Morning Message #2014-16 April 2, 2014

You are accustomed to adrenaline dictating your experience. This shows up as excitement, fear, stress, butterflies in your stomach, pressure, dread, and more.

As you begin to have longer and longer experiences of peace, the lack of adrenaline-driven feelings and actions will likely feel quite strange. It’s a big change and requires getting used to.

Often it’s processed as boredom, numbness, confusion or self-doubt. The quiet of peace can be seen “nothing going on” or “no juicy options to explore.”

We suggest that it is a time to use fascination to explore. For perhaps the first time, you are not driven by the survival instinct. Your challenging journey of choosing for consciousness is now bearing fruit. Be very vigilant in this new space that you choose fascination rather than slip back into old habits to make sense of the new.

Old habits will pop up to try and give you something familiar in this changed experience. Those old habits did not get you to this new place and will not help you explore the now. Use the same tools that got you here “what is true now,” “I am willing,” “what is in my lap,” and short factual statements will be very helpful.

You are here. Explore with fascination.