Eloheim and The Council used the June 6th session to continue the exploration of the tool, “This is my first choice.” I am getting email after email after email about the powerful shifts that are happening as a result of applying this tool.

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Summary of the Session 6-6-2012

The Guardians highlighted that energies are very intense and kind of messy right now since we are in a “cleaning out the energy mode.” They pointed out that we do not need to “understand” the patterns which we are releasing. We do not need to justify the release. Just let the patterns go ENERGETICALLY and then fill that space with soul’s perspective. Fully choose to lay the old patterns down and walkaway. Then call on The Guardians to help clear away the energy.

The Visionaries pointed out that as we ensoul more of the soul’s energy in the body we are going be way more sensitive to the change in the body’s vibratory rate. One of the ways to calm the body’s triggers around spiritual growth is to stop saying things like, “I give up!” or “I don’t want to be here.”

Eloheim reminded that the idea of “this is my first choice” is very simple but extremely profound underneath. We often experience our creations as if the are “telling us what to do” and we are then tempted to resist accepting our creations because it feels like we are being “bullied” into accepting them. When we view what is occurring as our “first choice,” it helps us experience everything that is happening is TRULY our creation. It ultimately gets down to, “my first choice is to experience myself as a Creator.”

The Matriarch concluded the meeting by tying “first choice” into “step by step.”


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