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February, 2007

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Eloheim answers: 1-31-07 Why isn’t the entire Soul in the body?

Eloheim has talked many times about In-Souling our bodies in this lifetime. They have explained that the first step to In-Souling our bodies is clearing fear, guilt, and lack from our lives. This clearing allows more ‘room’ for the Soul in the body and opens us up to new abilities, experiences, and transformation. In this clip, Eloheim explains why the entire Soul isn’t in the body to start with.

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Childhood Trauma and not having control

In this clip, Eloheim responds to a question about the things that happen to you as a child and one of the reasons for them.

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Childhood Trauma and not having control

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Exercise for Healing Past Events

This longer clip contains the previously mentioned exercise for healing past events. It starts out with Eloheim talking about the “rippling” your actions and intentions cause in the world. Eloheim then gives us an exercise where we can heal times when ‘we rippled in a way that we are not satisfied with.’

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Exercise for Healing Past Events

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Spiritual Transformation

This clip from 01-31-07 speaks about how Spiritual Transformation shows up in the world.

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Spiritual Transformation

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Why Don’t We Get it and How Can We?

Continuing with the meeting of January 31st, we have a question from a regular to our group. He wants to know why, even though we are hearing great information each week, we don’t automatically ‘get’ it.

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Which Path is the Right Path?

The meeting of January 31st included a long discussion about Karma, the effect of past lives on this life, and featured an exercise for transforming experiences that you are not satisfied with. I will post clips on these subjects in the next few days.

Today we have a short clip that came out of our discussion of the cosmology another Teacher had presented in a lecture which many of us had attended:

Eloheim: 01-31-07 Which Path is the Right Path

Eloheim: 01-24-07 Orbs

In this clip from 01-24-07, Eloheim talks about Orbs. If you are new to the Orb phenomenon, this site has lots of great photos. There is going to be a conference about Orbs in early May 2007. I attended a conference sponsored by this same organization about the movie What the Bleep. It was very informative and well run.

Eloheim: 01-24-07 Manifesting

A continuation of the clip that I posted yesterday, Eloheim talks about manifestation.

Eloheim: 01-24-07 What if you are not satisfied with your life?

This interesting clip starts off with, ‘if you are not satisfied with your life’ and ends with ‘doing is harder’. Quite a journey! Eloheim shares about manifestation and the path to more satisfaction in your life.

January, 2007

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Eloheim: 1-17-07 Finding the gift in all situations.

Eloheim has been teaching about finding the gift in all situations. Here is a clip where they talk about being a leader by finding the gift no matter what is going on.


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