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It has been a really long time since I posted any audio or transcripts from our meetings. We have been experimenting with different technologies to record and transcribe the meetings and I think we may have found a good solution.

This is a portion of the meeting from 4/1/08. In this transcription, Eloheim is describing the huge energy shift that occurred in late March. Personally, this shift changed many aspects of my life and life is very different than it used to be. It is an exciting and interesting time to be incarnated!

In this transcript, Eloheim refers to the weekly web classes that Eckhart Tolle and Oprah are conducting. Follow this link for more information: http://www.oprah.com/obc_classic/webcast/archive/anewearth_archive_main.jsp?promocode=HP42

Eloheim was asked what the energies are for April, 08. Here is the reply:

Awesome April. It is awesome because the opening energetically that is happening right now on your planet is, as we use the word for the first time ever, unprecedented, and we don’t say that lightly, because the work that all the light workers, those who walk in front, those who have been leading the way, those who have been grounding the high vibrational energy to the best of their ability for some great long time now, has undergone a radical shift in the last two weeks. It is now the opportunity of the light worker, not the obligation, not the responsibility, not the burden even, but the opportunity of the light worker to actually be who you are, rather than be the role of the light worker.

Who you are is no longer defined by your spiritual path, and for most of you it has been for a very long time. You had to identify as whatever word you would like to apply to it, a spiritual person, a spiritual teacher, a light worker, a light being, an old soul, a high vibrational person, we are just shortening to a light worker just for ease in the conversation. Being a light worker was who you were. That was your identity. You put your spiritual path very high on your list, you did your best to hold that integrity of vibration, you read all the books, you talked, you attended all the groups, you took all the classes, you bought all the bowls, right?

You did all that, and we described it (and we think this is a good analogy,) you were holding ‘the rope’ You were standing on the dock, you were strung out in a long line, and you were holding this big rope that holds the boat close to the shore. In the boat are all the folks who haven’t decided that becoming conscious is important to them. They live in the boat. Your job was to hold on to the rope with all your might, so the truth of a high vibrational life was at least nearby this group of people.

You were serving them in that way. In order to do this service you had to offer an energetic that, although colored with a high vibrational life, had to match well enough to the folks on the boat that you could be near them. Now all of a sudden, you have a whole bunch of people studying with Eckhart and Oprah, reading books and becoming conscious, and because of the shifts that are happening on your planet, and it is not just Eckhart and Oprah, but that is a good example of the shifts that your planet has been going through, are manifesting in a big obvious way. Oprah and Eckhart could not have the impact they are having had not the light workers held the rope for this long. But because you have held the rope for this long and you’ve made it through all these shifts, Oprah and Eckhart could open the door for millions of people to understand the idea of living consciously as something they could actually do.

So all of a sudden you have a million people who want to hold the rope instead of you. And you willingly give up your spot. It taught you a lot, but the truth of the matter is you are ready to go to a place within yourself that is not compatible with the people in the boat. You want to go to a higher vibrational place that the people on the boat will even further ‘not get.’ The great thing is you don’t have to hold yourself close to the people in the boat any longer. You don’t have to match energy with them in order to help them have access to high vibrational ideas. Instead you have a million or two or three new people who want to hold the rope because they want to practice working a high vibrational conscious life in relation to people who have no idea what they are talking about.

All of you have done that for awhile now, and you are happy to say, “Oh, good, glad you are here. Have fun with it. It taught me a lot, but I’m done with what it taught me. I’m ready for a new lesson, a new place, and a new journey. And it is nice to know that all these people that I was energetically looking after all this time, are going to be left in good, capable, and better yet, enthusiastic hands rather than my calloused, worn and slightly bored hands.”

So now the beauty here is you get to become a ‘spiritual free agent’. You are a free agent now, and you can step away from the dock and you can go see what else is out there. Welcome to it! Now, what does it look like or feel like to be a free agent? It looks and feels like not having an obligation to do or be, and it also looks like redefining who you are to yourself. If your life has centered around serving others, and now you don’t have others to serve, what will you do with yourself? Hummm. And if you are just very tired from this process, which we imagine a percentage of you are, will you then allow yourself to rest, or will you think you have to stay busy? Are you going to stand at the dock and point at the people holding the rope and tell them how to do their job?

Energetically the way it feels a lightening, it also feels a bit aimless, it also feels a bit frightening, at times, but what we would advise you to do is focus on the feeling of limitlessness that really does exist within you. And allow yourself the opportunity to explore limitlessness without allowing yourself to get into this idea, “Oh, but that couldn’t possibly be for me.” A lot of you have become more and more conscious as the days have gone by, so this opportunity allows you to take your current work and focus it on yourself rather than focus it on others. If you are able to just do that that is fabulous!

It is also good to allow yourself to go beyond that, and look at what the next step is, the next place you can be where it is not just about “I’m focusing on myself rather than focusing on others,” it is about, “What would I like for myself, what is next for me, what do I want in this lifetime?” It has been serve, serve, serve, but you are not required to serve any longer unless it feels as though it is serving you first. You can do for others, if only that means you are actually doing for yourself and the byproduct is you are doing for others. You are not required by contract or design to hold the rope. Questions?

Question: What if you are uncertain what it is that I want?

Answer: The reason you are uncertain is you don’t have a lot of practice at figuring out what you want because you have been so busy energetically, consciously or unconsciously, being responsible for holding the rope that there hasn’t been a lot of left over time to figure out what you want. The journey now is into that exploration. The journey is, “What would I want if I could have anything I want, and I don’t know what I want?” A lot of times the reason you don’t know what you want is, actually, because you are living in the moment and your needs are already met. That is a beautiful place to be.

So the questions you can ask yourself are: In this moment are my needs met? Is there anything I can do to deepen my experience in the moment? Is there anything I am drawn to that I feel would be entertaining, amusing, enlightening, or just plain fun? Don’t expect to know what you want, because in the past what you wanted were things you wanted while you were holding the rope. You are not holding the rope anymore, so your wants and needs could shift radically. As soon as you cut yourself free of the rope, your vibrational level goes up. So, you might say, “Who am I? What do I want? And wow this feels so much better.”

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