In nearly 15 years of working with folks, hearing their challenges, and seeing how they habitually interact with their triggers, I’ve noticed that there are common paths that keep coming up. On each path, people tend to face similar struggles and are supported in similar ways. I’ve decided to gather the advice Eloheim has consistently offered about each path and offer them here.

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You may have traits from multiple paths; that’s ok! This is a new exploration for me. We will learn together how the paths intersect!

We will start with my own dominate personal path – The Sensitive

We will address the challenges The Sensitive faces in the following areas:


We will also address the Eloheim tools that are most supportive to The Sensitive.

The Sensitive

Often referred to as psychic, Sensitives navigate the world able to pick up on the feelings, emotions, thoughts, worries, troubles, and moods of the people surrounding them. It is extremely common for Sensitives to have no idea that they are doing this. Sensitives are often overwhelmed and anxious without the ability to explain why. Their moods swing wildly based on their surroundings. This lack of grounding in the truth of one’s own feelings is typically extremely confusing and frightening.

It’s not all hard news. Sensitives are so aware of others they can often offer beautiful, targeted support to those they encounter. Their ability to read situations and meet unspoken needs make them very powerful connectors. Sensitives also delight in things in unusual ways which often brings joy to those around them.


Sensitives imagine they are safe if they know what’s going on around them. Ok, that’s a reasonable idea. However, Sensitives don’t limit it to “Did I lock the door?” or “Is it safe to walk to my car?” As an example, when a Sensitive is in a store, they likely don’t limit their check-in to just the person right in front of them (Are you a threat to me?), they are probably energetically checking-in with the entire store – products included – which is utterly overwhelming.

As you can probably imagine, crowds are a nightmare. Even small gatherings can be too much. And, to add to it, Sensitives often don’t set down those “energetic check-ins” when out of that person’s space. The check-ins continue to run – often for YEARS afterward. This is a huge drain on the body’s systems and totally unnecessary. The seeking of safety in this unhealthy way actually generates more challenge.


Vast and quick mood swings can leave Sensitives feeling unbalanced and off center. They can enter a room feeling happy and be reduced to near tears without anything actually happening to them (other than picking up on the energy of the room). Locations and objects can also generate mood changes as Sensitives replay the experiences that others have had in those places and with those items. Sensitives perceive the feelings of other people so profoundly that they get confused as to what their own feelings are. I spent decades having feelings (anger/frustration/fear) that had no basis in my actual life yet were impossible to dismiss. I felt lost and alone.


Sensitives are, well, sensitive to others so they are constantly paying attention to the needs of their friends and family. Being on the receiving end of that sort of attention can be wonderful! Being the giver can be utterly draining.

Sensitives can attract harsh partners/friends. I suspect this is because strong personalities offer a consistent (if painful) energy that seems “steady,” lessening the storm of confusion the Sensitive feels around others. However, it’s not peace or bliss that results. It’s a battering. I find that my best relationships are with people who are very conscious and mindful of their own needs and of the energy they project. I actually had a partner who I couldn’t read energetically. Although it was disorienting at first, it turned out to be so relaxing as I only had to attend to my own energy AND we connected deeply because we had to talk rather than me “psychically snooping” to find out what was going on.

What is psychically snooping, you wonder? Sensitives read the energy of people naturally. They don’t have to try. It’s like breathing; it just happens. The downside to this in relationship is that it can be an invasion of privacy! A Sensitive said to me, “There’s something he won’t tell me!” We then talked about the fact that people are allowed to wait until they are ready to broach a subject. PERIOD. Just because a Sensitive can tell that another person is chewing on something, doesn’t mean that it’s time for it to be discussed or required to be discussed. I’ve heard from many Sensitives that they try to pull the information out of the other person or even feel that person is lying by not disclosing the thing that the Sensitive has picked up on. It’s vital for a Sensitive to learn how to treat what they pick up as a privilege (rather than a right). It’s like the Sensitive is reading another person’s diary! Honor the process of another just as you would like them to honor your process.

