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July, 2011

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GUEST AUTHOR: Astrologer Rene Duer – July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse

Rene Duer joins us once again to share her Astrological insights!

She wrote:

I was feeling Eloheim so deeply when I wrote this! There is getting to be no difference between what insight I gain from my contact with E and what I get from the planets!

Cancer Solar Eclipse – July 1, 2011

I don’t know about you, but it’s all I can do to stay connected to thought and language in a way that allows me to write. Working with the body has been a distinct and fascinating challenge these last couple of weeks. Staying centered emotionally has been interesting to say the least. The forces of chaos have been strong during this eclipse season. Everyone has been feeling the erratic rocking of the boat – some of us more than others. But right about now we’re all a little queasy and ready to move into calm waters. That is not going to happen quite yet. The final partial Solar Eclipse of this season at 9 degrees, 12 minutes Cancer forms at 1:55 am on July 1, 2011. This is the first eclipse in the new Saros cycle 156 and will only be visible as a partial eclipse from as very small corner of southern Antarctica. The Saros cycle will repeat every 18 years and will complete on July 14, 3237. So we are at the start of something very new and very big.

The last two eclipses occurred close to the Moon’s Nodes, making them quite powerful. This one occurs in Cancer and so has moved away from the Nodes (Gemini and Sagittarius). And while it is not attached to the nodes, it does re- activate the Cardinal Grand Cross that was put in play last year at the Summer Solstice. This activation began last week as the Sun moved into opposition with Pluto at the same time squaring Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. Today, the Moon will move into position between the Sun and the Earth, eclipsing (albeit, only partially) the Sun, placing herself in opposition to Pluto, God of the Underworld and in square aspect to Uranus, God of Chaos and Saturn aka Cronus, Father Time, and the Grim Reaper. This is a major new beginning.

The Cardinal signs are interested in action. This is the next level of last year’s initiation at the Summer Solstice. In the past year, as a result of that activation, we have witnessed revolutionary and evolutionary changes on a scale that has not been seen since the 1960’s, when Pluto and Uranus last joined forces. At that time, Saturn opposed both Pluto and Uranus. The players have shifted positions but they are all back on the field with in a few degrees of exact aspect. The political, social and creative ideals of the 1960’s have not been consummated. They have been co-opted and shuffled to the back of the queue. As we have seen this year, demands for freedom, reform and evolution will not be silenced. The people of Earth and the Earth herself clamor for justice and balance. These forces will not be denied. This Eclipse heralds a time of even greater awakening, reform and creativity than what was seen in the 60’s. We need only recognize it and step over the threshold into a new reality; or as Eckhart Tolle so aptly put it – A New Earth.

The Sun’s opposition to Pluto requires us to look at our fears, our shadow, and our relationship to power: personal, societal and universal. What stands between you and your desires? Fear, static and unnecessary baggage must be cleared in order to realize the unlimited possibilities available to us. You must do this. We can no longer turn to our “leaders” and expect them to “get us out of this mess” – or to hear words of wisdom or truths from “them” about how to proceed. They clearly cannot help us. We simply cannot depend on the other guy to be conscious for us! The stakes just keep getting higher. We must master our relationship to power at the very first and most basic personal level by taking responsibility for ourselves.

Conscious awareness created transformation. That’s all there is to it! We can accept that or we can ignore it. We can face our fears and embrace our shadow in the name of love or we can wait for someone else to do it for us. The Moon loves the Earth and is our constant companion and friend. If our brave little Moon can go toe to toe with the God of the Underworld, the God of Chaos and Father Time – don’t doubt that you can do it. The Moon after all, has no light of her own. She is a satellite. You are a radiant being. Surely you will be able to dispel your own darkness. Don’t be afraid. Now is the time.

Rene is a passionate astrologer, writer and visual artist. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1990. She has studied Astrology, Tarot, Egyptian Mystery School traditions and Yoga for many years. Rene offers in-depth natal and predictive horoscopes for individuals, couples, families and business partners, AstroCartography, and relocation charts. She attends weekly Wednesday night Eloheim meetings in Sonoma, California.

Consultations in person or by phone. Sliding scale available.

Contact her at or at Home Planet Astrology on Facebook.

