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wednesday_channeling_graphic_newWednesday night live webcasts
monthly_QandA_Live_Event_25Monthly online Q&A sessions

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conversation_body Conversation with Eloheim on The Body
conversation_guilt_shameConversation with Eloheim on Guilt and Shame
monthly_package_first_appearancesFirst Appearances of The Council Members
conversation_feart Conversation with Eloheim on Fear
conversation_money Conversation with Eloheim on Money
ANSWERS_lifeasalightworker_DD_cropped Eloheim Answers: Life as a Light Worker
uncertainty_series The Uncertainty Series
levelsSlider Levels of Creating

Private sessions

Private Session CroppedPrivate channeling sessions by phone or Skype


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Choice for Consciousness series
Birth of the Council series
The Homo Spiritus sessions series
Unravel your Money Mysteries
The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior’s Tale
Discovering YOU
What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond?

Two very powerful videos explaining KEY Eloheim teachings.

Have you seen them both?

Equal Signs – the tool

The Choice for Consciousness

Questions Eloheim has answered on:

Alternate expressions (past lives)
Being a light worker
Moving forward
Physical health
Sleep and dreams
Work – Career – Time-management
Consciousness – Feelings – Energy – Chakras
General questions

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