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Healthylife radio interview with host Jean Adrienne
Veronica Torres and Eloheim

After Jean and Veronica shared the typical background information about Veronica’s journey with Eloheim, the conversation was steered towards the numerous Eloheim tools. These tools were created by Eloheim over many sessions when the need arose (and new ones continue to be added as needed) to help our human family live conscious, inspired, and emotionally healthy lives.

The host zeroed in on one of Veronica and Eloheim’s books, Unraveling Your Money Mysteries: How to Stop Blocking Abundance, and expressed interest in those types of tools, saying that money is a topic that lays quite heavily on most people’s minds.

Veronica said Eloheim teaches us to begin asking ourselves, what are our underlying feelings about money, where do our beliefs and feelings about money come from, and then, how can we change them? One good way to shine light on our money issues is to practice Eloheim’s “Money on the Counter” tool. Veronica also suggested using their money mantra, “I am in financial flow and money comes to me in infinite ways” while, at the same time, noticing all the ways in which abundance does come to us.

Eloheim joined the conversation following the money discussion, and the host asked them about the fear that is currently running rampant around the world on many issues, especially in the US during this political season. Eloheim’s answer was uplifting, inspiring, and reassuring, and that answer alone is worth the time listening to this interview.

Along the way, Eloheim explained how everyone is “just fixing their fears” and how and when we set boundaries with other people.

To close the show, the host asked Eloheim for a few more tools with which to leave the audience, so they shared a super useful tool that hasn’t been discussed in previous shows called, “Using ‘I’ Statements,” as well as a few others like, “I’m Tempted To…,” “What is True Now,” and then ended the talk with a brief “Fear or Fascination” discussion.

This was a show with a lot of really helpful tools and some great Eloheim wisdom on the world in it that you won’t want to miss.

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Eloheim is best known for their dozens of easy-to-apply tools that offer life-changing support for personal transformation.

The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Consciousness Living series offers step-by-step tools to show you how to break unhealthy habits and discard victim mentality so that you can fully embrace the truth of the statement, “I CREATE MY REALITY!”

Volume one of the series contains 22 tools which help you recognize where you are experiencing victim hood. With that awareness, you can begin to live as a creator.

Volume two’s
16 tools help you to live as a creator of your life by illuminating your relationship to the moment. This will empower you to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Volume three includes 15 tools to help you learn to fully take responsibility for your reactions to your creations thus living the life of a creator. The tools fall into four categories: • Readiness for change • Managing your energy • Seeing things a new way • New relationship to money


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