The Council stressed that, as we are going into new levels and into more powerful emanation, we need to continuously own our truth.

We send a wave of emanation out into the circle and we see what happens; we watch it move. Tonight, we sense a feeling of new horizons. You can see that something new is happening. Also be aware of the gift of this community, the ability to practice what you’ve been taught with each other. Grab the opportunity, and the experience, provided here.

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Visionaries: You need to start from a higher place in order to go deeper into the levels. 2-5-8: 2 – victimhood, 5 – own your trigger 8 – watch that ownership move in the world. This very moment is yummy; and it IS for me. When you get to level 8, you become a real creator. But watch for old patterns. It’s not “watch it move; now I DO.” It’s watch it move, and then hold still. You need to recommit and recommit to level 8, to watch it move. You need to keep being open. Do more of what brought you there.

Eloheim: There is such a sense of potential, or the image of you shuffling through a revolving door. For a brief moment, in the middle of that, you can feel trapped. That’s the energy we feel tonight. There can be an authority figure behind you in the door, determining whether, or when, you can get out. You can see the upcoming crack to the lovely open vista, but are not there yet. The energetic is “I don’t know when it all changes.”

You are not really sure you want big change because you are not comfortable with it. Big change is scary. “What will it look like? Can I do it? Can I be that big? Could it really be me? ” So it’s easier to stay in familiar suffering. The point is, it’s OK to own that. You must start with what is true. You are afraid of your truth because you think it makes you monstrous, bad, untrustworthy, etc. But truth is not “stupid,” it’s just the truth. Keep feet under shoulders. Keep checking in. When you own your truth from levels 5-6, it turns it into an asset, rather than a liability. It sets a clear path for positive magnetism, keeping baggage and static away.

So what is the thing that you won’t let yourself admit, that you use other descriptions to mask? In order to live in levels 8, 9, 10, self-honesty is essential because you have a powerful emanation in those levels. There is no editing there, and a lie with be magnified. Feel into the underlying energetics. Where do you believe you are lying to yourself? A big lie is: “It’s not for me because…I never believed that I could have it,…that I deserved it,…that I mattered.” Can you let your emanation out when you don’t know what happens when you do?

It’s not about having a defensive thick skin, an “I’ll show them.” And it isn’t about grabbing outcome and trying to pull it towards you. Just change your relationship to it because that is what creates enormous change. Be conscious and in truth. Be in softness. Stay centered. Magnetize your clarity and clear a path in your circle of possibilities. Let fascination lead to choice – and that’s when the purity of your emanation is your top priority, because it’s just too impactful.

Be in your truth, then in willingness.

Express your truth, and then stay open. When you say “I don’t know” then static falls away.

Your emanation is so penetrating that you really want to keep good track of what you attach to it.


Seven sessions held in January, 2013

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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