Received by email! I love to see how Eloheim’s teachings work!

One way to describe my unhealed core emotion is “I worry that the uncertain future might put me in this, that or the other crappy situation if give it a chance. I gotta watch out!” Instead of helping me form a complete picture and proceed with discernment, my unhealed core emotion makes it seem like a sneaky gotcha with my name on it lurks behind every spot of uncertainty. Instead of seeing all the possibilities that interest me, I was haunted by the possibilities that frighten me.

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To be so constantly wary and distrustful of uncertainty was exhausting and life sapping. I needed to change this way of thinking. But how? If I can convince myself that my unhealed core emotion is only making things up – I thought – I can dismiss it and free myself from the aggravation. Well, Problem was, I could not convince myself that the voice of my unhealed core emotion was making things up. After all, it was pointing out things that could happen that I did not want to happen. How could I do my part to prevent them from happening if I did not keep focus on avoiding them as exhausting as that felt? Sigh. This sucked.

A year and a half ago, I had my first core emotion session with Eloheim. It had been a powerful and transformative session. A year a half later I was a different person and the way my core emotion presented was new and different enough that it occurred to me that it might be helpful to have a core emotion “tune up” with Eloheim.

“We definitely got things to say about this!”, said Eloheim, “Thanks for calling!”

Eloheim helped me see that it was not that the voice of my unhealed core emotion was saying invalid things; it was indeed pointing out valid possibilities – that is, it was pointing out things that could happen. The problem was I was letting my trigger create the illusion that the possibilities my unhealed core emotion was pointing out were more prevalent and more likely than other less triggering possibilities. I was letting triggering possibilities dominate my focus out of fear at the expense of less triggering possibilities.

Eloheim helped me realize that trying to shut up or “prove away” the voice of my unhealed core emotion was never going to work. This would just be resistance. Rather, the way to transform the inner conversation was to recognize that the unhealed core emotion voice was not a “lie” but it was a misleading partial truth. The way to regain balance was to tell the WHOLE truth which was “Yes, that triggering possibility could happen. However, that’s just ONE of VERY MANY possibilities that are JUST AS LIKELY if not MORE LIKELY to happen.”

Feeling into this truth emotionally was a breakthrough for me. Letting it sink in that the “oh shit” scenarios were in reality less likely or no more likely than a multitude of many other fascinating scenarios helped me take the charge out of them – uncertainty was not out to “get me.” It allowed me to stop letting my unhealed core emotion DOMINATE and drown out other voices. Instead, I was able to let this voice transform into a CONTRIBUTOR to the conversation as just one more complementary voice among many in a healthy process of discernment and step by step.

I no longer feel bullied and harassed by my unhealed core emotion. I can now appreciate how it empowers me as a healed core emotion.

Thank you Eloheim for being so good at this stuff!
— D.M, Seattle, WA.

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