This is an additional conversation from January 26, 2005. Here Eloheim talks about the Core Emotion, “I am not seen.”

Eloheim: Part of healing your core emotion is not hating yourself for having one in the first place. Your core emotion is “I am not seen” if you hate that part of you or resist that part of you…..

Q: I don’t resist it, I get pissed off when people don’t hear me or see me. I get angry. Is that what I am supposed to do?

Eloheim: No (lots of laughter from group)

Q: Beneath the anger is…..

Eloheim: Beneath the anger is “Goddamn you, why don’t you see me?” (more laughter)

Q: And beneath that is?

Eloheim: And beneath that is “I am not worth being seen.”

The only way to be worth being seen is to believe in yourself.

Q: (comments cannot be understood on the tape)

Eloheim: If someone doesn’t see you, you say, “I see myself, I am in my body, I am grounded, I am present in this moment, I am not thinking about two weeks from now, I am not thinking about work. I am here in this moment. I am seeing myself.”

Because not seeing yourself is not being in your body. So if you don’t get seen, it is because you are not seeing yourself in that moment.

This is not the 100% way we would like to express this, but it is the fastest way to express it.

If you find yourself in a social encounter and you don’t see people engaging with you or feel like they are noticing you, we want you to turn your eyeballs around in your head and look inside your body.

Look at your spine, look at your organs…..

Q: I could get naked too (lots of laughter)

Eloheim: If you can do that and remain present, that works too. (more laughter)

Because your tendency is to be ahead of yourself. You tend to not be here, you are someplace else. It is difficult for people to see you when they don’t know where you are. If you feel kinda of nebulous people think “ah, I am going to talk to someone else, because I am not even sure she is in her body”

I liked the idea that we can connect with the moment by looking inside our bodies. Eloheim often brings humor into the meetings. Here he asks us to look inside by rolling our eyes back in our heads. I think he says it that way because it requires you to actually be in the moment to contemplate such a feat! Certainly we don’t physically roll our eyes back, but energetically we contemplate our physical body to help be more grounded in the moment.

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