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Breakfast was at 8 a.m. I can’t say enough about the food except it’s too much to choose from and simply delicious. We go in thinking, I’m not hungry then we smell it and see it and take too much, again.

This year, the weather was warm and sunny and I was thankful not to feel cold like last year. That morning we spent some time milling around after breakfast, each of us off doing our own thing until the morning channeling began at 10 a.m.

Eloheim had requested that chairs be set in front of Veronica in two rows of three, a row to each side of her facing inward so they could do the “witnessing exercise”. The ones on her right were the folks waiting to speak with Eloheim, the ones on the left witnessing the speaker after their own session. Eloheim’s original plan was to have each of us bring our favorite “big thing” to the hot seat to see what was on the other side of it, and we weren’t to look at Eloheim but at the human witnessing us. Of course, that changed with the first person up.

Each message given to the participant in the hot seat was a message to me and to everyone else. I was nervous as I waited but nothing like last year. I just couldn’t decide which of my “big things” I should bring up. I seem to have a list. Turns out I didn’t have to because Eloheim saw it and told us what we needed to hear instead. And they wanted us to look at them.

I am not afraid of who I am anymore.

Please don’t miss what’s here.

You are giving birth.

Kindle the fire inside, the potential of yourself.

The negative self-talk time is done. Relax. Let go of the habit.

Let go of the role models that you don’t respect and don’t like. Say, I reclaim my own standards for me.

I don’t get it. I try not to care and I feel inadequate. Say this instead, I don’t get that now, and I’m very clear about how I feel about (whatever I am clear on). This gets you out of the your Möbius strip.

I’ll be inadequate to the task if others see me “big” so I must stay small. When you show up, you will grow up your boundaries and tools and support at the same time.

Nobody gets me. You wish others could see the you that you know. It’s time now to drop the shell and let the new energy in.

You need more touchstones that are healthy so you have a new place to remember from, past the big thing.

Knowing what you want to do is overrated. It changes by the moment. You say, if I put all of me into this, and it’s not appreciated, then I suck, so I won’t take the risk. Know that your view is the only one that matters. You have to take responsibility for being the one who decides.

You are so loved. Do not doubt our love for you, ever. We have loved you since the beginning of time. You are a gift.

These were some of the messages Eloheim shared with the participant about their “big thing” and uncertainty. The room echoed their laughter and tears. I took away something profound from every. single. message. The awesome part is that we get the Retreat recordings as part of our package so we can go back and watch them again (and again). There is something about being so present in the moment that makes me either not hear everything or else be able to remember consciously all that was said so I am thrilled to be able to go back and hear them again. It helps the sessions go in even deeper and reinforces the messages. And it makes me smile to see everyone again. Yes! there you are! Hi!

Over 10 hours of recordings from our 2013 retreat
with Eloheim and The Council