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November, 2013

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You Have THE Ticket! ~ 10-23-2013

I really enjoyed the October 23, 2013 session. Powerful ideas powerfully expressed! The YouTube is Fred being super Fredish!

Visionaries: We’ve been observing how a question gets answered, and how often our answer doesn’t give you what you are looking for. You all have some questions that haunt you, that plague you. They are different for each of you, and that difference is fascinating. But many of you don’t actually know what your true question is, so the answer is not satisfying. You don’t know how to put it into a clear, crystalized, question – for us, or for yourself. It’s in your nature to be curious. How do you create a question from a questioning state?

Eloheim: You seem to have an unsolvable issue. It is: “Why can’t I…?”… and then whatever it is for you. But you have to figure out what the real question is. Because, at this point in your process, the answers are becoming very individualized. You need to excavate; you need to get beyond the surface. Go underneath, and keep digging.

Don’t use the same words that you’ve long used for your question. Rephrase it. It’s not about “trying” again; it’s about having a complete change of perspective. You can use your big question, or your big thing, in an equal sign way, to stay small. You can say “I suck here” and then stop. Continue Reading…

October, 2013

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Bliss is a state with no opposite ~ Leave duality! 9-25-2013

The September 25, 2013 session featured the entire Council. Eloheim revisited the Levels of Creating and explained how to incorporate non-duality and bliss with the levels. There is also an incredible discussion of how our relationship to uncertainty is evolving after the retreat.

Guardians: (Feels a rigidity in the attendees). You need to open the doors within you, as we can only go through the doors that are open. On the other side of your big thing are new things: opportunities, challenges – and uncertainty. Right now, it is like you are on a diving board springboard, the part that compresses on the last bounce, before jumping. You are standing in that place of compression but, even so, you don’t have to be tense. You can choose to be relaxed in uncertainty. You can be receptive. “I am willing; I am present; I am open”. Continue Reading…

April, 2013

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The End of Duality ~ 2013-04-01

At the April Channeling in Sebastopol, Eloheim explained how we are now free of duality and how to access this changed state! The remainder of the session was Eloheim answering questions from the group. Continue Reading…


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