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April, 2014

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Moving Forward



31 individual clips, a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes that can be listened to in any order, taken from Eloheim’s Q&A sessions from 2009 until mid-2011.

Audio recordings, listen ON DEMAND or download

Price: $14.99


01. Become a more confident creator 10:51
02. Being in the moment with routine tasks 1:29
03. Big life changes, uncertainty, and solidity 4:37
04. Boundaries – not control 2:00
05. Clearing static on your path 1:12
06. Creating from unhealed core emotion 6:05
07. Dealing with fears and phobias 8:44
08. Dealing with the past in a new way 3:16
09. Energetic prosperity 7:20
10. Even if you don’t know 4:09
11. Fitting in and the truth of you 4:36
12. Hard vs suffering 7:23
13. Healing core emotions 3:08
14. Heart chakra 12:55
15. Hidden programming 6:49
16. I need a new life 7:10
17. Labels and who you really are 4:02
18. Lay it down and walk away 4:27
19. Let the cake bake 9:49
20. Looking in a different way 5:32
21. Make your choice from consciousness not fear 4:04
22. Making the shift and making it last 7:22
23. Manifest and magnetize intensive 5:50
24. Moving internally or externally 2:41
25. Natural caring vs. service 2:00
26. Onions that come around again 4:09
27. Opening up to your soul’s perspective 7:31
28. Overriding addictions 5:34
29. The oil spill where are you gushing 5:19
30. Who am I and underpinning issues 4:06
31. Working with “difficult” kids 4:46
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How to stop caring what other people think about you ~ 2014-04-13

We had a great Q&A this month!

Questions Answered Included:

Starting last November in Turkey I started having heart palpitations. The initial cause seemed to be linked to sugar – I had been majoring in Baklava- which I do not normally consume much of, and to trying a few Turkish coffees. I normally only drink decaf and usually one a day. I then noticed that even a small amount of alcohol had the same effect. This carried on through Christmas and the two and a half months I spent in Mexico. I have cut out coffee, alcohol and most sugar, which has reduced the frequency. I also know, from tests in the late 70s, that I am hypersensitive to my own adrenalin. I am wondering if the stress around traveling, and the consequent rise in my adrenalin levels, has made me hypersensitive to all stimulants or if a physiological change, I am not getting any younger, is driving this. What is the energy surrounding this?

What is the main thing that I need to be done with in my life to have my life change?

I have had plantar fasciitis in my left foot since July of last year. I am curious what this means on an energetic level and if there is anything I can do to clear it. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a tendon that runs from the heel to the toes and is constantly inflamed and is very painful when you step on it. There is nothing much to be done and it will eventually clear up on its own.

I have been working on making this moment my meditation. I do still strongly feel the split between the monk in the market place and the monk in the cave. I also feel scattered and challenged. Can you tell me if I am monitoring my emanation enough?

I want to get rid of being so focused on what other people think of me and how they see me. How can I do this?

I would like to know what is in my energy that I am not seeing. What do you have to share about my energy?

Watch this entire session ON DEMAND

Price: $6.99
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Increase Your Consciousness – New Collection



21 individual clips, a total of one hour and 42 minutes that can be listened to in any order, taken from Eloheim’s Q&A sessions from 2009 until mid-2011.

Audio recordings, listen ON DEMAND or download

Price: $7.99


Morning Message #2014-18 April 11, 2014


Occasionally, on days when there is no reason to rush out of bed, I have conversations with Eloheim. I document these messages by texting them to a friend who types them up.

These “Morning Messages” are delivered in short bursts whose coherence always surprises me when I read them strung together.

I started sharing them with a small group and they became very popular very quickly. I’ve decided to share them here as well.

Morning Message #2014-18 April 11, 2014

Have you been fascinated today? Don’t wait for something to jump out as fascinating, seek to delight in whatever you find. The way your body feels, the sights and sounds that surround you, the skill and cleverness that went into the manufacturing of the tools you use, anything and everything can be fascinating. Choose to view it that way!

Special packages

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Conversation with Eloheim: Animals
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Eloheim on Alternate Expressions
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Fred on the Planets
Eloheim on Relationship  
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Conversation with Eloheim on Relationship
Price: $9.99
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Conversation with Eloheim on the BODY
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Conversation with Eloheim on Guilt and Shame
Price: $9.99
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First Appearances of The Council Members
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Conversation with Eloheim on Fear
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Conversation with Eloheim on Money
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Eloheim Answers: Life as a Light Worker
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The Uncertainty Series
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Levels of Creating

Morning Message #2014-17 April 5, 2014


Morning Message #2014-17 April 5, 2014

Boredom can be described as a lack of familiar stimulus “I’m bored because my good TV shows are not on, because my friends are not around, because I can’t go outside.” You have familiar activities and without those you experience what you call boredom.

In the advanced spiritual student, what presents as boredom is actually something quite different. It’s not, “I can’t have it the way I am used to.” It’s, “I have dropped so many habits, I am not used to the way it is now!”

The habitual ways you have navigated your life are gone, be cautious that you don’t see this as something, “missing that you should miss.” Let it be that the fog has finally lifted and you can now see clearly.

