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August, 2014

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Life with Eloheim, Exploring Level 7 ~ 2014-10

Will I or won’t I?
Should I or shouldn’t I?
Could I or would I?

I’m exploring a new state of being. It has everything to do with facing this moment with nothing, and everything to do with being in this moment with everything.

It’s not that easy to describe.


It’s so easy to describe that video. I’m sure if I read some of the comments, folks would give all sorts of great examples.

“It’s fake!”
“What luck!”

Internet Rule #1 – Read comments with caution (especially on YouTube).

Anonymity doesn’t always bring out the constructive part of humanity.

When I watch the video, it reminds me of IDKWGO (I don’t know what’s going on) – the extreme version.

In the blink of an eye, the rider goes from one state (the motorcycle) to another (the car roof). I imagine that even the most talented gymnast would be challenged to make that transition on purpose and with foreknowledge. Yet, somehow, the rider does it.

I’m doing the energetic version of this.

I’m declining the preconceived idea of what is now or next or needed and abiding in the revealed.

I really don’t like having to depend on woo woo-ish words to describe something.

How about this?

I’m not going to assume I know.

I’m not going to assume that I have any way to know.

I’m exploring what happens when I discard the “knowing” that presents itself and intead… how to say it. It’s like trying to remember a dream. The way of putting it into words is easily lost.

I feel it most strongly when I put in ear plugs, cover my eyes, and lay down.

I see what thoughts and feelings arise and I set them aside.

The picture I get now, as I reflect on the process of the last couple of hours, is that I’m standing in front of a full length mirror and women keep holding dresses up in front of me. I keep saying, “No” and another dress is lifted in place of the one just rejected. Each dress is an idea of myself or a role or an obligation. With each “No” I get closer to the unadorned truth of me.

The truth that abides even when upside down, flying through the air, with no idea where I will land.

Reading all that makes it sound like I’m only getting into the moment. That’s a worthy ambition and it surely is having that effect.

It’s not just that though.

I’m not simply quieting the hamster-wheel mind of life concerns. In fact, I wasn’t needing to do that at all. Eloheim has taught me well and Level 6 is a common state of everyday being.

It’s Level 7 that I’m exploring and it seems to look like:

I’m no longer engaging with preconceived notions of existing.

WTF does that even mean?

I will be sure to let you know as I know.

Right now, it means walking to the Post Office.


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Now I Know ~ The Guardians in Austria

The Guardians share their wish for us during one of our four days in Austria.


This was the best time of my current life… surrounded by the most loving and open people, the opportunity to dive deep into my own truth with Eloheim’s help… basking in the different energies of The Council members and being able to experience “miraculous” energetic shifts in my human body due to the sacred space this fabulous group created and held through the entire retreat … THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!

Over 12 hours of recordings from our Europe Channelings
with Eloheim and The Council


Price: $49.99

Learn more about our trip here.

Continue Reading…

Guest Post: Using the Levels of Creating

Christian from Austria offers his perspective on using the Levels of Creating.

There is something I’m in the process of learning in my life, and I felt the urge to share it with my dear Eloheimers here, since I feel the possibility it might be insight-inducing for someone else as well, who knows.

Lately I’ve been pondering the Levels a lot, not only, but also, because of the Levels of Creations deck Veronica has, well, created.

More and more I believe that the Levels- and their application- is really the key to it all. Connected to the Levels are the Tools in my understanding; the way I see it, one requires the other. But let’s take a look at the term “tool”: when do we usually apply a “tool”, as in the mechanical device, in our daily lives? When something is broken, I would say.

That brings me to the first meeting that happened after Veronica returned from Europe. A lady, I believe it was Randy (I might not remember that correctly), talked to E, and the subject matter of the First Choice tool came up. I remember it impressed me a great deal when E spoke along the lines:

You applied the first choice tool after you realized you couldn’t fix the situation any other way. So, it wasn’t exactly the FIRST choice, isn’t it true? We wish for all of you that the First choice tool isn’t a fallback just-in-case, but actually the FIRST choice.

I could very well relate to what sounded to me like a slight scolding at first: the tools were for me, for a long time, the thing I did when the situation went “tits up”, as you Americans have it in your vocabulary I imagine I’m not the only one in that regard. So there is a situation we all here can relate to in some way, I like to imagine. This is what leads me to an extended view on the Levels as it came to me lately. Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, A Session for ME! ~ 2014-09

Last night I did a channeling for myself. I don’t do them very often; last night it was needed.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of body oddness since I returned from my time in Europe. The energy of Turkey (Middle East) was very intense for me.

We were in a lovely home, cared for by LOVELY people, and so close to the sea! We ate amazing food and had great weather. All of the things that one might think about needing when traveling were taken care of.

Still, it’s the Middle East. It’s a region that has been in conflict off and on for centuries. It was intense.

I felt it on the plane. Yeah, THAT intense.

On the plane ride there, I could feel the energy getting more and more heavy. Continue Reading…

You CAN Actually, Really, Yep Indeed, CREATE YOUR REALITY

Received by email.

I just got my create reality cards in the mail and I’m playing with them right now! So exciting!

It’s already working.

I’m watching a Level 2 belief, “I’m too fat to teach yoga at Studio X,” change to Level 3 “Because I have created these extra pounds. I have failed myself and I won’t get hired,” change to Level 4 “I’m tempted to be mean to myself about my weight, but I am going to choose differently.” WOW!!

