Today is Tool Tuesday! Today’s tool is Preferences / Judgments

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Judgment is not the same as preference. Judgment is the belief that you have to have a position against something in order to have a position preferring something. So, all of a sudden the choice between chocolate and vanilla must become, “Chocolate is a good flavor and vanilla is a bad flavor, so I am going with chocolate because that’s the good flavor,” instead of just saying, “I have a preference for chocolate.”

The interesting thing about that judgment thing is that you’re an immortal, infinite soul that chooses to have every experience you can manage. If you set out a lot of judgments and you start saying that vanilla’s wrong, then when it comes around time to experience vanilla you have to deal with the baggage of already assigning it as “wrong.” It’s always nice to just not put extra baggage on things that you’ll probably get around to wanting to experience someday. It’s also quite helpful to limit the amount of baggage (static) about anything you are experiencing.

Most of the time, we see that you had to make something wrong — sometimes VERY wrong — in order to set a preference because you weren’t feeling strong enough to just say, “No” as a complete sentence.

When you are new to boundaries and preferences you will sometimes believe that you have to get really worked up in order to use them. Actually, when you discover “What is true now?,” you can set boundaries and state preferences from a very calm place.

Keep in mind that there is a damned good reason for having a preference, which is: You’re a soul experiencing the physical form in a free-will zone. So, if you don’t have some preferences, what the heck is the point of being here in the first place? Not very much that we can see. Having preferences is the one of the main events!

Someone once said to us, “Well, if we are infinite and immortal, aren’t we going to do everything?” And we said yes, but you do them in an order. There’s an order to it. In a linear sense, there’s an order to it. Where today you decided to eat chocolate and tomorrow you’re going to decide to eat vanilla. Even if you’re immortal and infinite, you’re still deciding right now to be here instead of being someplace else. Preference. Choice. Free will. You don’t need to have something be wrong in order to have something else be what you want to do.

Coming from judgment is low-vibrational. It takes a lot of energy to stay invested in a judgment. It can be difficult to change your mind because you are so invested energetically in the judgment. Sometimes your identity can even be wrapped up in a judgment, which makes it that much harder to change. Judgments don’t serve you, on so many levels.

Veronica writes:
Another tool to help you realize that you get to choose. This one helps me realize when I am actually choosing and when I am running an unconscious habit, which shows up as a judgment. I like vanilla and chocolate ice cream so this example is perfect for me. It really is expressing a preference in the moment rather than deciding on a right/wrong.

This tool has whittled down my list of people, situations, and things that I have judgments around and helps me realize how many judgments came through societal conditioning. Preferences allow for choice through fascination and true passion of my life’s purpose. It brings me closer to the relaxed feeling of contentment and fulfillment.

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