Aquarius – The Truth of You in Community

We are at Midwinter here in the Northern Hemisphere. This marks the concentration of winter’s energies in the fixed air sign Aquarius. In ancient Celtic times this was called Imbolc; a fire festival honoring the Goddess Brigid, the lengthening of the days, the return of the Sun and the promise of Spring. These customs endure and today we honor Midwinter with Groundhog Day, Candlemas, and of course, in the USA, that festival of football – Superbowl Sunday. Families and communities across America gather in the blue light of the TV that now substitutes for and has come to represent the ancient hearth in our modern homes. Every four years the Winter Olympics are held at this time and the world watches on television. Aquarius is the sign of the zodiac most concerned with continuity of community and the forward movement and evolution of humanity. These midwinter rituals and festivals rekindle our hearths and hearts at the bleakest time of the year, uniting us in community and promising light, well-being, healing and fellowship. Aquarius is also concerned with innovation and advanced technology and doesn’t mind a bit that we gather in virtual rather than physical communities. Our concerns now reach beyond our own small circles to humanity at large, the earth and to galaxies near and far.
This is truly universal consciousness!

Eloheim and the Council have been talking about community all along. Have you ever heard a Council Member use the pronoun “I” when referring to themselves – Never! It is always “We”. They have always stressed that we are part of a community. Eloheim addresses our concerns as individuals because they know that we are still in duality, still feeling ourselves to be separate individuals. But they and the entire Council never stop reminding us that we are all one. They encourage us to “Emanate the truth of You”. We think they’re talking about us as individuals when in fact the pronoun “You” can mean You, the individual – the Separate One or – You, the collective community- the One. They understand that we are a Tribal Species but that in our current incarnation we
experience our existence from a perspective of separateness. We need to heal that first.

In a sense it might be said that we are on a journey to the kind of unity consciousness expressed in the movie Avatar which expressed Aquarian ideals perfectly. In the Meeting of 2/2/2011, The Girls spoke of how we can not ascend part of ourselves. “All of you has to be loved.” And that in the meantime, we must look at all the parts of self that go unrecognized and unloved and say “Ok – I see you and you are part of the truth of me.” Soon, perhaps we will be able to look at our fellow humans and say the same with love. “I see you.”

Aquarian energies recognize the strength and truth of the individual but place the well- being of humanity and all creatures everywhere above that of individuals. Currently we are experiencing the Sun, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. These placements call us to look to our connections – personal, local, global and galactic and to abandon hierarchical and corporate models of relating. This is the energy of universal truth and universal connection. Aquarius insists that we recognize our common humanity rather than continuing to emphasize our differences and discords. We must emanate our truth in all our interactions with all our fellow creatures. Freedom is truth and truth is freedom. If you want healing above all else, both are required in balanced and equal measure. This is truth at a universal level.

As the Warrior said in the same meeting, “Stand close to your truth. Invest in your truth.” This is one of the highest expressions of your humanity. This is freedom.

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