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August, 2008

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ELOHEIM: How to use Energies of Aug 08 to fuel Ascension

Here Eloheim explains how to tap into the flow of the energies of August 2008 to fuel the Ascension path. This two part clip includes comments from one of our group members expressing how powerful this tool has been for her so far this month. The end of part two includes a preview of the energies of September 2008.

Anything that triggers you, anything that you prefer to have differently, anything you are ready to heal, anything you are ready to release, anything you are ready to transform, anything that you are just ready to dump, drop or be done with, any state of being you would like to experience, any agreement you are making with your Soul. This is the month to get clear about what you are ready to have going on for the next two years.

Eloheim is more reserved and is very forthright during these clips. These clips came after an incredibly emotional opening to the meeting. The emotion I experienced as the channel was generated by the extraordinary amount of compassion that I felt from Eloheim.

This compassion is driven by their understanding of how challenging it can be to walk the ascension path and to ‘argue with our biology’: When our biology tells us that change is dangerous and should be avoided, when our biology tells us to avoid the unknown, when our biology tries to ‘keep us safe’ by limiting our transformation.

They explained that the biology which keeps the body functioning even when we ‘want to give up’ is the same biology which keeps us in habitual response in order to facilitate a feeling of safety. As we walk the path of Ascension, we have to rewrite our habitual responses to triggers. Often, this means confronting deep seated fears and anxieties. Eloheim’s compassion for our predicament was nearly overwhelming.

The only way I was able to process and release this compassion was through tears. This is why my voice sounds different in these clips.

Eloheim makes it quite clear that they are here to assist us on the ascension path to the best of their abilities. I included an extended amount of video on this so that you would get the full sense of what they are offering.

Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2


Save the Date, Oct 5 Eloheim Channeling at Crystal Bill’s

Please mark your calendars for our next channeling event at Crystal Bill’s beautiful Crystal Showroom in Mill Valley (Marin County), California.

It will be held on Sunday, October 5th from 4-6 pm. Admission is by donation. There will be plenty of time to view and shop Bill’s amazing inventory.

Crystal Bill’s Showroom
407 Ash Street
Mill Valley, CA
(415) 381-6627 (RSVP appreciated)
Cost: by donation

Map Quest Map of this location

Here are some images from our previous events. Including an amazing orb!

Veronica with an Orb Shopping at Crystal Bill's

Veronica with an Orb Shopping at Crystal Bill's

What a great place to sit to channel

What a great place to sit to channel

Some of Bill's amazing inventory

Some of Bill's amazing inventory

July, 2008

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ELOHEIM VIDEO: Recognizing Your Ascension Path

In this quick clip from the 7-23-08 meeting, Eloheim discusses the decision to have your Spiritual Journey become the number one priority in this incarnation and how that relates to the Now and to the Ascension process.

The Eloheim are consistently able to provide penetrating insight into the Spiritual Journey and have been of incredible help to many who felt stuck in their Spiritual Growth. (see below the video for comments)

We hold 5 public meetings per month in Sonoma County, please accept this invitation to join us if you are in the area. Individual sessions by phone can be arranged by sending an email to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.


Thank you for all you do and being so willing to pass on this wonderful, healing, energetic information. Your group has changed my life so much for the better, I can’t tell you. Now I truly feel like I am on purpose when I go out in the world! What a gift. And I am seeing the results of my sharing what I learn each week.

— Randy C., Kenwood, CA

For thirty years I have explored many avenues on my spiritual path. I have read many books, attended lectures, meditation groups, and seminars. I had lots of knowledge, but I found applying it was difficult. My book knowledge really didn’t help me deal with everyday emotions or events. A year ago I began to attend the Eloheim group in Sonoma. The messages have been life changing. I can feel myself responding differently, as I apply what I have learned. I look at events differently, looking for the gift, rather than slipping into emotion. Eloheim’s teaching is Truth for me. I find it pertinent and supportive. It takes diligence and mindfulness, but the results are powerful. I am very grateful for what I am learning. Thank you Eloheim and Veronica.