Sensitives also frequently get caught up in the “if she really loved me she would know ___________. I know that about her!!!!” Sensitives have to let go of the assumption that everyone is picking up the same information. It’s simply not true. Sensitives have to learn to use their words. They have to ask for what they want and ask questions to learn about others. ASK ASK ASK!

Living with a Sensitive can be very confusing for those that aren’t picking up on all of the non-verbal information a sensitive receives. Imagine that the next door neighbor constantly plays music at high volume and only the Sensitive can hear it. The Sensitive is acting on that over-stimulation while others have no idea it’s even an issue. It’s very important for Sensitives to develop ways to share what they are picking up on so that their loved ones can support them.


What does a Sensitive do about all of this? Plenty!

Personally, having outlets (like the channeling and working with essential oils) where I can let my sensitivities be an asset has been really important to me. Other ways to do this: art, photography, writing, singing, dance, etc. Find an outlet (or even more than one) where it’s comfortable to allow yourself to be sensitive without going into overwhelm.

When interacting with others, know your base line emotional state. Of course, this will fluctuate given the experiences of any specific day. Still, check in with how you are feeling. ESPECIALLY before entering a room, answering the phone, checking email, speaking to another, and/or looking at social media.

If your feelings change, ask yourself, “Did anything happen that justifies this change?”

Let’s say that you feel “good” and you visit Facebook where you read some “bad” news from a friend. Then you feel “sad.” Ok, there’s a reason that your emotional state changed; you received hard news.

However, let’s say that you feel “good” and you visit Facebook and see some “regular” news. Then you feel nervous, confused, worried, tense, or otherwise off center. That’s what we are talking about here. You likely picked up on the energy behind/under the news.

Let’s say you visit Facebook feeling “good” and reading posts about this, that, and the other thing leaves you feeling drained. In this case, you may actually be processing the stories as if they are happening in YOUR life TO you! (see below for Eloheim’s new energy systems designed to help with this)

No matter how careful I was, Facebook became too much for my system. I installed the FB Purity add on which gave me the option to remove the news feed from my FB account. Now, I only get event and group information. This is much better for me. Sometimes boundaries are what’s needed.

Please note
I put all the emotional words in quotes because YOU need to define those states for yourself. It’s really, really tempting to imagine that “sad” means the same thing to everyone; it doesn’t.

Knowing what you mean by “I feel sad” or “I feel happy” is very important. Having a clear evaluation system for your feelings will support you in realizing when you are picking up on the feelings of another.

Make up your own words for these states if you like!

What to do when you suspect you have picked up the energy of another

We need to get that energy out of your system! Thankfully, we have a tool for that. This tool, The Blue Bubble, isn’t even an Eloheim tool (although E loves it). I received this tool from one of my first spiritual teachers. I went to her after this experience. I was at a concert. We were having a great time sitting in the front row of the balcony. However, I felt an overwhelming urge to throw myself over the railing. So much so that I had to wind my feet and hands around the seat legs to stop myself. My teacher explained it this way:

Many people have been in that stadium and have thought about throwing themselves off the balcony. The space has an energetic imprint and you picked up on it. The same thing happens on Highway 1. So many people have thought about driving off the edge into the ocean that it leaves a strong imprint which sensitive people can feel.

PERFECT example of Highway 1. This one has rocks to help keep cars from going over the edge. Most areas don’t have that support!

My teacher gave me the blue bubble tool. I’ve modified it over the years. Here’s my version:

Imagine a small bubble inside your torso (I imagine the bubble the size of an electron; that’s just how I roll). This bubble is blue – never did find out why it’s blue LOL. Inside this bubble is only YOUR energy. Now, let the bubble get bigger. As it does, it will push any energy that’s not yours out of your system. Let it grow to the size of a golf ball, now a baseball, then a soccer ball….let it keep getting bigger…. know that it’s ONLY your energy inside and always pushing the energy of anyone else out. Keep going until the bubble surrounds your entire body and is about four feet bigger than you in all directions.

