Hello everyone, September’s Q&A was all about the BODY! Almost every question focused on our relationship with the physical. The list of questions is below as are the links to purchase the on demand video replay or the audio recording.




Questions answered during this meeting:


I have a lot of self-judgment concerning body-image. Both negative and positive, but lately, mostly negative. It’s so deep-seated that it almost feels like a core emotion issue.
Would you please discuss any tools that I can use to help me move through this?


Do we indeed incarnate with a group? And if so, can the group have a common theme that they are exploring, such as power, addiction, poverty, etc?


What is it that’s blocking me from being able to transform my relationship to money – or better yet, transform my relationship to the lack of it? – I feel really ready to heal this issue in my life now.

When you feel a connection to a person on the spirit level but the reflection isn’t matching that in the physical interactions, is it still *always* possible to manifest the connection?


Fred’s comment at the last meeting made me nervous. How do I know if I’m constricting the flow? Maybe I am and I don’t know it!


I have shingles. What’s the energetic meaning of that other than to SLOW DOWN!


I have recently noticed that I have a tightness in my chest. I feel this when I stretch backward, forward, or when I stretch my arms straight out. I know you’re not a doctor, but I’m wondering what kind of energetic you’re seeing here.


I have been having this aching, burning and stiffness in my upper thighs and a once in a while in my lower back for several months. I am wondering what might be causing this.


I thought the information from Eloheim about how the group has know each other in many lifetimes before was very interesting. I wonder if this extends to the internet people in some regard also.


I’ve been experiencing sinus issues – (first time ever!) as well as cranial and forehead headaches. I’ve been asking the Guardians for assistance and now add to the list coughing and loss of voice. These symptoms have been going on for 3 weeks/month. What’s going on?


My decision to leave my job behind has given me the feeling that I am walking in with warriors in flanking me. I have renewed gusto and passion for life. Do you see my next job coming before my warrior walk turns into a bloody battle?


I have a right foot that won’t work normal the nerves have sharp pains.


Last week’s channeling was really helpful with the advice of looking to myself to see what there is about me, that I’m having a hard time dealing with in others. I had an aha moment there regarding the issue of both of my daughters withdrawing from me and I could see where I’ve also been withdrawing from others. I don’t know what my core issue is but I think it might be about abandonment. Could you give me some additional insight into this situation and how I can resolve this within myself.


Since 2004 I have noticed changes with my body which I have discussed with you before. Is ridding my body of all my vices really a “cure” to fix whatever is going on? Or is this more of a consciousness change? Or both? Will this pass? I am very curious about this.


Could you talk a bit more about laying things down. I don’t seem to be very good at it 🙂


I want to ask you about my tooth (top right incisor). It has no bone; it is not falling off.. but looking really crooked. I do not feel like doing anything about it. I keep getting the impression that I am growing a new tooth. Could you comment about that?


I am recovering from a low back injury from overusing back. I am wondering if you can give me any insights/guidance, as to the lessons I need to learn from this.


I was told by my dentist that my wisdom teeth should be removed. Can you suggest any other route?



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