It has been VERY hot in Sonoma, CA in recent days. One report indicates that it was 104 yesterday afternoon. This morning, I wanted to do some work in the yard while it was still relatively cool (low 80’s).

After about an hour, I sat down for a break. I found a shady spot and I was enjoying the view and feeling my heart rate starting to slow down. I had taken off my hat and was cooling off a bit. Then, a lovely little breeze swept across the yard. It was all so nice that I said to myself,

“Oh, this is Heavenly”

To which Eloheim replied

“No, actually it isn’t. If anything, it is Earthy. In all of creation which we have experienced, nothing is quite like the Earth experience. Don’t miss it by rushing it by.”

That is a wonderful example of my relationship with Eloheim. We don’t talk all the time. But, they do pop in with words of observation and wisdom (they are often very funny). This one really struck me as a powerful reminder. I thought you all might enjoy hearing it as well.

Blessings on your journey,