Today’s Sharing Sunday is from Darcy

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My childhood was instilled with all the rules and boundaries of how to be, who to be and what my exception should be, and that others would always know better than me. I was a good girl so I lived that extraordinarily well; through my childhood, my relationships, my work experience and ultimately my marriage.

My core emotion is being “disregarded” – Ha!

Big surprise… combined, they did not lead me anywhere near the life I wanted.

I began searching for something else – anything else – as internally I have always struggled with “this really c a n n o t be all there is”.

I searched for decades trying every new “solution” I found, and yet they had no staying power mainly because the results were short term, intermittent or even unattainable.

I found Veronica and Eloheim via a YouTube video the year prior to the councils’ arrival. Although I did not know it then – they would provide me with all the step by step actionable pieces that I needed to change my story.

I have always believed with all information, that you should take what make sense to me and to leave the rest. Even though there are things that I do not understand

, that I may not relate to within the group – either conversations or experiences, I know that it does not matter. I do not have to be the same to fit in or conform in anyway to obtain success with the work.

Eloheim did not provide me with duct tape fixes; instead they offer life changing, day to day workable tools that over time creates a stronger unique you, inside. My core emotion no longer gets to be the guiding force that directs my life experiences.

Which leaves me with room to have new experiences. I have no idea what they may be, and I am ok with that – because the only thing I need to know is that it will no longer be the way it was.

Been there. Done that. And I have thrown away the T-Shirt.



Thank you for sharing Darcy! See you soon!!!!!!!