— Marilyn P., Sonoma, CA

ELOHEIM VIDEO: How the NOW Leads to Bliss

From 7-23-08 part 2 of 2:

When you stop and (are) conscious of the now, the next moment is a moment of discovery. When you allow yourself to be swept along with habitual responses to the now, and your judgment that something (you are experiencing) is bad, the next moment is suffering.

So, you choose.

It is a Spiritual Choice.

The video image is quite dark as the sun went down and the room lights were off. This is part two of the discussion about the moment from the meeting of 7-23-08.


ELOHEIM VIDEO: 7-23-08 A New Look at Lack of Money

7-23-08 part 1 of 2:

Last Wednesday Eloheim deepened the discussion about lack and how lack operates in our lives. The discussion covers how ‘arguing with the now’ energetically aligns you with lack.

I had never made this connection before and this information really shifted my perspective.

I added the very beginning of the meeting to the front of this clip so you can experience how Eloheim comes in. Margy Henderson, Sound Healer, shares intuitive sounds at the beginning and end of each meeting as Eloheim comes in and leaves.

These quotes really stood out for me:

Whenever you argue with (the) Now, you are aligning yourself with lack. Because of habitual response, when you internally experience lack, even unconsciously, the slippery slope you end up at the bottom of is – the lack of money.

The feeling attached with any state is based on judgment and habitual response. Remember, (a) feeling is an option not a mandate. (A) Feeling is indicating a place where you need to make a Spiritual Choice.


ELOHEIM VIDEO: Preparing for the energetic shift of Aug 08

This video is from the July 16th meeting. In this meeting, Eloheim describes the upcoming energetic shift due to take place during August 2008. There are four aspects to this shift: Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, The Olympics, and many community leaders experiencing life reviews.

Toward the beginning of part one, Eloheim talks about “letting go of the rope” and “becoming a spiritual free agent” which happened during the major energy shift of late March 2008. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts, you may want to review this post from the April 1, 2008 session before watching the videos.

Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2


Eloheim is channeled in Sonoma, CA every Wednesday evening. Meetings are open to the public.

May, 2008

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Control and Creativity — Such a dance I do!!

The other day a friend of mine made a very interesting observation. She said, “I don’t get you. You have such a fiery personality and are ‘A Force of Nature’ getting things done, yet when you channel you must surrender to the process. I have never understood how you can be both of those things.”

Well, she really hit the nail on the head with that one.

One way I manage this is practice. I have held almost six years of weekly channeling meetings. That is a LOT of practice. Additionally, this is a BIG place of healing for me and it is a major component of my own Spiritual Journey. Moving from “doing” to “being” is a big part of what is going on for me now.

I had a Lifeline Session with Tammas Hamilton about two weeks ago. It was incredibly powerful. The main insight I gained from the session was the idea that Control and Creativity are at either end of a spectrum. When I become conscious of trying to be in Control (of my experience), I now know that there is an opportunity to be Creative waiting there for me. I just have to be conscious enough to move out of my habitual “doing” and open to “being” so I can access that creative place.

As a “Doer” or Force of Nature as my friend likes to say, there has been a great deal of satisfaction with “getting things done MY WAY.” A lot of the time that worked out just fine. However, as the energetics change and as I raise my vibration, it becomes very clear that “control” is a low vibrational state.

Releasing into creativity is a high vibrational state.

Actually “being” in the creative state and realeasing the habitual response of control is my current place of growth or, as another friend puts it, “that’s what’s up for healing right now.”

Eloheim and I have had quite a few conversations about this whole process and I would like to share some of their insight.

As we said in the last blog post, there is a big difference between thinking and insight. One of the main differences is the vibrational level. If your vibrational level is to remain high, insight from your Soul needs to become a main source of illumination.

The first reaction to this concept we anticipate is something along the lines of, “you mean I can’t use my thinking to figure things out?”