What is actually here now? What are your authentic options for experience now that the grip of habit has been loosened? Do not look to feel the way you did when habit ran your life. The old stimuluses are gone.

Your financial support for this offering is very much appreciated.


Roundtable #1 Business & Self Employment

Roundtable #1

Business and Self Employment

We kicked off our new Roundtable format with an hour-long community discussion. It was amazing!
Watch the video ON DEMAND or download the recording.

Thank you so much for this FANTASTIC offering … JUICY and extremely NOW for me. Thanks to all who showed up to ask those great questions which elicited great answers. I got something out of each answer.

I’m sure to listen to this one several times.

I loved this format, loved the easy going feel and continuity …. really really GOOD.

April 2, 2014 – Roundtable Conversation #1 – Business and Self Employment

Price: $4.99

Join us as a subscriber and receive this conversation FREE as a sign up bonus. Plus, you can participate in upcoming Roundtable conversations and other webcasts.

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Morning Message #2014-16 April 2, 2014


Morning Message #2014-16 April 2, 2014

You are accustomed to adrenaline dictating your experience. This shows up as excitement, fear, stress, butterflies in your stomach, pressure, dread, and more.

As you begin to have longer and longer experiences of peace, the lack of adrenaline-driven feelings and actions will likely feel quite strange. It’s a big change and requires getting used to.

Often it’s processed as boredom, numbness, confusion or self-doubt. The quiet of peace can be seen “nothing going on” or “no juicy options to explore.”

We suggest that it is a time to use fascination to explore. For perhaps the first time, you are not driven by the survival instinct. Your challenging journey of choosing for consciousness is now bearing fruit. Be very vigilant in this new space that you choose fascination rather than slip back into old habits to make sense of the new.

Old habits will pop up to try and give you something familiar in this changed experience. Those old habits did not get you to this new place and will not help you explore the now. Use the same tools that got you here “what is true now,” “I am willing,” “what is in my lap,” and short factual statements will be very helpful.

You are here. Explore with fascination.

March, 2014

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Have You Had FUN Today? ~ 2014-03-26

We had a great session to close out March. It included teachings from each Council member.

March 26 ~ Sonoma

Price: $6.99

Visionaries: When you try to speculate, project, predict – when you go ‘outside’ to seek certainty to comfort you, when you focus “over there” – all of that leaves you unconscious. Certainty, speculation and “over there” are energy give-aways. If your confusion involves another person, just ask them outright. Don’t speculate. Focus on what’s in your lap. Where you live is on the step you’re on. ENJOY staying within yourself and abiding in “I don’t know.” This is level 6. What does this invite in?

Eloheim: Catch yourself when you speculate. When you encounter people or behaviors that stump you, instead of going into speculation, just say “they’re fixing their fears,” just as you fix your fears. It allows compassion and heals the separation. “It’s all me.”

Be conscious of the difference between real danger and perceived danger and train yourself not to be terrified. You’ve been told to “listen to your body” but what if it’s just triggered with adrenaline? Create a dialogue with your body so that, when you have a reaction, you can decide whether there is real danger or not. When you are in tune with the messages in your body, your emanation can go out into the world. When you are out of tune, it doesn’t. Your old habits will continue to want to steer you into being out of tune. They need attention – choices – until they naturally align towards being IN tune. Abide in the reactions you’ve chosen. Level 4 keeps asking for choices. “I will spend a nanosecond longer in peace” creates a new neural pathway, away from familiar suffering. “This is MY nanosecond; I own it.” The body responds and resonates to the new alignment. Continue Reading…

Eloheim on Past/Future lives – Alternate Expressions


Alternate expressions is Eloheim’s term for past and future lives. This collection includes 25 individual clips, a total of 2 hours 43 minutes, taken from Eloheim’s Q&A sessions and the Wednesday meetings in Sonoma.

1. Introduction
2. Starting the interaction
3. Summary
4. Volcano Lady
5. Very different alternative expressions
6. Clarifications
7. Evolving the survival instinct
8. Mass causalities, asthma and mining
9. Integration
10. Woman by the camp fire
11. Processing
12. Dealing with bleed-through
13. Grey Beard, part 1
14. Grey Beard, follow up
15. The conscious dying time
16. Healing old wounds
17. Other ways of dealing with bleed through
18. Choosing your reaction to your encounters
19. Understanding your selves
20. Practice being interactive
21. Volcanoes at Pompeii and Atlantis
22. Adding to your resumé
23. Back pain and the new grand-daughter
24. Jumping lifetimes
25. Integration exercise

Listen to the audio ON DEMAND here on our site or download the files to your computer

Price: $14.99

An Astronaut’s Perspective on Fear

Eloheim often talks about maturing our relationship to the survival instinct. In this amazing Ted Talk, astronaut Chris Hadfield shares how NASA trains astronauts to do just that. It really came in handy when he went blind on a space walk. Mr. Hadfield also talks about the relationship between fear, actual danger, and perceived danger. Those following Eloheim will recognize this topic as Eloheim has been speaking about it for some time now. This video left me in tears. It really is beautiful and powerful.


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