Today’s installment in our Sharing Sundays series is from Joey. His sharing is all about how he uses his favorite Eloheim tools.

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I use short factual statements ALL THE TIME. I think this one just fits like a puzzle piece because I naturally talk to myself – ALL THE TIME. So it’s not so far of a stretch in behavior; it’s just more conscious. They are especially helpful when I am experiencing something that I don’t like, because I can quickly state a preference after my first statement.

I find that I am using “I am ready to interact with my creation” often. It feels empowering and reminds me to be conscious of the reality of what’s going on.

I switched up the mantra, I Am In Financial Flow and Money Comes To Me In Infinite Ways. I just use “Money Comes To Me In Infinite Ways.” It’s tacked onto my cork board.

I’m quite fond of the Circle Of Possibilities tool. It feels so specifically like a healing, comforting tool for me, so even the idea of being mean doesn’t come up when I’m using it. I just think it’s fun, like a game. I apparently believe that artists can’t earn a good, stable living. That was for the most part pretty unconscious until I drew the circle and started figuring out what to put into the pie pieces. It just pulls things out. I’m also a visual person, so that helps -although I can just speak it out aloud as well and that works too.

I use other tools all the time, but not so directly. I was just saying to myself today that the coolest thing about these tools is that they almost become unconscious – that is, they become second nature and therefore the “trying” aspect just goes away. Even if I’m having a crappy day, I know that I can shift anything – I mean really “know” it and not just from an intellectual view point…this was SO not the case even a year ago Just knowing that I can shift anything really clears my head.

— Joey Irizarry Artist/Illustrator

Thanks Joey! Joey creates the little graphics – Sharing Sundays, Tool Tuesday, etc. – I have scattered around the site and in the shopping cart. His art is lovely and he is great to work with! Highly recommended!

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