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October, 2012

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Guilt and Uncertainty – What to do? ~ 10-03-2012

We had an unusual meeting on October 3, 2012. Eloheim did a mini session with each person asking two questions:

  • Where is the place within you that you are not allowing for transformation?

  • What is the thing you wish we would say to you?
    The answers were so revealing and powerful. The session lasted nearly two hours and was 95% Eloheim. Continue Reading…

    August, 2011

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    Continuing the Exploration of Uncertainty ~ 8-3-2011 – Part 2 in the Uncertainty Series

    Hello everyone,
    Our August 3, 2011 meeting continued the exploration of uncertainty that Eloheim started on July 27, 2011.

    This is the most important information we have ever shared with you. ~ Eloheim

    Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good.

    Received by email:

    V…you and the E’s were on fire last night…I loved it….really loved it….I had to check in late and missed a bit but I will listen today…There were some things that really spoke to me and I need to listen again.

    Hi Veronica, I have already listened again and think I could benefit from another listen and take away more as everything given to others had some application to myself…..maybe the best session ever????

    The July 27th meeting introduced an exercise Eloheim specifically designed to illuminate our relationship with uncertainty. On August 3rd, Eloheim did a mini session with each person following up on what came up on the 27th. The meeting of August 10th will integrate this new information with other Eloheim teachings. Last night, Eloheim gave me a preview of the integration and that’s when I got speechless.


    Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


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    July, 2011

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    How to Find the Clarity Beneath Your Uncertainty 7-27-2011 ~ Part 1

    Our recent Eloheim and The Council channeling session of July 27, 2011 was quite unusual. We spent nearly the entire meeting discovering, “The clarity beneath your uncertainty.” Be sure to have something to write on/with when you listen so you can participate in the quick, but powerful exercise Eloheim designed for this meeting. This meeting is part 1 in the uncertainty series. See 8-3-2011 for the next part.

    I received this email after the meeting:
    “Thanks for the very interesting session this evening, it has already provided a new slant on things.”

    This comment was posted on my Face Book page:
    “I have never seen an exercise that cuts to the quick like that!”


    Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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    The Night It All Changed! Fresh Perspective on the Physical ~ 7-20-2011

    Our channeling sessions continue to ramp up and get more powerful each week. The session of July 20, 2011 included Fred saying, “This is the most important question we have ever asked you,” and the Matriarch saying, “You were here the night it all changed.” Wow!

    The Guardians: Led us in an exercise to practice bringing our soul’s perspective into our bodies. “Allow the awareness of your surroundings to be drawn into your physical body.”

    The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Summarized their teachings. Laid the foundation for the rest of the meeting. “A fresh perspective on the physical.”

    Eloheim: The Council’s focus at this time is to help you integrate your soul’s perspective. Answered many questions from the group about the ways they are connecting to their soul’s perspective. Follow up on the conversation from the previous meeting about aging parents.

    The Girls: Clarified an idea that Eloheim had a hard time putting into words using car and gambling metaphors! (That doesn’t happen every day) “We feel you on the edge of a big jump.” Explained how The Council sees our energy and how they use what they see to help us.

    Fred: “You are dancing on the edge of uncertainty and surprise. Look for places in your life where you are uncertain so that you can dance in them. Can you dance and delight in uncertainty and surprise? We have never asked you a more important question.”

    The Warrior: “Go back to, ‘What is my current truth?’ in the long journey of surprise. Seek the truth of the truth of you, it’s a good companion.”

    Matriarch: “You were here on a night when everything changed. You can’t turn back the tide of this energetic shift.”

    Download the audio recording and/or watch the video replay of this meeting:
    86 minutes ~ $2.99


    Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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    January, 2011

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    Are You Living or Just Coping? ~ 1-5-11

    Hello everyone,

    January 5, 2011 started off with The Guardians doing silent energy work and the Visionaries jumping in to passionately speak about uncertainty. This meeting is FULL of examples of how we easily experience uncertainty in some situations (How does the car actually work? How does my body actually digest its’ food?) yet become paralyzed in other situations (What does he think of me? What job should I take?)

    When coping craps out, consciousness comes in. Turn on the engine of consciousness. – The Visionaries

    I don’t know what’s going on here – YEAH!!!! You are uncertain all the time and this isn’t something to be ashamed of. – The Visionaries

    Eloheim tied the uncertainty/certainty idea into how we handle our relationship to safety.

    [Being uncertain] is normal human stuff. If you are not resisting I don’t know….you take away the tension. We’ve come to the meat of it – what do you do with uncertainty? – Eloheim

    The Girls, wow, they are great!

    If you desire certainty and control all the time, but you can’t have it, then you can feel like a failure. A new relationship with uncertainty makes it easier to love yourself. – The Girls

    The Warrior

    MARRIED!!!!! Everyone agreed that they should pick up the story right where they left off the week before. It is the story of the wedding feast and making peace with the neighboring king through Cedric and the other stable boy getting into a fight! This week’s story concluded Chapter 1 of their story.

    Fred and the Matriarch finalized the meeting by adding their unique signatures.


    Audio from each of our five meetings held in January, 2011


    Price: $8.99

    Guardians: (Silent energy work)

    Visionaries: A deep discussion of uncertainty. Moving out of just coping with our fears and into finding comfort in uncertainty.

    Eloheim: Told us that being uncertain is our nature, and when we become comfortable with our nature, we can be more in the moment. Questions and answers about uncertainty and practical usage in our lives.

    The Girls: Because we can never attain certainty, striving for it leads us into being mean to ourselves. Whenever you want certainty, you’re setting yourself up to fail. When we can find peace with uncertainty, we can find serenity. Peace with uncertainty is serenity.

    Warrior: Continues his story of the wedding, using Cedric getting into a fight with a boy from the neighboring kingdom to help illustrate the points: When you tell your truth you help other people to be more sure about who you are and where you stand. When you’re comfortable in uncertainty, you make it easier to be around you.

    Fred: Talked about the joy of uncertainty, using a story comparing playing pool to creating the universe and the fun and creativity that can only be experienced in uncertainty.

    Matriarch: Commented on The Girls’ talk about setting ourselves up to fail when we look for certainty.


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