New Year, New You – Where to begin?

Wishing you could do it all differently this year? Is it time for a fresh start? All too often you imagine that you must change everything in order to get anything new. This feels overwhelming and impossible. It typically results in you feeling worse rather than better.

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The path out of this trap is to break it down into smaller pieces. Any change starts the ball rolling and gets you one step closer to your new life. Tiny changes add up fast and result in real transformation. It all begins with becoming aware of your options.

Imagine that you hear a knock at the front door. You look out and see that it’s someone you really don’t want to speak with. In that moment, you need to decide which aspect of you will answer the door. Will it be the part of you that wants to “be nice”? Will it be the part of you that knows how to set a boundary? Will it be the part of you that doesn’t want to be alone so will settle for any company? Will you simply leave the door unanswered? Who will it be?

Each of these scenarios has a completely different result. In each, you are the chooser; you set the course for the moments to follow. By choosing your reactions to your experiences, you affect the unfolding of your life. Sometimes it may seem like you don’t have a choice, that your reactions “just happen.” It may be that some behaviors are nearly automatic. That’s okay. Just catch yourself as often as you can. When you need to make a decision, ask, “Who is reacting now?” or “Which part of me do I want to respond to this?” Try to let the most centered, balanced part of you be the chooser in any moment.

Choosing your responses in conversation is a very important application of this idea. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have an answer. “I don’t know” is a valid response. You are not required to be an expert in everything. It’s very kind to give yourself a moment to really check in with what you are feeling, to find the centered part of you, and then to respond. Try saying, “I don’t know” and feel how it takes the pressure off. It allows you the opportunity to actually connect to what your truth is in the moment.

Another option is to just say, “No.” No is a complete sentence and a fine answer. There’s no reason to explain your, “No.” Say “No,” and let it stand at that. Once you are not under the pressure to respond, you may find that you have something more to add. That’s great. If you decide to say more, you can; however, “No” works nicely on its own.

You also get to choose when it comes to your workplace. Are you unhappy with your job? Find one small thing you can change. Walk to your desk a new way, park in a different part of the lot, answer the phone with your opposite hand, or twirl your chair each time you take a seat. Each day (or more often if you would like) add something new to the experience. Find ways that amuse or entertain you. Never believe that little changes can’t cause a big shift; start small, be consistent, and marvel at how the overall experience transforms.

This type of experimentation works in your home as well. Feeling stagnant? Rearrange the furniture! This requires you to navigate your home differently which is a sure way to disrupt old patterns. The fresh start you are looking for can start right there in your kitchen. Mix up the way things are currently organized. Put the glasses in the cupboard where the plates are typically stored and change where you place things in the refrigerator. Each time you need something, you will have a non-habitual experience of it. It’s a very straightforward way to generate change.

Now, you might imagine this won’t be a very efficient way to operate in your kitchen as you catch yourself over and over again looking in the old spot for things you need. Efficiency isn’t the goal here; finding easy ways to make small changes is the goal. Those small changes add up to you living differently. As you change, your life changes around you. Rejoice each time you catch yourself being habitual; each time you catch yourself, you will be able to create a new pattern.

Just as a sculptor chips away small pieces of marble to reveal the statue that has always been inside the block

, your small changes will unveil the life you desire. You are a chooser! Choose to be kind to yourself as you make the shift into the new you.

Veronica Torres is the channel for Eloheim and the Council. Eloheim is known for their practical, actionable tools for personal transformation. Jump start your evolution to Homo spiritus now at