2011 – The Year of Balance – Saturn in Libra

2011 is here and it’s The Year of Balance! Eloheim and the Council made this announcement back in December – just a tad early – but then we all know that “time” is speeding up! I find this fascinating as one of the major planetary aspects of this coming year is transit of the planet Saturn through the sign of Libra. This transit began in late October of 2009 and will continue through October 5, 2012. We are approximately half way through this transit. (Saturn retrograded back into late degrees of Virgo for about 3 months in the late spring early summer of 2010). It feels so perfect that Eloheim has called our attention to this transit at this time – the halfway point – what most of us might think of as the point of balance – or the center.

The ideas of balance and the center are intriguing ones. They are so simple and yet so complex. We can easily envision two children perched at either end of a see-saw, grinning at each other, legs dangling, having achieved perfect balance; a stunningly simple example of the principle of the fulcrum and the lever. We can look to geometry and remember the various formulae for finding the centers of circles, squares and triangles. We can think of plotting points on a graph, always counting out from the zero point; the center and intersection of the x and y axis’s – also representative of the intersecting planes of matter (horizontal) and spirit (vertical). On a personal and physical level we can feel our own center of gravity. Anyone who has ever been skiing, ice skating, ridden a bicycle, practiced yoga, played football, baseball, or basketball, danced, or even walked upright knows the feeling of being in or out of balance.

By the way – What is your right big toe doing? Why – keeping you in balance of course! Just try balancing without your toes. In all cases the balance or center is the organizing point, the point in space and time from which all energy emanates and from which form is defined on the physical plane. Eloheim has graciously provided us guidance through 2010, the Year of the Physical as a prelude to this, the Year of Balance which has, as we now see, its organizing principle or genesis in physical plane reality.

Saturn is concerned with lessons of the physical plane. He is the traditional ruler of Capricorn (December 21 – January 21 approximate dates) which is the master Earth sign and the Cardinal ruler of the natural zodiac’s tenth house. Capricorn is the first of the transpersonal or collective signs (Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). It is the furthest planet visible to the naked eye, representing the limits of physical perception. Saturn represents truth on the physical plane and both personal and collective mastery of objective physical plane reality.

Libra (September 21 – October 21) is concerned relationship in the broadest sense. Not just human relationship, but proportion and symmetry in all things and situations. The Roman word Libra meant yoke or beam. The word yoga means yoke or union. Libra is concerned with the connecting and balancing of two forces. The image of the scales or balance is associated with the sign. As an Air sign, Libra whose ruler is Venus, has a strong intellectual orientation and highly developed ideals with regard to balance, justice, equality, harmony and aesthetics in general. Libra seeks balance. The key word in that sentence is seeks. The scales can swing far and wide in the attempt to find that perfect pivot point from which balance can be achieved but seldom held for long.

Balance is very much a thing of the moment. Balance achieved in one moment is balance lost in the next. Rebalancing is as much a continuous function of the body as breathing. . Anyone who doubts this should try to be perfectly still for one minute. It is impossible. Anyone who is “certain” that it is possible will gain great clarity about truth of this statement by trying it right now! It is not necessary to know anything special to regain balance or to continue to breathe. Give it a try! What is possible is to acknowledge that “uncertainty” is the balance point from which we begin to live in Homo Spiritus. As we learn to navigate as Homo Spiritus in the physical body we will be assisted in continuously and consciously rebalancing our energies by our old friend Saturn, as he continues to transit Libra, the sign of seeking balance, as we seek to balance our Homo Sapiens physical plane concerns with our as yet unknown and unrealized Homo Spiritus ideals and manifestations.

There is much power at the center. Tapping into that power begins with surrendering to the truth of uncertainty, embracing that truth, rebalancing, surrendering again and again and again. In the moment – and moment to moment, it’s exactly like breathing out and breathing in. The possibilities are endless!

Rene Duer

Rene Duer - Astrologer

Rene is a passionate astrologer, writer and visual artist. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1990. She has studied Astrology, Tarot, Egyptian Mystery School traditions and Yoga for many years. Rene offers in-depth natal and predictive horoscopes for individuals, couples, families and business partners, AstroCartography, and relocation charts. She attends weekly Wednesday night Eloheim meetings in Sonoma, California.

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