Thinking and figuring things out has been a place of pride for you. It gives you feelings of success. It separates you from the animals. It has made you, “YOU”. Again, the concept of “I think, therefore I am” is reveals how important thinking is in your culture.

Now, there is a higher way of being in your world. Thinking is no longer the top rung of the ladder. It is not the ultimate tool for experieincing yourself. There is a new way.

This new way of experiencing yourself is being guided by insight from your Soul.

Right away, you will probably try to understand this. Know now, this cannot be understood by the mind. This is a completely different way of experience illumination and the mind has no place in it.

Also know that you cannot “control” this process the way you could direct your thinking. This process involves being creative (open) about receiving insight. Insight can just pop into your brain, it can come from the song on the radio, from the words of a friend, from the book you are reading, from an error message your computer gives, from the license plate of the car in front of you, from a “conicidence”, from a pain in your body, from the plant in your garden, from the smile on your child’s face….see how creativity is involved?

Instead on controlling how you get insight, you relaxing into being open to allow the creativity of your Soul to provide you insight.

As you become conscious of this process, the mind will want to understand it. Demanding understanding is another form of control. Allow insight to flow and don’t block the flow by demanding to understand how it all works. Just enjoy this new way of being. This new way of being that reinforces a high vibrational state!

For me, a radical form of allowing the flow of insight is to move ahead with a book of the Eloheim materials. This is a process which I cannot control! Every time I work on it, it is a process of creativity and of healing the habitual response of “doing” within myself. Just getting to the point to make this further surrender into creativity has been a huge healing.

We are already having a good time with the book and I will post updates on its progress.

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Oh, this is Heavenly…

It has been VERY hot in Sonoma, CA in recent days. One report indicates that it was 104 yesterday afternoon. This morning, I wanted to do some work in the yard while it was still relatively cool (low 80’s).

After about an hour, I sat down for a break. I found a shady spot and I was enjoying the view and feeling my heart rate starting to slow down. I had taken off my hat and was cooling off a bit. Then, a lovely little breeze swept across the yard. It was all so nice that I said to myself,

“Oh, this is Heavenly”

To which Eloheim replied

“No, actually it isn’t. If anything, it is Earthy. In all of creation which we have experienced, nothing is quite like the Earth experience. Don’t miss it by rushing it by.”

That is a wonderful example of my relationship with Eloheim. We don’t talk all the time. But, they do pop in with words of observation and wisdom (they are often very funny). This one really struck me as a powerful reminder. I thought you all might enjoy hearing it as well.

Blessings on your journey,


April, 2008

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4/1/08 Transcript: The Energies of April and the Big Shift

Hello everyone,

It has been a really long time since I posted any audio or transcripts from our meetings. We have been experimenting with different technologies to record and transcribe the meetings and I think we may have found a good solution.

This is a portion of the meeting from 4/1/08. In this transcription, Eloheim is describing the huge energy shift that occurred in late March. Personally, this shift changed many aspects of my life and life is very different than it used to be. It is an exciting and interesting time to be incarnated!

In this transcript, Eloheim refers to the weekly web classes that Eckhart Tolle and Oprah are conducting. Follow this link for more information: http://www.oprah.com/obc_classic/webcast/archive/anewearth_archive_main.jsp?promocode=HP42

Eloheim was asked what the energies are for April, 08. Here is the reply:

Awesome April. It is awesome because the opening energetically that is happening right now on your planet is, as we use the word for the first time ever, unprecedented, and we don’t say that lightly, because the work that all the light workers, those who walk in front, those who have been leading the way, those who have been grounding the high vibrational energy to the best of their ability for some great long time now, has undergone a radical shift in the last two weeks. It is now the opportunity of the light worker, not the obligation, not the responsibility, not the burden even, but the opportunity of the light worker to actually be who you are, rather than be the role of the light worker.