April, 2011

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GUEST AUTHOR – Rene Duer, Astrologer ~ Aries – Opening to Possibility

Aries – Opening to Possibility

We are certainly living in an interesting time! 2011 has been dubbed the Year of Balance. Remember? Our notion of what that word means is surely being tested and expanded. Our inner and outer worlds are challenged daily by personal and world events. The Matriarch says that we are participating in an energetic shift that will “…reveal yourself to you in ways you can only guess at.” More and more, it is becoming difficult to separate the inner and the outer. They are becoming one as we step into the truth of ourselves as One. More and more, I find myself saying, “I don’t know anything – period.” One thing is true, however. We must be open to all possibilities. Everyone on the Council has been talking about this in one way or another. Even the Guardians have had a lot to say on the subject lately – and they hardly ever talk! (Although they are becoming more talkative!) They reminded us that we need to be open to all possibilities – even those we might find unpalatable!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This is where the Soul’s consciousness makes the transition from the undifferentiated, oceanic and transcendent realm of Pisces in a daring descent from spirit into matter, incarnating here on Earth. This is where we claim our E-Ticket for earthly experience and begin queue up for rides! Talk about opening to experience! Aries is ruled by Mars. This is the energy of the Divine Warrior. Mars is concerned with our expression of will and Aries desires to express itself through exploration and direct experience. Nothing less than total involvement will do for the pioneer spirit of the Arian warrior. Aries is open to all possibilities and, as our own Warrior attests, is willing to go toe to toe with anyone or anything, in any situation – at any time; whether it is the birth of a child or the vanquishing of a foe. He meets all situations – the joyous as well as the fearsome and uncertain (sometimes a situation contains all three of these elements) with equal and total presence. Perhaps this is one meaning for the concept of “Balance”.

Aries is the sign that is opposite the sign we most frequently associate with balance – Libra. Currently, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are lined up in Aries. One by one they have moved into opposition with Saturn in Libra. This opposition is the picture of a see-saw with Saturn sitting at one end and the Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars and Uranus each taking their turn riding the see-saw with Saturn. Saturn in Libra is concerned with the consequences of our actions in the arena of relationship. Not simply relationship to each other, as in love, business, friendship etc. relationship – but also, because Saturn is the ruler of the master Earth sign Capricorn; our relationship to systems that govern our physical collective well-being. These would be ecology, finance, education, healthcare, military and religious/spiritual organizational systems, to name a few of the broadest categories. At this point in time, all except one have been recalibrated by and moved on from the exact opposition with Saturn. Though we are in uncertain times, Saturn has seemingly calmed the waters for the time being.

This exception is Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution, evolution, freedom, devotion to universal truth, innovation of all sorts and the dissemination of the idea that we are all one consciousness. In Aries, Uranus will promote these ideals with aggressive, fiery zeal. And he may step on a few toes while he’s crusading for these causes. He may even blow up a building or a government or an atomic power plant! Aries moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, the day of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Aries is not concerned with the creature comforts and diplomacy of his opposite sign Libra. And Uranus in Aries, being the revolutionary that he is, doesn’t care one bit about the concerns of his fellow, good old Mr. Saturn, sitting over yonder in the sign of Libra, taking stock of the status quo and noting what’s balanced and what’s not. Uranus is about change. Uranus is about all the possibilities – and not just the ones we know about and happen to like! In Aries he will support whatever means are necessary to create change! As Uranus is one of the outer planets, his movement is slow. He will not oppose Saturn for some time yet. But make no mistake, they are eyeing each other! The last Saturn/Uranus opposition took place in 2008 on the USA’s Election Day. We are still experiencing that outcome.

The Guardians have recently spoken about potentiated space and how we might use such a space to increase our self knowledge. The energies of Uranus in Aries support and open the way to take advantage of this opportunity! All the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are creativity personified. The transit of Uranus through Aries will last for seven years. During this time, humanity and all sentient beings on Earth will have access to this revolutionary, evolutionary, creative energy. The lesson of Aries is the lesson of right action. Let us work as One to answer the question posed by the Guardians: “What potentials can we uncover together, while loving ourselves well and taking responsibility for our creations?

Rene is a passionate astrologer, writer and visual artist. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1990. She has studied Astrology, Tarot, Egyptian Mystery School traditions and Yoga for many years. Rene offers in-depth natal and predictive horoscopes for individuals, couples, families and business partners, AstroCartography, and relocation charts. She attends weekly Wednesday night Eloheim meetings in Sonoma, California.

Consultations in person or by phone. Sliding scale available.

Contact her at or at Home Planet Astrology on Facebook.

