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The final channeling was, as usual, potent. This time the Council members went in order of the Chakras they resonate with, beginning with the root chakra.

Eloheim (the fifth chakra). “Gawd, this has been fun! We love chatting with you guys.” We love when you go, I never thought of it that way! In this way, you embody a new item on the Circle of Possibilities and it opens up your narrow viewpoint. Don’t discount even the smallest shift of awareness that you found over the last four days. The ripples will spread out. Use your Warrior nature and face your fears, your triggers and who you are. Yes, it’s true, it doesn’t change the truth of it to not be there. Face the pain that says, who I am is not okay. You say, that’s me and the world will magnetize around me. Explore it. Have a healed relationship with who you are.

After the channel, we went to lunch and enjoyed our last meal together. Then we chatted or did our own things until the closing circle.

Some of the group doing a Dance of Universal Peace during the closing circle.

The closing circle, like last year, was full of tears and gratitude as the microphone was passed around. Veronica started us out by saying she was out of words, she was used up in the best way. However, her appreciation for the week was heard. She also told us she is going to go to Austria next year around June to visit with Eloheim’s many European tribe members. Each person then had their turn with the microphone and by the fourth person, I started to cry so when it got to me, I’m sure I was all red eyed. I could barely speak the more I said, but it was easier to talk than last year. One of my big things is getting smaller. Most of us had tears in our eyes as we expressed our feelings and gratitude for the people and the experience and for Veronica for facilitating it. We all had become friends and connected on such a deep level, it was difficult to think about separating and going back to our ”regular” lives. LIke Eloheim and the Council, we didn’t want to say goodbye. I am so glad for the recordings because the more I go back, the more I get out of the whole experience. It was so deep and multilayered, I just didn’t get it all in one fell swoop. I now have a larger group of souls who I feel “sees” me and I see them and are my soul family. At some point after the closing circle someone finally remembered to get group photos after we had already had several people leave.

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Over 10 hours of recordings from our 2013 retreat
with Eloheim and The Council