2013-01-20 ~ 66 minutes

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My favorite Q&A thus far. Such powerful answers!!! The video clip below is amazing!

Questions answered during this session:

On the radio show a caller mentioned people who were in fear because they lived in what may be a very unsafe area. How does a person rise out of victimhood if they are facing such circumstances?

Recently, I’ve been gaining more weight than I’m comfortable with. I’d like some help in understanding what this is about and how to go about resolving it as the usual suspects (diet and exercise) aren’t the culprits. I want to feel comfortable in my clothes and in my yoga postures again.

I am intent on targeting those remaining areas that say I am undesirable, pitiable and hateable. Where are you seeing this in my life? I don’t like to use the V word at all, however the bottom line is that I created some very intense experiences of victimization that spanned years. The trauma is still with me, and while I am willing to accept that I can somehow transform it completely, I do not know how. I have made a ton of progress and I want more.

Since I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere I decided to shift gears and deal with things from a primarily physical point. Meaning I am focusing on releasing my aches and pains basically. Things are going well in my day to day and I am actually pretty fine with my 3d life right now. I have been releasing all sorts of stuff but I can’t seem to shake the stance that no matter how good things become in my life here that I am basically just waiting until I actually get to consciously make some choices about my life experience. It basically feels like being stuck on a remote island, no matter how nice you make things or how friendly the natives, I can’t imagine not wanting to get off the island once you had a chance. You might still visit, but I can’t really imagine wanting to actually live only there fulltime. I can go through all the motions but how do you actually get yourself to believe something that you really just don’t? So, how do I deal with that and I am willing to hear anything else you would like to share with me.

Many thanks for offering clarity as to which tools are best used in which level. AMAZING. The L2 to L5 to L8 (watch it move) short-cut is fantastic!!! I am living a large percent of my life from Winks from the Universe, Souls Insight and Psychic input / visions. I am tempted to be overwhelmed by is all. At the moment I am managing to stay in complete fascination. The Psychic input and visions are getting more and more accurate. I am still using Souls insight / guidance to take small step-by-steps not allowing myself to be thrown off to much by the psychic information. However, I am being extra careful with all the improved abilities of being able to read the energies of others so accurately. Could you please look at my energies and see if there are any areas I might need tips on or slowing down?

There’s been so many offerings from you lately, I can’t figure out what to ask! Please check in with my energy and give me some fascinating insights that would be useful for me.

I would like to understand my experience I am having with pain. I had painful headaches that became an all day everyday occurrences which has changed to just pain in my left side of my head by my ear with increased sensitivity to noise and occasional headaches. I am currently exploring the idea about just being. I was sitting with my dog who is super active and trying to get him settled down and realized and while I was trying to teach him a relaxed state I myself had a realization about how I don’t do that myself very often and in exploring myself doing that I also realized how much it brought me into the now. A place that felt like I was just accepting of all that is my truth and owning it……it is kind of a beautiful but painful feeling …any connection?


Seven sessions held in January, 2013

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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