The September 25, 2013 session featured the entire Council. Eloheim revisited the Levels of Creating and explained how to incorporate non-duality and bliss with the levels. There is also an incredible discussion of how our relationship to uncertainty is evolving after the retreat.

Guardians: (Feels a rigidity in the attendees). You need to open the doors within you, as we can only go through the doors that are open. On the other side of your big thing are new things: opportunities, challenges – and uncertainty. Right now, it is like you are on a diving board springboard, the part that compresses on the last bounce, before jumping. You are standing in that place of compression but, even so, you don’t have to be tense. You can choose to be relaxed in uncertainty. You can be receptive. “I am willing; I am present; I am open”.

Visionaries: Helped the group get energetically ready for Eloheim’s message.

You can own the uncertainty you are feeling. You can say: “Wow; I’m different. I don’t know what’s going on; I don’t know what’s coming next. OK, fine.” Own that. In this standing-on the-springboard time, say “no” to the SI when it comes up. Being in uncertainty is actually a strength. Continue to choose for fascination instead of fear and habits. Catch it. “That’s me looking for suffering. That’s me looking for certainty.” Notice when that happens. Stay out of outcome. Also understand that the idea you’ve had of Bliss, that goal over there, past your big things, is not about “happy”. Bliss is a non-duality state, when you KNOW that whatever you are experiencing is your first choice. You own it and embrace it’s perfection. You learn what it has to offer, so you don’t have to dally there long. “I’m meant to be here, doing this, experiencing this”. Hold the moment close, like a trigger. If it is a crisis, it has the opportunity to give you a new part of yourself. Even in the midst of discomfort, access your soul’s perspective.

You can work with the Levels with your new awareness: “This trigger is mine (Level 5) because I want to leave duality”. You bring the trigger close. “What trigger?” (6) is the start of non-duality. It’s when you’re on the other side of your big thing. It’s still there and, if you go looking for it, you’ll find it, but it’s not as much fun anymore, and it feels more like an echo. “It’s all me” (7) can work many ways. When you have bits about yourself that you don’t like, it mean that you’ll see them outside of you. The world will expose the parts of you that you don’t love but if you reject them, if you reject part of the Oneness, and then you are not IN the Oneness. So make peace with whatever comes up in your awareness. And, as it all merges with you, you have a different, transformed emanation. Then the experience becomes “watch it move” (8) and living in “choiceness choice” (9).

In your new state of uncertainty, working with the levels will give you a structure and some footholds. When life happens, walk it through the levels. Go through each level-version of you. Go as high on the levels as you can. Know that you are an energetic force moving through this world. The analogy of the diving board springboard is very important. You are standing on the tension point, without needing to bounce. This analogy is one of the most important things we’ve ever said to you.

Fred: Remember the fractal nature of the levels. They energetically take you deeper and deeper into the same moment. Intensify your attention in the moment and ask “From which level am I reacting?” It’s like an elevator; you choose which floor you want to get off. Also imagine a large structure inside a pit, with all the levels piled on top; it’s a positive force that you created, like the pressure that creates a diamond. Feel the intense weight of those levels that you went through. All of them were needed to build this whole structure, and it’s ALL focusing you into a transformed experience. You can’t get good at the higher levels unless you practice being in them as much as possible.

You have to be the one who evaluates your progress. Others won’t give you that feedback, either when you miss your target or when you make it. And when you make it, your reward is finding yourself in a state of no-opposites that can feel really scary a lot of the time. No-opposites means you are not seeing the now as something to resist. Fear will not go away, so stay in step-by-step. “What can I do here?” Evaluate which level you are on in that moment, and be honest. If you’re not sure, don’t round up to a higher level; round down to the one below. Most of you default to level 4, and when you are on 4, you have the choice to go up to 5 (holding the trigger close) or 3 (“I suck for creating this”). Practice so that you land naturally in level 5, rather than having to choose into it. This creates new neural pathways. Then the upper levels (6 – 7 – 8) flow naturally into each other.

Girls: Love. Appreciate. Accept. If you can’t embrace what confronts you, it then becomes a “big thing,” a familiar suffering, or something you have to “work on.” So avoid duality from the start. If you see something you don’t like, don’t say “I don’t like that”. Instead say things like “That’s transforming,” “That’s on hold” or “I’m confused by it.” This kind of re-languaging allows more openings, and then more issues will resurface that you can shine the light of consciousness on.

Matriarch: You are very close, and you will be very close for a long time. Then you will slip over the line, without warning. You are not the same people that you were a month ago. Don’t run back to the old because the new you is confused. Stay where you are, and find new handholds.

September 25 ~ Full Council

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