on a daily basis). The website also features a deep archive of our teachings including 475 YouTube videos.

If you prefer a one-on-one session, we offer that as well.

We are here and we are ready to facilitate the transformation you seek.

Eloheim and The Council