It’s not WHY is this happening? It’s WOW this is happening!

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This subtle shift of language facilitates a huge shift in perspective. Experiences are here to facilitate growth, expansion, and transformation. Nothing happens TO you, it all happens FOR you. You create your reality by choosing your reactions to your experiences.

Shift your perspective to WOW and then allow for your changed perspective to change your life.

The Homo Spiritus Sessions series offers channeled messages from Eloheim and The Council.

The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into the consciousness-based operating system. These tools are developed during private sessions and public gatherings.

Each book in the Homo Spiritus Sessions series consists of the transcript of one of our public sessions, enriched with supporting material. The supporting material includes information about Eloheim and The Council, descriptions of tools referenced in the session, and over 100 definitions of terms and concepts.

Each of the Homo Spiritus Sessions books can stand alone, but taken together will allow the reader to follow along with the progression of the teachings including the introduction, in-depth explanation, and evolution of The Council’s tools.

Volume one of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes the transcript of the July 7, 2010 meeting and includes the following tools:

Color with all the crayons,
Feet under shoulders,
Neutral observation,
Point fingers,
What is true now?,
Where am I lying to myself?,
Why, why, why?,
Wow!, not why?,
You can’t have change without change,
Compare you to you (U2U).

PDF Ebook Version – $2.99

Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Book Nook versions should be live on April 26th.

The paperback version will be available later this Spring or early Summer.