Who you are is no longer defined by your spiritual path, and for most of you it has been for a very long time. You had to identify as whatever word you would like to apply to it, a spiritual person, a spiritual teacher, a light worker, a light being, an old soul, a high vibrational person, we are just shortening to a light worker just for ease in the conversation. Being a light worker was who you were. That was your identity. You put your spiritual path very high on your list, you did your best to hold that integrity of vibration, you read all the books, you talked, you attended all the groups, you took all the classes, you bought all the bowls, right?

You did all that, and we described it (and we think this is a good analogy,) you were holding ‘the rope’ You were standing on the dock, you were strung out in a long line, and you were holding this big rope that holds the boat close to the shore. In the boat are all the folks who haven’t decided that becoming conscious is important to them. They live in the boat. Your job was to hold on to the rope with all your might, so the truth of a high vibrational life was at least nearby this group of people.

You were serving them in that way. In order to do this service you had to offer an energetic that, although colored with a high vibrational life, had to match well enough to the folks on the boat that you could be near them. Now all of a sudden, you have a whole bunch of people studying with Eckhart and Oprah, reading books and becoming conscious, and because of the shifts that are happening on your planet, and it is not just Eckhart and Oprah, but that is a good example of the shifts that your planet has been going through, are manifesting in a big obvious way. Oprah and Eckhart could not have the impact they are having had not the light workers held the rope for this long. But because you have held the rope for this long and you’ve made it through all these shifts, Oprah and Eckhart could open the door for millions of people to understand the idea of living consciously as something they could actually do.

So all of a sudden you have a million people who want to hold the rope instead of you. And you willingly give up your spot. It taught you a lot, but the truth of the matter is you are ready to go to a place within yourself that is not compatible with the people in the boat. You want to go to a higher vibrational place that the people on the boat will even further ‘not get.’ The great thing is you don’t have to hold yourself close to the people in the boat any longer. You don’t have to match energy with them in order to help them have access to high vibrational ideas. Instead you have a million or two or three new people who want to hold the rope because they want to practice working a high vibrational conscious life in relation to people who have no idea what they are talking about.

All of you have done that for awhile now, and you are happy to say, “Oh, good, glad you are here. Have fun with it. It taught me a lot, but I’m done with what it taught me. I’m ready for a new lesson, a new place, and a new journey. And it is nice to know that all these people that I was energetically looking after all this time, are going to be left in good, capable, and better yet, enthusiastic hands rather than my calloused, worn and slightly bored hands.”

So now the beauty here is you get to become a ‘spiritual free agent’. You are a free agent now, and you can step away from the dock and you can go see what else is out there. Welcome to it! Now, what does it look like or feel like to be a free agent? It looks and feels like not having an obligation to do or be, and it also looks like redefining who you are to yourself. If your life has centered around serving others, and now you don’t have others to serve, what will you do with yourself? Hummm. And if you are just very tired from this process, which we imagine a percentage of you are, will you then allow yourself to rest, or will you think you have to stay busy? Are you going to stand at the dock and point at the people holding the rope and tell them how to do their job?

Energetically the way it feels a lightening, it also feels a bit aimless, it also feels a bit frightening, at times, but what we would advise you to do is focus on the feeling of limitlessness that really does exist within you. And allow yourself the opportunity to explore limitlessness without allowing yourself to get into this idea, “Oh, but that couldn’t possibly be for me.” A lot of you have become more and more conscious as the days have gone by, so this opportunity allows you to take your current work and focus it on yourself rather than focus it on others. If you are able to just do that that is fabulous!

It is also good to allow yourself to go beyond that, and look at what the next step is, the next place you can be where it is not just about “I’m focusing on myself rather than focusing on others,” it is about, “What would I like for myself, what is next for me, what do I want in this lifetime?” It has been serve, serve, serve, but you are not required to serve any longer unless it feels as though it is serving you first. You can do for others, if only that means you are actually doing for yourself and the byproduct is you are doing for others. You are not required by contract or design to hold the rope. Questions?

Question: What if you are uncertain what it is that I want?

