This month’s Q&A with Eloheim was really fun. Eloheim especially enjoys these sessions and it really is great to hear from people all over the world. For the list of questions answered during this session and to watch the video clip, follow the READ MORE link below.

The portion of the meeting I chose for the YouTube video includes a tool for turning boredom into extra-sensory perceptions.

Questions covered in this session include:

I have a long-standing habit of eating to avoid the moment. I’ve healed a lot of stuff around this issue, and what’s left of it feels like the really stuck on crusty bits. Though I know it’s not, this behavior feels out of my control much of the time. What do you see going on with me and what can I do to make this easier to transform?

So I did what you suggested in our last session about choosing to fully ground myself into the moment and the body and since then I have had even less desire to be part of society then I had before, which I didn’t think was possible, and the only clear desire I have is to create the most independent “Cave” I can and just forget about the whole “Monk” thing all together. So, with all due respect, WTF?

I still seem to be stuck in the not enough money thing. The financial flow comes to me easily in infinite ways statement doesn’t seem to be yielding the desired results.

Can you please give me some insight and guidance to how it is that we take on other energies?

I just ended a budding love relationship and feel some grief and humiliation. Really, Eloheim, I am so tired of feeling loss after an act of self love and power. It’s just ridiculous, so exhausting. It may be more interesting to start with the grief and end with the happiness! I am open to your input to helping me change.

I was wondering if you could take a look at me energetically and see if there is anything on a subconscious level that is attributing to why i have been feeling depressed.

I hurt my two big toe nails a while ago, and now they’re both falling off. What’s going on here??

I have been feeling loads of stress over the past few months from taking on to many projects at once and I have been clearing my time to make things better for my self and my girl. I constantly am working on controlling my life to get rid of the stress, but certain people around me expect more right now and it causes stress. How can I deal with this without taking on more?

As a follow up, I feel like I have made an honest effort in trying to be open to something new in the moment but I also know that I am only doing this to get where I want to go and I can’t honestly say I give a crap about what the new thing is so how do I manage that?

My question is on how to pass the equal sign in: wanting money= not willing to play this ‘job’ game anymore as i am currently unemployed, enjoy my time to myself but need money to pay the bills.

I am very excited about taking on new creative challenges personally and professionally. Can you look at me energetically and give me some insight please? I am guessing it involves creating some kind of alliance.


Audio from the five meetings held in August, 2010


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