Hello everyone,
This week’s meeting was FULL of powerful information.

The Guardians continued to do energy work with the group and connect with us non-verbally.

Eloheim started off the meeting by discussing their connection with me, describing Soul families, and sharing their insights about the radio interview we did earlier in the day (link below).

The Visionaries shared that our experience of our alternate expressions (past lives) will continue to expand. They revealed that I suddenly received inspiration to play the cello even though I have never had ANY interest in it before. I started cello lessons last week. The Visionaries ask: What is your version of, “I’m going to play the cello now.”? The gift you give your self is the exploration of the fascination you find yourself experiencing.

Eloheim returned to answer questions including, “What are the energetics of menstruation?”

The Girls spoke powerfully about self love. I clipped their section for the YouTube video this week.

The Warrior continued their story with an amazing example of what it looks like when we dim our emanation for specific people. This hit home so strongly on Thursday that it was, literally, life changing for me.

Fred and The Matriarch closed the meeting.

Listen to a FREE recording of Veronica being interviewed and channeling Eloheim on the Myth or Logic radio show.

9-15-10 ~ 80 minutes


Visionaries: Discussed the changes that take place when you open to your soul’s perspective, using Veronica taking up the cello as an example.

Eloheim: Talked about their long-standing contract with Veronica. Answered questions about opening up to the soul’s perspective, the concept that we are all one, and menstruation.

The Girls: When given the choice between things you want to do, ask: “Which is the more loving act?”

Warrior: Don’t discontinue emanating the truth of you because it makes other people uncomfortable. You cannot say no to the truth of you because other people don’t get it. At some point, you put being the truth of you at the top of your list and then you fix things from there.

Fred: Do not constrict the flow of energy through the portal they hold open for us; instead, ask that the flow be slowed down.

Matriarch: Explained Fred’s energy.


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