Answer: The reason you are uncertain is you don’t have a lot of practice at figuring out what you want because you have been so busy energetically, consciously or unconsciously, being responsible for holding the rope that there hasn’t been a lot of left over time to figure out what you want. The journey now is into that exploration. The journey is, “What would I want if I could have anything I want, and I don’t know what I want?” A lot of times the reason you don’t know what you want is, actually, because you are living in the moment and your needs are already met. That is a beautiful place to be.

So the questions you can ask yourself are: In this moment are my needs met? Is there anything I can do to deepen my experience in the moment? Is there anything I am drawn to that I feel would be entertaining, amusing, enlightening, or just plain fun? Don’t expect to know what you want, because in the past what you wanted were things you wanted while you were holding the rope. You are not holding the rope anymore, so your wants and needs could shift radically. As soon as you cut yourself free of the rope, your vibrational level goes up. So, you might say, “Who am I? What do I want? And wow this feels so much better.”

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October, 2007

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Eloheim: 09-26-07 Be to Receive Your Needs Met

All thanks go to Marilyn who spent some time transcribing part of a recent Eloheim meeting! Eloheim had shared with us the concept of Rather than continuing to Do to Get, Be to Receive Your Needs Met. This proved to be a real challenge to me as I have identified myself as a person that “Gets things done!”. In this meeting, Eloheim started explaining how your experience differs when you shift into Be to Receive and how this shift is a way of increasing Consciousness as well.

Here are the highlights:

When you do to get, you get something very different than you receive when you be.

When you be to receive, you receive what you need.

When you do to get you get things like a paycheck with the taxes all taken out, or the sterile thing you receive in the mail, or it gets automatically deposited into the bank and you don’t even know it is happening. That is a get thing. And that kind of a get thing is very generic and of course money being a most generic thing because you can exchange it for just about anything. There is a very generic exchange that occurs.

If (winning a million dollars) was the answer to where you are in your life, that would have been very easy to create a long time ago, but that is not the answer to the need that is responding to you being. In fact the reason why a million dollars doesn’t manifest instantaneously for almost every single one of you is because that would then not let you to address the reason you were embodied in the first place. Fighting against that truth is a waste of your time. You be to receive what you need in the moment. Doing, getting is old school waste of time.


Now somewhere between doing to get and being to receive there’s a bridge. And you are all scattered along that bridge in various places depending upon what has triggered you in that moment. In some cases, you are all the way over into be to receive. In other cases you are still over in Do to get.

You go back and forth on the bridge depending on what the stimulus is and how you are able to handle it in that moment and depending upon who comes along and gives you that stimulus. So it might be a family member who freaks you out so you are back in do to get or with a friend you can be in be to receive. Does everyone get the picture…back and forth across the bridge?

The reality here is that you want to resist the temptation of the mind to beat yourself up about where you are on the bridge. This is the main focus that you should have. You are not ready to simply “be” 24/7. You are not there yet. One of the reasons you’re not there yet is because your society holds a different energetic and it is very difficult to be involved in society and be able to be. So don’t abuse yourself for not having that ability yet.

But again apply consciousness so you can recognize “where am I on the bridge”? If I’m beating my head against the wall trying to pay my bills, then let’s look at where I am on the bridge about each specific bill. You will be amazed to find that with different bills you’re in a different place. As we have pointed out before, being to receive the mortgage payment seems a lot harder than being to receive the P,G,& E payment. OK? We understand that and we are not going to beat you up about that and we ask you to
facilitate the process of becoming a being to receiver by not beating yourself up either. Because that is a mind action that withdraws you from the ability to be to receive and puts you into do to get world.

You can probably understand that be to receive is a high vibrational state and do to get is a lower vibrational state. Do to get is very habitual. Be to receive is a conscious choice, right? It is very obvious, the difference between those two states? The bridge between those two is a walk of consciousness then. Yes? So, just as we have brought up all these other ways, the weather, the core emotion, with the things going on in your body, and all these other things that can help you apply consciousness, the do to get/be to receive bridge is a place for you to do that as well.



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