Aries – Opening to Possibility

We are certainly living in an interesting time! 2011 has been dubbed the Year of Balance. Remember? Our notion of what that word means is surely being tested and expanded. Our inner and outer worlds are challenged daily by personal and world events. The Matriarch says that we are participating in an energetic shift that will “…reveal yourself to you in ways you can only guess at.” More and more, it is becoming difficult to separate the inner and the outer. They are becoming one as we step into the truth of ourselves as One. More and more, I find myself saying, “I don’t know anything – period.” One thing is true, however. We must be open to all possibilities. Everyone on the Council has been talking about this in one way or another. Even the Guardians have had a lot to say on the subject lately – and they hardly ever talk! (Although they are becoming more talkative!) They reminded us that we need to be open to all possibilities – even those we might find unpalatable!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This is where the Soul’s consciousness makes the transition from the undifferentiated, oceanic and transcendent realm of Pisces in a daring descent from spirit into matter, incarnating here on Earth. This is where we claim our E-Ticket for earthly experience and begin queue up for rides! Talk about opening to experience! Aries is ruled by Mars. This is the energy of the Divine Warrior. Mars is concerned with our expression of will and Aries desires to express itself through exploration and direct experience. Nothing less than total involvement will do for the pioneer spirit of the Arian warrior. Aries is open to all possibilities and, as our own Warrior attests, is willing to go toe to toe with anyone or anything, in any situation – at any time; whether it is the birth of a child or the vanquishing of a foe. He meets all situations – the joyous as well as the fearsome and uncertain (sometimes a situation contains all three of these elements) with equal and total presence. Perhaps this is one meaning for the concept of “Balance”.

Aries is the sign that is opposite the sign we most frequently associate with balance – Libra. Currently, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are lined up in Aries. One by one they have moved into opposition with Saturn in Libra. This opposition is the picture of a see-saw with Saturn sitting at one end and the Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars and Uranus each taking their turn riding the see-saw with Saturn. Saturn in Libra is concerned with the consequences of our actions in the arena of relationship. Not simply relationship to each other, as in love, business, friendship etc. relationship – but also, because Saturn is the ruler of the master Earth sign Capricorn; our relationship to systems that govern our physical collective well-being. These would be ecology, finance, education, healthcare, military and religious/spiritual organizational systems, to name a few of the broadest categories. At this point in time, all except one have been recalibrated by and moved on from the exact opposition with Saturn. Though we are in uncertain times, Saturn has seemingly calmed the waters for the time being.

This exception is Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution, evolution, freedom, devotion to universal truth, innovation of all sorts and the dissemination of the idea that we are all one consciousness. In Aries, Uranus will promote these ideals with aggressive, fiery zeal. And he may step on a few toes while he’s crusading for these causes. He may even blow up a building or a government or an atomic power plant! Aries moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, the day of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Aries is not concerned with the creature comforts and diplomacy of his opposite sign Libra. And Uranus in Aries, being the revolutionary that he is, doesn’t care one bit about the concerns of his fellow, good old Mr. Saturn, sitting over yonder in the sign of Libra, taking stock of the status quo and noting what’s balanced and what’s not. Uranus is about change. Uranus is about all the possibilities – and not just the ones we know about and happen to like! In Aries he will support whatever means are necessary to create change! As Uranus is one of the outer planets, his movement is slow. He will not oppose Saturn for some time yet. But make no mistake, they are eyeing each other! The last Saturn/Uranus opposition took place in 2008 on the USA’s Election Day. We are still experiencing that outcome.

The Guardians have recently spoken about potentiated space and how we might use such a space to increase our self knowledge. The energies of Uranus in Aries support and open the way to take advantage of this opportunity! All the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are creativity personified. The transit of Uranus through Aries will last for seven years. During this time, humanity and all sentient beings on Earth will have access to this revolutionary, evolutionary, creative energy. The lesson of Aries is the lesson of right action. Let us work as One to answer the question posed by the Guardians: “What potentials can we uncover together, while loving ourselves well and taking responsibility for our creations?

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