I replied asking if I could quote her and received this response:

Yes absolutely you can quote me and you can even add my progress Level 5 “Look how interesting my creation is – how can I work with this?”

This entire process happened within a matter of minutes!

Order your deck today! Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, Taking a Walk ~ 2014-08

Yesterday I took a walk, and the day before that, and the day before that. This is a big deal.

For most people taking a walk three days in a row might require discipline; for me it was a matter of facing a fear.

I’ve had this “hip thing” for two years now. Mostly it shows up when I walk on hard surfaces. The sort of surfaces that you find in grocery stores, streets, airports, and tile floors. The pain can go from a zero to a seven in a few seconds and when it flares up, I can’t really walk. I sort of drag or slide my leg along.

Going for a walk has been scary.

There was that one time that I had to call my neighbor to come pick me up in the car because I couldn’t make it back up the mountain. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Walk (at least from my house) = scary.

If you have been following Eloheim for any time at all, you will undoubtedly be wondering, “Which side?”

It’s my left hip: the receiving side, the feeling supported side, the allowing side.

Mary and me at the Mediterranean Sea for the first time (for me)

While we were in Europe, Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, Shaping a New Experience ~ 2014-07

This morning I watched a video on my Facebook wall.

That’s the spiritual journey right there. Set to beautiful music even.

I feel like I have been doing just that, to myself, for 25 years.

The removal of baggage* and static**, the choices, the presence, the neutrality, the transformation, the expansion, the consistency. The master lets go of clay that, although useful, is not useful in THAT place. The limitation of the original form is released by taking the risk of seeking something new.

More and more I realized that it’s all about allowance. When I was very young, that allowance looked like “let go and let God.”

At some point, it morphed into “go with the flow,” which really meant do what everyone else is doing.

Those paths now give me the willies!

Now, it’s an allowance of the now to be all.

That sounds way woo-woo to me, so I best add some more words in here. Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, Kids and Cats ~ 2014-06

I’m very sensitive to the energy of places.

I’m also sensitive to the energy of people; I’ve put in a lot of effort to “turn off” that sensitivity as it gets really overwhelming. The energy of places is somehow different for me.

I’ve often experienced riding in a car and “knowing” I’ve been in a place before I “see” that I’ve been in that place before.

I could live just about anywhere there is an Internet connection, yet I’ve made my home for 14 years in a small town called Sonoma, CA. I’m blessed to live in a cottage, on the top of a mountain (which, now that I’ve seen the alps is really a large hill), with two cats and a lot of quiet.

The energy of this place is right for me.

Being so sensitive to the energy of a place makes me always shake my head that I am rather lazy about vacuuming the floors. Nothing changes the energy in the house faster than vacuuming yet I tend to put it off. That and changing the sheets on the bed! Fresh sheets are magically different than those that have been slept in, yet I wait on that luxury as well.

Traveling with Eloheim last month gave me lots of chances to feel the energy of different places and to see what affected and shifted that energy.

My summary:
KIDS shift energy! Continue Reading…

Life with Eloheim, Making the Request ~ 2014-05

“Can I have another croissant?”

It’s only five words, yet it felt like a huge accomplishment.

I’m very outgoing.
I talk a lot.
I have a lot of energy.

None of those things means I can easily ask for what I need.

It ties into my Core Emotion.

Unhealed version:
Fear of being kicked out of the tribe.
Healed version: When I am in my truth, I create authentic community – and get another croissant.

Making requests risks rejection. Not making requests guarantees not getting what I want.

Hmmm. I think this writing things down idea might be a good one! Never realized that second part until it came out of my finger tips.

Back to croissants. We were on the plane (12 hours) from San Francisco to Zurich Switzerland. We were getting pretty close to the end when they served us breakfast. The croissant was the best part and I was still hungry. I decided to ask for a second one!

The flight attendant may have replied, “But of course madam.” That could also be a line from a Grey Poupon commercial. Either way, he was very sweet about it and brought me a second one right away.

I don’t have a picture of the croissant, so here is a goofy picture of us in the airport before we took off.

I love this picture! Continue Reading…

July, 2014

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Life with Eloheim, Queues and Cars ~ 2014-04

Thing is, when you travel, there is a lot of waiting around. It’s fascinating to observe how other people wait.

For instance, in Turkey they queue as a mob. Lines? What are they? Every opportunity to go one at a time is approached as a big blob of bodies.

We took a day trip to Greece (isn’t that amusing!) for a bit of sightseeing. Just popped over on the ferry. Well sort of…

See it’s all well and good and sounds all sorts of sophisticated to “pop over” to another country for the afternoon. However, in this case, the other country isn’t in the EU so you have to queue for passport and customs ON BOTH SIDES, BOTH WAYS.

That means mob queues and baggage scans and passport stamping four times in one day. That’s a bit much frankly. It was especially amusing to be yelled at for “not being in line” during the mob queue scene.

However, it does allow you to do this!

That’s the Mediterranean Sea or the Aegean Sea depending on who you ask and where you are standing. We are on Rhodes Island which is Greece now and has probably been a zillion other countries before.

This is the ferry we rode parked next to a huge cruise ship! Continue Reading…


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