Morning Message #2014-17 April 5, 2014

Boredom can be described as a lack of familiar stimulus “I’m bored because my good TV shows are not on, because my friends are not around, because I can’t go outside.” You have familiar activities and without those you experience what you call boredom.

In the advanced spiritual student, what presents as boredom is actually something quite different. It’s not, “I can’t have it the way I am used to.” It’s, “I have dropped so many habits, I am not used to the way it is now!”

The habitual ways you have navigated your life are gone, be cautious that you don’t see this as something, “missing that you should miss.” Let it be that the fog has finally lifted and you can now see clearly.

What is actually here now? What are your authentic options for experience now that the grip of habit has been loosened? Do not look to feel the way you did when habit ran your life. The old stimuluses are gone.

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