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Driving into the grounds created a feeling of homecoming. We were among the first to arrive and it was such fun to watch and greet everyone, many of them familiar faces, and many I didn’t know yet. But all felt familiar and good. It was like real family from the start, a family who is kind, respects other views, honors each emanation and loves unconditionally. This year I was able to spend some time with Veronica and touched base with each and every one of the others, unlike last year when I felt a bit separate. A separateness of my own making. I felt different this year and was determined not to be the wallflower this time. I made it a point to make contact with everyone I could. My goal was to get the most out of this experience I could. And I did.

The first night’s channeling involved the whole council and completely gave me goosebumps, setting the stage for the rest of the Retreat.

The channeling opened with The Guardians doing clearing work using Veronica’s hands set to the music of one of our fellow Eloheimers, an original composition. Absolutely beautiful music, and powerful. It was fascinating to watch her hand movements in time with the music. The Guardians talked about releasing what we no longer need and setting the stage for the four days. They asked us to be a willing partner with uncertainty and to let go of outcomes.

The Visionaries fondest wish for us is that we stop seeking. What we desire is inside of us and is overrun with static, baggage, fears and the Survival Instinct. When we look inside, we get the Aha!

Eloheim was next and told us that we want more, we want to be who we are and we want to be seen. Then to believe them when someone sees us. This next sentence resonated so strongly with me….

“The homosapiens stance wants you to find important something that homospiritus doesn’t notice.” Make sense? It does to me. How often do we make a big deal out of something that is not?

Eloheim went on to say, “We want you to know what we know about you.” When you look inside, you find places you’re dissatisfied with. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your “big thing” is not important? Whoa, wouldn’t it though?!

They told us it’s 11:59 and we are hanging out in our “big thing” because uncertainty is after that. And most of us are so close to ticking over to 12:00, it won’t take much to get on the other side of our big thing. They asked us to find our favorite familiar suffering for the next day’s session. I have a list it seems….I don’t matter; if I don’t do it, no one else will; my ….. hurts so I can’t. These are all static between me and my Circle of Possibilities. Ah, my big thing keeps me on that hamster wheel of familiar suffering. Because it’s familiar!

The Warrior came in and emphatically said transformation should be our sacred goal. Use the Warrior energy to act, now. Be fierce and stare it down, deal with it. I WILL NOT DO IT ANYMORE! they yelled. Yikes, powerful stuff.

Now Fred, we never know what to expect with Fred when he comes in (he is a galactic presence), thus the name. One time he talked about being fascinated with watching planets blow up. Fred hung out in Veronica’s upper chakras instead of coming fully into the body as she was really getting drained by then. Fred said we think too little and too small and let ourselves be diminished by our survival instinct. If something doesn’t seem possible, then it’s highly unlikely we will magnetize it to ourselves. We underuse our imaginations, so we need to think new thoughts and not recycle the old ones. We build new neural pathways with fascination. Raises hand here….I remember once telling a professor I don’t have any imagination. I don’t say that anymore so that’s good! But it is something I need to practice more.

Next the Girls came in. The Girls are all about loving yourself. So they suggested that we ask ourselves how we feel about ourselves? When you say I like this about myself except for this…, it reveals a place being worked on. Change the sentence to, I like myself and I’m working on…. For me, the ending to that sentence is….and I’m working on my self confidence, my health and how I interact with others.

The Matriarch ended the meeting by saying that it was a joy to be in our company and that none of the council wanted to leave (we could tell!). She said we were in the starting blocks, the launching pad into a new energy. She left us with such love. I always feel like I’ve been hugged by my mom when the Matriarch comes in.

So that ended the first night’s message. We all felt energized and excited to be here together and looked forward to what Eloheim had in store for us the next day.

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Over 10 hours of recordings from our 2013 retreat
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