On December 19th I had a session with Eloheim where I got to work out what my core emotion is for this lifetime. Wow! Talk about eye opening! It was definitely an Ah-ha moment. Just from asking some key questions, Eloheim was able to put together the core emotion from my answers. It was like getting the most important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once they are in place you can see the big picture. Looking over the past 46 years, I can see how my core emotion has been managing my relationships with family, friends and even my pets. I could sense there was a pattern, but I couldn’t figure out to make things better or even what the issue really was. Because of this session, I now know what I need to work on and how to address it so that I can be more successful in my relationships. Because of my work with Eloheim, I now have a mantra that reminds me of my past patterns involving my core emotion and allows me to step outside the pattern and do things in a better, healthier way. It’s almost a relief, because it feels as if I have moved to a different level that involves more self love, and that is okay. My session with Eloheim couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been struggling with some friendships that had run their course. After this session, I was able to make the decision to move on in a healthy positive way. Thank you Eloheim for all your help, and thank you Veronika for having the courage to bring Eloheim to us.

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TP – Medford, OR

Another testimonial:

Incredible feedback after a private session with Eloheim on a SATURDAY

Hi, Veronica,

During my chat with Eloheim yesterday we talked about an ongoing issue with my right shoulder and arm — pain and limited movement for several months. They suggested this is related to letting go of work (retiring) and that I should imagine a long glove of energy going from the tips of my fingers up my entire arm and over my shoulder. They further recommended imagining stripping that off and dissolving it, layer by layer if necessary. After the call I tried to do a visualization of stripping the glove off. I actually fell asleep and normally I do not take naps. When I woke up my arm had improved. This morning I became aware of a buzzing sensation around the affected shoulder and it was even more improved from yesterday. Today again I fell asleep during the afternoon and upon awakening, I realized that I now have full range of motion with no more than a little tenderness. I expect that to disappear in the next few days.

Eloheim said I was shiny — maybe I’m ready to call in whatever healing I need. I am super excited and pleased to finally put the shoulder issue behind me.


I am able to use my arm normally today — not even any lingering tenderness. Also pain and tension in my upper back/neck has disappeared at the same time.

I am happy to report that today I was able to get out my 10lb kettlebell and actually do some exercises with it, including lifting it above my head with my right arm without limitation or pain. First time in months and months. This is really amazing!!!

Not only was I able to exercise with my 10lb kettlebell yesterday, today I awoke with very minimal stiffness (it’s been a long time since I could exercise) and I completed a 20 minute Yoga DVD (for people over 50 years old) that I had purchased months ago but was never able to complete. This is the first time in a very long time that I could support my weight on my right arm with absolutely no indication that there had ever been a problem. I have to remind myself to take it easy and not overdue because at this point I do not want any muscle strain to get in the mix. I can’t begin to express how thrilled and excited and energized I feel. My daughter has set herself some fitness goals to complete before her 40th birthday next March (like 6 pack abs and running a marathon!) so I have set some more modest ones for my 65th also next March. And I know that I can accomplish a higher fitness level thanks to you and Eloheim’s advice. And I believe Eloheim may have given me more than just advice on Saturday!


10 days later
“I just realized that when I crochet, my right hand no longer gets extremely tired like it used to. I would have to stop and massage it and it would get cramps and the fingers would sort of freeze up. It could take several hours to overnight of resting it before I could pick up my crochet hook again. That is completely gone and I am working on projects for as long as I wish and have not had any issues with my hand. Extraordinary.”

Eloheim specializes in identifying the underling energetics of situations we are experiencing. With that clarity, powerful transformation often follows.

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