Was this this funniest session ever? Folks seem to think so! Plus, there’s enough information in this meeting to fill four meetings!

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The Guardians asked us to go even deeper into our center, closer to the truth of the moment, deeper into the layers of “I am willing.” Being in this deeper level allows expansion. You experience you experiencing the moment.

The Visionaries emphasized the reality of chaos from here on out, of change, of the possibility of experiencing the “new” in every moment. The one thing you can do, the real doorway to your freedom, is to choose your reactions. Choose and choose again. We are in the rapids now; this is chaotic, rapid time. The tools of “eyes open” and of “fact, fact, fact” leave room for empty space and insight. Includes a very funny analogy of riding in a boat on a river!

Eloheim opened their session by elaborating on the open space. When we quiet the survival instinct and habits, the open space can automatically appear, and the discipline of staying in the open space is what is required now. When we are in our space, the “chaos” can stay outside of it and we can walk in the marketplace of life and know ourselves as “new.” The open space IS you; you are walking AS an open space. Opposites and past and future don’t exist there. “ What is true now?” “This is the most precious space I can be in.” It is also the portal to Oneness. Abide and live from the open space, the level 8, and “watch your world move around you.” We are moving into Homo spiritus.

Body: the open space allows a clean space for the body and gives it an opportunity for correction and recalibration. In the open space, your relation to time is radically changed, and this can create miracles. In the open space, a different part of the brain is used, and the same body can have a very different experience.

When you have problems and triggers, say “I am willing to have a different relationship to this.”

Eloheim then did a not-to-be-missed physical reenactment of a triggered body response and explained how best to shift it: get rid of the “I suck” statements first, and then get into the facts. Turn the cards up on your table – fact, fact, fact – and lay them out. Eyes open.


Five sessions held in September, 2012

This package includes audio of all five and video of four (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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