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September, 2014

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Sensitive to Energy? Round Table Conversation

Channeled Round Table conversation with Eloheim includes tips and tools for managing your sensitivities to energy. Featuring insight on how to deal with what happens when you match energy with others.

Sue says:

Eloheim asked that someone type this up from the Roundtable Discussion. When I heard them say the following statement an electrical current ran through me and my mind went blank for a second, so I know it’s important! Eloheim said they had packed an energetic into the statement and I certainly felt it! “If you think you know it all, the parameters for the knowing that you’re experiencing are bounded by what the survival instinct has allowed you to think. Imagine how limited that is.” It was actually so difficult to remember that I practically had to type a word, pause the recording, type another word, etc. It was very odd.

Kate says:

Regarding the quote above, I had a hit like a “ping” in my brain when I first heard it. Even when I forgot what it was, I knew it was something profound!

Watch the video and/or download the audio ON DEMAND


Price: $12.99

Survival Instinct – Serving You or Using You? 2014-09-10

Eloheim and The Council channeling of September 10, 2014

The Guardians talked about “the question-less state,” the Visionaries came up with something NEW!, Fred took us on a magic carpet ride meditation (yeah, it was epic!), Eloheim told us about their retreat preparations and how they are weaving your energies together and breaking my neural pathways (LOL), the Warrior was super funny, the Girls were serious, and the Matriarch was lovely.

PLUS: Eloheim explains Fred in a jaw-dropping WOWZA inducing way. Yep, all that and more.

I experienced a LOT of body reactions to this session. I felt a lot of pain in my legs after the session. The following day my arms and chest were very sore and I had a hard time walking or doing anything. I slept most of the day and felt “normal” again on Friday.

We are fully in retreat warm up mode now!!!

Watch the video and/or download the audio.

Price: $9.99

Life with Eloheim ~ Jumping In ~ 2014-13

I find myself looking for a project. How about writing a new book? No, been there done that, don’t have any clever ideas anyway.

What if I channeled a special package? Not in the mood to fix my hair!

What about thinning out the clothing supply? Maybe, if I could get motivated to go into the bedroom and give that a whirl.

I realize the project really is me.

It’s looking at the world and my movement through it from the Level 7 perspective. This isn’t all that easy or natural feeling.

It’s like when I stall before starting the channeling. That’s exactly how I feel. I feel like I’m stalling.

Gotta jump in with both feet.

When I access Level 7, everything subtly shifts. My vision actually changes. A sense of quiet falls over me. The unknown unknowable stretches out in front of me. It’s rather surreal.

I have to keep choosing this perspective. It is not a default state by any stretch of the imagination.

When I’m in it, everything that used to matter is less important and what I am experiencing feels so different than anything that has come before.

It requires a type of courage that I’ve not accessed before. Maybe that’s not true. It requires the type of courage I use when I sit down, close my eyes, and invite the Council in.

Level 7 asks me to invite myself in. What will I find when I do?


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Life with Eloheim ~ Getting Creative 2014-12

Last Christmas, I was in Seattle visiting a friend. Eloheim had been talking about creating a “game” to help people understand just how Creating Your Reality actually works. As I was lazing about on the couch, I got clarity on how we could proceed. I asked my friend for some printer paper and a pair of scissors.

I cut the paper up and started writing on it.

Turned out like this:

Once I was home and after a few fits and starts, Kerri James (epic graphic designer and super cool chic!) and I got down to business. We wanted to finish this project before I left for Europe in July 2014.

We worked for weeks. So many decisions to make! Colors, shapes, fonts, text, box size, card size, number of cards and on and on and on. We were up against the Europe deadline and the printer’s deadlines and the shipping time needed!

It was intense and so much fun all at the same time. The last three days were a little nutty. I worked 40 hours in three days (including a 17 hour stretch that last day).

Then it was done.

I still get rather emotional when I think about it. Continue Reading…

Life With Eloheim – Fractal Living ~ 2014-11

We are in retreat preparation mode around here! Sorting out the final parts of the schedule, getting the dietary request/requirements dialed in, talking about rides from the airport…all the little details involved in bringing a group of people together for four days.

I walked down to my mail box yesterday with my mind filled by these thoughts and more. I caught myself drifting out of the moment, stopped, cleared my mind, and looked around with new eyes.

My gaze landed on this Manzanita tree. I’ve seen this tree 1000 times if I’ve seen it once. Yet, this time, my eyes saw something brand new.