After you do the Blue Bubble, check in: How do you feel now?

The great thing about the blue bubble tool is that you can do it really fast as in “shields up!” or more slowly allowing you to feel into the nuances of the change in your energy. Don’t make the mistake of imagining that this cuts you off from loved ones. This allows you to access YOUR clear feelings and YOUR unique truth. It allows you to share even more with your loved ones because you are able to know even more about yourself.

Eloheim’s Tools for energy management

In August of 2016, Eloheim realized that our systems were on overload. They set about giving us a suite of energy systems to change that!

Blue: Nervous system. This includes the spine, brain, and nerves. All your Blues are overworked and overused for too long and in need of a new way to handle stimulation.

Red: Emanational system. This is where you offer your truth, your wisdom, your knowledge, your emanation to the world. In the past, we called this your energetic billboard.

Orange Mist: Perceptive System. This is the allowing of the awareness of your surroundings. The mist fills the air and each droplet contains information about the world and returns it to the overall system.

Sexuality: Eloheim described these as black lines coming up from below the feet, like a reverse waterfall. A new way to engage with sexual energy.

Hamster Ball: Described as a clear ball that surrounds the person. When stimulus comes toward you, it strikes the outside shell and moves along the shell to be observed and interacted with. They have also described this as similar to rain hitting a windshield and sliding along the glass.

Purple System is the new LOVE system. It’s a sphere that encompasses everything between the throat chakra and the second chakra. It’s closest to the Blue and includes your intimates, ie the people, places, and things you love. There has to be a space between your Blue and your Purple to get consistent access to your truth. It won’t change your relationship with others, it’s a gift to yourself.

Pink Joy and fun system. It’s a swirling system coming up from the lower torso. (The Girls brought this up and haven’t explained much about it yet.)

Aha: This yellow hued system processes the information before it gets to the Blue. The Aha system exploration generated an entire new section of teachings on “the Gap.” It is so powerful! The Aha system aids the Blue and pings the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

Read about the sessions of August and September to learn more.

This information REVOLUTIONIZED my experience of my energy.

It was incredibly helpful. I can’t recommend these two months of sessions highly enough. Learn more by clicking here and here.

Physical Challenges

I most often hear from Sensitives because their physical challenges have gotten SO intense, they are desperate for help. These often include: skin problems, respiratory challenges, digestive issues, food/chemical sensitives, difficulty relaxing during intercourse, hair loss, tension in shoulders/neck, and weight gain specifically in the belly area.

Sensitives are carrying around (and processing) the issues of so many people that their systems get overloaded. They are using their bodies to set their energetic boundaries. Eventually, the body suffers. (more on this toward the end of this post)

Eloheim and I have done many private sessions on the topic of feelings. Frequently, folks who have trouble distinguishing between their feelings and the feelings they are picking up from others have one or more of these additional challenges:

Skin issues
Respiratory issues
Digestive issues

Touching, breathing, and eating/drinking are all ways we “take in” the outside world. When the outside world is overwhelming the system, the body can have strong responses. The underlying energetic pattern is that the body is being used to set boundaries (through tension, inflammation, etc.) When you start to use WORDS and ACTIONS to set boundaries, the body can relax this process. I’ve had reports of amazing healing of long-standing physical challenges when people make this change.

Here’s a great Eloheim video about boundaries

And one from the Girls


Sensitives have so much to offer the world. They make a beautiful contribution. You can develop skills to change the way you interact with the stimulation you are receiving and channel it in productive and satisfying ways. Practice with the tools I mentioned above, be patient with yourself and your loved ones as you all learn how to navigate this, and USE YOUR WORDS 🙂


PS: If you would like to connect in a private session to get specific guidance in how your sensitivities are affecting you, click here.