The Visionaries and The Guardians started the meeting by talking about the energies of the equinox. Eloheim then did an individual session for everyone present AND did a group session for those tuning in by webcast.

It STILL amazes me how Eloheim can pick up on just what is going on with a person by simply accessing their energy. The Matriarch closed the meeting.

A powerful and unusual meeting!

From an email I received after the meeting: “I will say this: I felt connected to the message for every person there. Some more than others, and some very intensely.”

If you have ever wondered what the people who attend the meeting look like, order the webcast replay and see quite a few of them!

9-22-10 ~ 90 minutes


Guardians: Came in to remind us verbally that it’s a good idea, especially at the beginning of the meeting, to let go of anything that’s not needed in our energy fields. To lay it down and walk away. And they will assist us in the process.

Visionaries: Used the equinox to discuss emanating the truth of you in the world. How your internal journey is reflected in your outer experience, that contemplation of our inner selves creates an emanation of our truth.

Eloheim: Explained the concept of slowing down, rather than re-shaping, the energy around the portal that Fred holds for us. At the request of the group, they then did individual energy readings on each person in the group. The readings took up the time normally allotted to the Girls, the Warrior, and Fred.

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by calling us to be present in our bodies, and asking for the truth of ourselves to be emanated.


Audio recordings of the six meetings held in September, 2010


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