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Hello everyone,
It’s a season of change and my work with Eloheim and The Council is changing as well.

Effective this month, the following changes will be made to the Wednesday night sessions:

(We WILL hold a session tomorrow, April third)

1. We will hold our live channeling events in Sonoma on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30pm (changes from every week).

2. The cost to attend the meetings in person will be $25 (changes from donation basis). I will continue to broadcast the Livestream of the session online on a donation basis – donation links here.

The main reasons for this change are:

1. During the March 27th event, Eloheim made a request of me to channel an additional entity and I said no. I didn’t have the energy to offer to that new connection. I don’t want to say no to Eloheim or to the advancement of the teachings. In order to say yes, I must reallocate some of the time and energy that I am currently offering this work.

2. I spend most of each Wednesday preparing for the session AND many Thursdays are spent immobile, non-functioning, and very uncomfortable. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. By changing the Wednesday night schedule I reclaim FOUR days a month of feeling like myself. I need that. I need it very much.

3. Income from both the in-person and online attendees to the Wednesday night sessions has been decreasing. Setting a fixed cost for attending the session should help to create a more balanced exchange.

4. This new schedule will allow me to continue offering public sessions while having time to work on other income generating projects.

Eloheim and I deeply value the in-person and online groups. The interaction Eloheim has with each of you allows them to evolve their teachings. I truly feel that the work is ready to reach a powerful new place. I’m keen to explore it with you!

Based on the new schedule, here are the upcoming dates in April, May, and June (all times Pacific).

The Sebastopol sessions continue to be held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

The Q&A remains the third Sunday of the month at 1:00 (with the exception of May which moved to the fourth Sunday due to my cello recital). The cost to ask a question at the Q&A stays at $25. Master Plan subscribers ($40/month – $399/year) may submit a question at no cost.

Wednesday April 10th 7:30pm $25 to attend in person
Wednesday April 24th 7:30pm $25 to attend in person
Wednesday May 8th 7.30 pm $25 to attend in person
Wednesday May 22nd 7:30 pm $25 to attend in person
Wednesday Jun 12th 7:30 pm $25 to attend in person
Wednesday Jun 26th 7:30 pm $25 to attend in person


Sunday April 21st 1:00 pm $25 to ask a question
Sunday May 26th 1:00 pm $25 to ask a question
Sunday June 16th 1:00 pm $25 to ask a question

Sebastopol Sessions
Monday May 6th 7:00 pm $15 to attend in person
Monday June 3rd 7:00 pm $15 to attend in person