Level 2 – Such a limited number of choices. They look old and weathered. All paths well traveled and leading only to a revisting of themselves yet again.

Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, Earthquake! ~ 2014-10

On August 24, 2014 we had a 6.0 earthquake. I live in Sonoma and Napa is just (points East) over there on the other side of that mountain/hill.

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Northern California

The USGS site describes it this way:

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck in northern California on August 24, 2014 at 10:20:44 UTC.

This event is being called the South Napa earthquake.

This is the largest earthquake in the Bay Area since the magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, almost 25 years ago.

Yes, I felt it. It was 3:20am for me. Here is what I posted on Facebook later that morning:

Thanks for the messages asking about my well being following the earthquake. Continue Reading…

Unravel Your Money Mysteries: How to Stop Blocking Abundance

Navigating money challenges can often feel like it’s two steps forward and 1.99999 steps back. It’s about time for THAT to change!

This book offers new insights into the underlying issues that affect your relationship with money, and thus your relationship with yourself and others.

It’s designed to show you why money challenges you, and offers you straightforward, easy-to-use tools to come to a conscious, healthy relationship with abundance.

Subjects covered: The built-in properties of money, “equal signs” about money, the Law of Attraction and how it’s really a Law of Magnetism, the beliefs that cause us to push money away, does money really “Make us safe?,” new insights into our perspectives on “rich people,” guilt and triggers about having more money than others, how to steward the funds we have, charging for work that others feel should be free, and much more!

Included: Nine tools to shift your relationship to money and 67 definitions of terms and concepts.

Ebook, approximately 142 pages.
Your purchase includes the .mobi (Kindle) and the .epub (read on your computer) versions.


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We held a Round Table conversation with Eloheim about the deck
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You, Me, and the Honey Bee, Why we ALL Matter with Randy Sue Collins

So much great information about bees and some easy ways we can help them!

You, Me, and the Honey Bee, Why we ALL Matter with Randy Sue Collins 90 minute interview including a channel with Eloheim to get their insights on bees!

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August, 2014

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Life with Eloheim, Exploring Level 7 ~ 2014-10

Will I or won’t I?
Should I or shouldn’t I?
Could I or would I?

I’m exploring a new state of being. It has everything to do with facing this moment with nothing, and everything to do with being in this moment with everything.

It’s not that easy to describe.


It’s so easy to describe that video. I’m sure if I read some of the comments, folks would give all sorts of great examples.

“It’s fake!”
“What luck!”

Internet Rule #1 – Read comments with caution (especially on YouTube).

Anonymity doesn’t always bring out the constructive part of humanity.

When I watch the video, it reminds me of IDKWGO (I don’t know what’s going on) – the extreme version.

In the blink of an eye, the rider goes from one state (the motorcycle) to another (the car roof). I imagine that even the most talented gymnast would be challenged to make that transition on purpose and with foreknowledge. Yet, somehow, the rider does it.

I’m doing the energetic version of this.

I’m declining the preconceived idea of what is now or next or needed and abiding in the revealed.

I really don’t like having to depend on woo woo-ish words to describe something.

How about this?

I’m not going to assume I know.

I’m not going to assume that I have any way to know.

I’m exploring what happens when I discard the “knowing” that presents itself and intead… how to say it. It’s like trying to remember a dream. The way of putting it into words is easily lost.

I feel it most strongly when I put in ear plugs, cover my eyes, and lay down.

I see what thoughts and feelings arise and I set them aside.

The picture I get now, as I reflect on the process of the last couple of hours, is that I’m standing in front of a full length mirror and women keep holding dresses up in front of me. I keep saying, “No” and another dress is lifted in place of the one just rejected. Each dress is an idea of myself or a role or an obligation. With each “No” I get closer to the unadorned truth of me.

The truth that abides even when upside down, flying through the air, with no idea where I will land.

Reading all that makes it sound like I’m only getting into the moment. That’s a worthy ambition and it surely is having that effect.

It’s not just that though.

I’m not simply quieting the hamster-wheel mind of life concerns. In fact, I wasn’t needing to do that at all. Eloheim has taught me well and Level 6 is a common state of everyday being.

It’s Level 7 that I’m exploring and it seems to look like:

I’m no longer engaging with preconceived notions of existing.

WTF does that even mean?

I will be sure to let you know as I know.

Right now, it means walking to the Post Office.


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