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Blog Talk Radio interview with host Robert Sharpe
March 16, 2016
The Choice for Consciousness

What, you say, another interview? Crazy, right? But fun! Veronica’s on a roll right now! This was an easy and informative interview to listen to, so head on over and check it out.

Veronica started out the interview explaining the process of channeling, acknowledging that it is considered “out of the norm,” but that it had been done since biblical times. She also shared a rarely-told tale of her past journey to Eloheim. Veronica then answered questions from the host: Who is Eloheim? How do we get insight from our own nonphysical guidance similar to what Veronica does? How did Veronica begin channeling? Was she afraid? Did she lack trust in them at first? Why does Veronica call them “they?”

Veronica told the story of how each of the other six Council members, unexpectedly and one by one, came to join the meetings with Eloheim. The Council is made up of the Guardians, the Visionaries, Eloheim, the Girls, the Warrior, and the Matriarch, and each has a different focus and a different manner of teaching. They all came to help us because they love and admire humans and desire to teach us how to live consciously using the tools that Eloheim, and sometimes the others, create to break our habitual responses.

Eloheim then joined the broadcast with an important message for the listeners. “The idea that you create your reality is not to be used to be mean to yourself!” In fact, we have only one rule, Don’t be mean to yourself!