February, 2011

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Guest Author Rene Duer: Aquarius – The Truth of You in Community

Aquarius – The Truth of You in Community

We are at Midwinter here in the Northern Hemisphere. This marks the concentration of winter’s energies in the fixed air sign Aquarius. In ancient Celtic times this was called Imbolc; a fire festival honoring the Goddess Brigid, the lengthening of the days, the return of the Sun and the promise of Spring. These customs endure and today we honor Midwinter with Groundhog Day, Candlemas, and of course, in the USA, that festival of football – Superbowl Sunday. Families and communities across America gather in the blue light of the TV that now substitutes for and has come to represent the ancient hearth in our modern homes. Every four years the Winter Olympics are held at this time and the world watches on television. Aquarius is the sign of the zodiac most concerned with continuity of community and the forward movement and evolution of humanity. These midwinter rituals and festivals rekindle our hearths and hearts at the bleakest time of the year, uniting us in community and promising light, well-being, healing and fellowship. Aquarius is also concerned with innovation and advanced technology and doesn’t mind a bit that we gather in virtual rather than physical communities. Our concerns now reach beyond our own small circles to humanity at large, the earth and to galaxies near and far.
This is truly universal consciousness!

Eloheim and the Council have been talking about community all along. Have you ever heard a Council Member use the pronoun “I” when referring to themselves – Never! It is always “We”. They have always stressed that we are part of a community. Eloheim addresses our concerns as individuals because they know that we are still in duality, still feeling ourselves to be separate individuals. But they and the entire Council never stop reminding us that we are all one. They encourage us to “Emanate the truth of You”. We think they’re talking about us as individuals when in fact the pronoun “You” can mean You, the individual – the Separate One or – You, the collective community- the One. They understand that we are a Tribal Species but that in our current incarnation we
experience our existence from a perspective of separateness. We need to heal that first.

In a sense it might be said that we are on a journey to the kind of unity consciousness expressed in the movie Avatar which expressed Aquarian ideals perfectly. In the Meeting of 2/2/2011, The Girls spoke of how we can not ascend part of ourselves. “All of you has to be loved.” And that in the meantime, we must look at all the parts of self that go unrecognized and unloved and say “Ok – I see you and you are part of the truth of me.” Soon, perhaps we will be able to look at our fellow humans and say the same with love. “I see you.”

Aquarian energies recognize the strength and truth of the individual but place the well- being of humanity and all creatures everywhere above that of individuals. Currently we are experiencing the Sun, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. These placements call us to look to our connections – personal, local, global and galactic and to abandon hierarchical and corporate models of relating. This is the energy of universal truth and universal connection. Aquarius insists that we recognize our common humanity rather than continuing to emphasize our differences and discords. We must emanate our truth in all our interactions with all our fellow creatures. Freedom is truth and truth is freedom. If you want healing above all else, both are required in balanced and equal measure. This is truth at a universal level.

As the Warrior said in the same meeting, “Stand close to your truth. Invest in your truth.” This is one of the highest expressions of your humanity. This is freedom.

Rene is a passionate astrologer, writer and visual artist. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1990. She has studied Astrology, Tarot, Egyptian Mystery School traditions and Yoga for many years. Rene offers in-depth natal and predictive horoscopes for individuals, couples, families and business partners, AstroCartography, and relocation charts. She attends weekly Wednesday night Eloheim meetings in Sonoma, California.

Consultations in person or by phone. Sliding scale available.

Contact her at or at Home Planet Astrology on Facebook.

Rene references the February 2, 2011 Eloheim and The Council session in this article. If you would like to know more of what was covered in that powerful meeting, please use this link:


Audio from each of our five meetings held in February, 2011


Price: $8.99

January, 2011

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GUEST AUTHOR: Rene Duer, Astrologer – 2011 The Year of Balance

2011 – The Year of Balance – Saturn in Libra

2011 is here and it’s The Year of Balance! Eloheim and the Council made this announcement back in December – just a tad early – but then we all know that “time” is speeding up! I find this fascinating as one of the major planetary aspects of this coming year is transit of the planet Saturn through the sign of Libra. This transit began in late October of 2009 and will continue through October 5, 2012. We are approximately half way through this transit. (Saturn retrograded back into late degrees of Virgo for about 3 months in the late spring early summer of 2010). It feels so perfect that Eloheim has called our attention to this transit at this time – the halfway point – what most of us might think of as the point of balance – or the center.

The ideas of balance and the center are intriguing ones. They are so simple and yet so complex. We can easily envision two children perched at either end of a see-saw, grinning at each other, legs dangling, having achieved perfect balance; a stunningly simple example of the principle of the fulcrum and the lever. We can look to geometry and remember the various formulae for finding the centers of circles, squares and triangles. We can think of plotting points on a graph, always counting out from the zero point; the center and intersection of the x and y axis’s – also representative of the intersecting planes of matter (horizontal) and spirit (vertical). On a personal and physical level we can feel our own center of gravity. Anyone who has ever been skiing, ice skating, ridden a bicycle, practiced yoga, played football, baseball, or basketball, danced, or even walked upright knows the feeling of being in or out of balance.

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